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My Son

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William sat in the damp dark warehouse, blood splashed up the walls. The sound of thumps came frequently as Brendon beat the shit out of Pete. He had no idea how much Brendon cared for his son. He sighed mournfully as he looked around at the carnage. He can’t help but take a trip down memory lane of how he first saw his son.
“Master Beckette” Brendon said to William as he walk through the doors of his manor
“Yes Brendon” he said
“Sir there’s someone in your office; she would like to speak to you”
“Thank you Brendon” he nodded to the second in command
When he walked in the was a woman in a long coat her blonde hair tired up. Behind her was a small boy of only four or five.
“Hello” William said
“Hello William” she said
“How long has it been Charlotte” he said remembering her as a one night stand he had; he had a brilliant memory for faces and places.
“Four years give or take nine months” she said, nodding her head towards the young boy. “He’s your problem now Will” she said strutting out the door.
He looked at the young boy, he had soft brown hair and large brown eyes; there was no way he could deny this was his kid.
“What’s your name?” he asked with a kind tone
“Ville” the boy said quietly

William was shook from his thoughts by Brendon, his suit covered in blood.
“If I beat him anymore I’ll kill him” Brendon said unsure if his master wanted him dead or take him back to the manor. For all he knew William might want to kill him himself
“Brendon” William said standing “Kill him and make sure he suffers” he patted the younger male on the shoulder.

The End
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