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Saving You

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I can't just stand here, watching all of my friends cry in pain at your death... And I cant stand looking at your dead body! I'm no physic but maybe.. just maybe I can help...

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Saving You

A/N; This is my first fanfic on Class of the Titans, it will also be posted on soon...:) Please, tell me if i should continue!

Chapter One; I Won't Let You

Neil stood there, his head flipping through his options… ‘One, I can risk my life, mess up my hair, and distract Cronus… Two, I can save my hair, go running away, and have everyone hate me… Three, I can risk my life, mess up my hair, and hopefully defeat Cronus and have everyone love me…’[ , Neil stood there a moment, thinking. Then quickly decided on number three. He quickly ran up a tree, messing up his beautiful, silky hair, and grabbed the arrow stuck at the top, “Hey, Cronus!” Neil screamed as he jumped off the branch he was standing on. He held the arrow in his hand, pointing it a Cronus… He could feel his heart beating 100 beats a second, “Why did I do this?” he mumbled and closed his eyes. He opened them when he felt someone catch him, “Cronus.” He snarled.
Cronus just laughed, “Nighty-night Pretty Boy” he sneered. Cronus then stabbed the arrow through Neil’s heart, then leaving through his portal to watch the ‘hero’ die from his lair.
Archie couldn’t believe his eyes; NEIL had just risked his life… Archie watched as he jumped out of the tree, then as Cronus killed him… He stared in shock, “Neil!!” he wailed, running to his aid. “Neil, Neil, WAKE UP! Please…” Archie sobbed… “Neil, I’m sorry for EVERYTHING I’ve EVER said about you! Seeing you now… you risked your life… you can’t die… you just can’t…” Deep, very deep, down Archie had always liked Neil… he just never let it show.
Neil painfully opened his eyes, “Archie… get… others…” He coked out.
“On it!” Archie said as he ran off. Soon, the others were crowded around Neil, crying as he took his last breath… They’re teammate, no, they’re friend, was gone… He was in Elysian Fields now…
Suddenly, Archie stood forward, “Move.” He murmured, and looked at his crying friends, “I’m going to end this.” He laid his eyes on Atlanta, and then gave her a quick hug before kneeling down next to Neil. “Sacrifice is the key, this sacrifice is me… Today I will give my life, for this young hero to have his once again…Let him rise, let him be strong… Take my strength, and take the God of Time’s, he did this… now set this boy free.” He murmured the beginning of the spell, and the rest in Greek. “Αφήστε τον να αυξηθεί, ας τις προφητείες που έρχονται στη ζωή ... Θα σας δώσω σε, μόλις παρακαλώ να τον σώσει ... ας τις προφητείες που έγινε πραγματικότητα, από μένα να σας ... Θα υπάρχουν επτά ήρωες, που θα νικήσει ο θεός του χρόνου, τον Κρόνο ... Ας θυσιάσουμε αναλάβει μου, ας θυσία να είναι το κλειδί ... ας είναι dystroy χώρο και το χρόνο ... Αφήστε την ελευθερία να αρχίσει. (A/N translation below (do not use a translator! They mess up the original)
Suddenly, a green, ghostly haze surrounded Neil and Archie, and the faint outline of Cronus appeared in the sky, also surrounded by the haze. Cronus slowly became solid, but stayed floating up in the sky… Jay raised his sword, just in case, while the others just stood in shock. All of a sudden, the green haze disappeared and Cronus fell to the ground, dead. Everyone turned to Archie and Neil now…
“Archie!!” Atlanta cried, seeing her boyfriend motionless on the ground. Neil was kneeling over him. “What... Neil? What happened?!” she wailed, tears flooding down her face. “I don’t know…” Neil cried, tears streaming down his face.
“I do.” A strange voice spoke. The seven heroes whipped around to see Hera. “The prophecy. Archie gave up his life to save Neil, but to bring him back Cronus had to die too… The spell was too strong for Cronus to fight it… Archie would have survived, he would have been VERY weak with not being a physic and all, but since he took Cronus’ life also… It was too late for him… But he died as a hero, and as our saviour.” She sighed and a single tear ran down her cheek.
“B-but… NO!!” Odie cried and fell to the ground; Herry did the same and hugged his ‘little buddy’… Jay had Theresa wrapped in his arms, they were both crying… Then there was Atlanta and Neil. They were, surprisingly, getting along, both vigorously shaking Archie in hopes that he might wake up… He never did. “Oh, Archie… why?” They both said in perfect synchronization.
But, in the Elysian Fields everyone was celebrating, and mourning. Cronus was dead!! Something they thought would never happen! But, Cronus was not the only one… Archie also died. He stood there, happy that he was able to complete the prophecy… but sad that he would never see any of his friends every again… Suddenly, Achilles walked up beside Archie and slowly sat down beside him, “You are very brave, you know. I would have never done that… I wouldn’t be able to give up my life to destroy a God and bring back Narcissus- or his ancestor!” He put an arm around Archie’s shoulder, “You are a true hero.”
“But I’ll never get to see my friends again!” Archie sighed, looking up at his ancestor.
“Wrong, again. Persephone is talking to Hade’s, Campe, and Fate… Seeing if she can get them to combine their powers so you can see them just one more time…” Achilles smiled down at Archie, “I told her to because, well, you’re like a son to me…”
Archie had a huge grin on his face, “You’re more like my brother.” He chuckled.
Achilles smiled, “Okay then, brother,” He said standing up, “How about we have a race to Persephone?” Archie nodded and started running, with Achilles right behind him.

Soon enough, Archie and Achilles had made it to Persephone. “Well?” Archie asked softly, while still trying to catch his breath.
Persephone looked up, “They said you can come back with me tomorrow, but no one, except me, will be able to see or hear you. I will tell your friends any messages you would like, and you can be there to hear their replies. But NONE may talk straight to you, or else you will get sent right back. I will tell them you are there though. Now, tell me what I shall tell them on the way back. Also, you may take back with you any objects you wish.” She smiled.
“Thanks Perseph!” Archie grinned.
Achilles smiled at Archie, “I have some stories to tell you when you get back!”
“Great!” Archie grinned, “See ya soon!” And with that, he walked with Persephone back to Earth…

My Promised Translation: Let him live, let the prophecies come to life ... I'll give in, just please save him ... Let prophecies come true, from me to you ... There will be seven heroes that will defeat the god of time... Let the sacrifice be me, the sacrifice is the key ... let it dystroy time and space ... Let him live, let freedom begin.
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