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Hi guys. I'm still alive and kicking.

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Hi, I'm really sorry that I dissappeared. Please read this letter?

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Hi everyone, it's Annabel-Lee. I know I've been gone long enough that I doubt most of you even remember me, but I hope that you guys still remember me. I'm sorry if I pissed anyone off by not updating or by not reviewing and I'm especially sorry to ONotz because I strated a colaboration with her and wasn't there to help sufficiantly.
I'm going to try and start back up I Brought You My Love (the Mikey Alex fic) and I'm starting to type up the chapters I had written before my mom stole my notebook(with all my stories in it) and before I had no computer access.
I feel that I need to be fair and say I've had computer access for a week or two now and hadn't started typing because I wasn't sure I'd be able to pick up the story again like that you know? Once you lose your original state of mind it's hard to get back into the story.
Please keep in mind these chapters were written quite a while ago and so I don't feel it really reflects the way the tone of me life is now, but it does kind of reflect my emotions while I was gone.
My youngest brother just turned three and we found out a couple monthes ago (after I stopped updating) that he has a cognitive delay and a considerable speach delay. He can only semi-effectively communicate between 22 and 46 concepts and still cannot talk. I pretty much take care of him and my sister Emily.
We (mostly just me and my brother) have been learning sign language so he has a way of communicating effectivly. I am to the point where I can accuratly sign songs as I hear them in time with the music and I've decided that I want to teach Language Arts at an all Deaf (and hard of hearing) school. I can even keep up with most of the songs on Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge! album.
By the way, I currently have a hair cut that is a slightly more feminine version of Frank's hair cut (the one that was bleached on the sides) from the Revenge era. I don't have the sides bleached though...
OH My GOD! I'm yammering on like an old (and slightly delirious) person in a nursing home!
Sorry I didn't mean to I swear!

Anyway, once again I'm sorry for dissappearing like that and I would be honored if I was accepted back into the family.

Annabel Allan Damien Gabrielle Lee

P.S. Please except this link to a video of a girl signing the song SING as a peace offering!
Yes, even Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers love My Chem. This signer doesn't have the best camera but did a great job signing the song. She is also hard of hearing, but has a cochlear implant, so she can hear pretty well.
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