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No longer is this important nor is it relevant.

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Something terrible and very important has happened.

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I'm sorry to inform all of you this way but Annabel is no longer with us. She was stabbed thirty-seven times and died in the street. This is her Dad. She always was talking about you guys. The stories she was reading, the ones she was writting, and every single tidbit of information she'd find out about My Chemical Romance. The police and doctors still havent determined whether it was a murder or assisted suicide. I just-I don't think she would have done that. She was so excited about the new chapters for herstory about Mikey and Alex and and she was working on two new stories. She was excited about getting into post-secondary and she just seemed...okay. I've been reading through all of the stuff she posted and even though I knew that things were bad at her mom's house she seemed to be coping. And Annabel was never a fan of pain. She wouldn't have picked that. She could have maybe hung herself or swallowed pills but getting someone to stab her like that? I don't think she could have. Anyway, we're going to have her buried in all her favorite colors and in a killjoy mask because I know that's what she would have wanted. We're also going to play all of the songs of of I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, and The Black Parade. We're going to close the funeral with the song Kill All Your Friends. All the men will be wearing all black suits with red ties and all the women will be in all black. Actually this is Annabel and I'm just on vacation. I've always wanted to know what people will do after I die. Anyway I think I'd want to be cremated, I just really wanted the MCR reference. I'm at my younger cousins' house and I have no computer access and my mom took my music and so luckily my sister let me use her DSI and there is wifi in their house. Sadly I cant update on this 'cause it takes forever. I can't really get on my email either. Sorry if you were sad for real about me dying. I assure you, I am writting.
Love you!
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