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To All of Annabel Lee's Readers

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I have something important to tell you.

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Hi, well I decided I needed an effective way to tell you guys and gals things are relevant to all of my stories. This is what I came up with. The important thing that I want to tell you guys is that the reason I haven't updated in god knows how long is that I've seen the light. I've come to Christ and I am leaving to go to the abbey this morning to start my days as a nun to serve the Lord. I can no longer condone gay romance and-just kidding. Ha ha ha. You didn't think I was serious, did you? Anyway the real reason I haven't been updating is I'm leaving for camp and there's no electronics allowed. I won't be able to listen to music or update for the next 4 days. :( Sad right? Anyway I WILL be writting the last-that's right I said last-chapter of The Only One For Me(?). And I already have the next chapter of Love Me written, so I just have to type it. Plus I'm most of the way done with the next chapter of I Brought You My Love. I might even...never mind, I can't say (the person might be reading this). Well, my friends for some crazy reason think that this guy might ask me out, and he's going to be at the camp too. So I'm thinking maybe he might during camp? But if he does, I'm not going to say yes or no until I ask his opinion on homosexuality. If he has an issue with it, then obviously I have to say no. Frerard has just become to big a part in my life for me to be with someone who doesn't accept it. And if he doesn't think that two people in love should be able to be together, he's a jerk. Well yeah, sorry about my little personal rant. By the way, at camp I'm performing All I Want For Christmas is You by (ofcourse) MCR in honor of frerard. I even have a costume! Wish me luck!
Love you! oxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox
Annabel Lee!
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