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Umm Awkward Fan Fiction Writing events

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Well...I just had an interesting night. And it involved yoai, getting married to a girl, and getting my heart broken. Plus a poem!

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First, the poem. Who's ready to see my pain in writing?

We used to be so close
Now I feel so far
I gave you my heart
You broke it into shards
You keep telling me
That you really do love me
But when you look me in the eyes
It's only lies as far as I can see

How can you expect me
To tell you how I really feel
When you're the one that made me believe
That true love is real?
You made me feel like this would last forever
How could I have been so naive?
And what did you do
That made me believe?

How was that? Anyway, I found out one of my best friends, not only a fellow MCR fan but also a writer of gay romance fan fiction, has a HUGE crush on my boyfriend. Who happens to look like a Fran Iero sized Mikey Way.
I totally tried to forget about what's best for me and focus on what's best for them, and said if she wanted alone time with him to talk to him about it, that I'd step out. After much encouragement from our friends she took the offer. He said no and crushed her heart on accident. And they had been close friends.
AND I FELT TERRIBLE because I felt like the fact he nicely declined was a relief. I mean he told her he thought of her as a friend. Because they ARE friends. I feel terrible though because my friend's heart was crushed, I felt like a bad girlfriend, and I can't help but wonder if I'm holding him back.
Oh and pretty much ALL of my friends knew she liked him.
Grr, this dance didn't go as planned AT ALL.
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