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chapter two

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Bandit, annoying brothers, school.

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NOTE. HI, you not all bored to death/sick of me yet? So, I meant to get this up yesterday but I felt shitty, to put it kindly. Stuff at home isn`t too good, and my nanna isnt to well either. But I won`t bore you all with my life, I just felt a bit annoyed that I couldn`t get this up earlier. Erm, I may get somemthing else up later, maybe danger days: bob`s story or heaven help us, I`m not to sure. And just to let you all know, I probably won`t start a new story (a history one/9/11 one) until I have finished one of my current ones which will obviously be danger days:bob`s story as that is nearly finished. But I WILL get them up when I can.Erm, I think tht`s all, hope you like this.
Gerard`s pov
“Bandit, time to get up for school!” I tell my daughter, opening the door to her room.
“No!” She pulls the red covers over her head, mumbling something about not liking school.
“C`mon sweetie,” I sit down on the edge of her bed, pulling the covers back gently. “You have to go to school, the holidays are coming up soon, and you have had a few weeks off.”
It was actually Frank`s idea to keep her off school for a couple of weeks so she could adjust to all of the changes. Since she had come to live with us at Mikey`s, we had been forced to enrol her in a different school as it was just around the corner from mine and Lindsey`s old house and we didn’t think it would be fair on her to have to see the house everyday on her way to school. Plus, a lot of the people who worked there had voiced their opinion on her going there, due to the fact they weren’t happy with the current family situation.
“Don`t want to!” she kicks her little legs.
“Bandit.” I say In a firm, but loving voice. “Little girls have to go to school to learn stuff.”
“What about you?” she sits up.
“I`ve been to school before, I don`t have to anymore.” I really feel for her, I do, I had always hated school, even when I had first started it.
“Bandit, please be a good girl and get up. Alicia is downstairs making breakfast.”
“Alicia`s doing what?!” shit, Alicia, why did you have to ruin it?
“Frank can cook.” She says, walking into the room with Bandit`s school uniform. A grey pleated skirt, white polo shirt with a blue logo on the front and a blue cardigan with white over the knee socks. As soon as she saw the uniform, her eyes went wide and she pulled the covers over her head again. to be honest I couldn’t blame her, at her old school there was no uniform, and this one was just plan horrible.
“Bandit. School is important, don`t you want a good job when your older?” she nodded furiously.
Bandit was only young, six years old, and was in the current stage of changing her mind about what carrel she wanted every other day. On Saturday she had wanted to be a nurse and had walked around with tissue bandaging up our arms. I blamed Ray for getting her a toy stethoscope. And yesterday she had changed her mind again, wanting to be an actress.
“Fine, I’ll go.” She stood up, grabbed the clothes from Alicia and walked into the bathroom to get ready.
“Should I go see if she needs help?” I nod, glad it was Alicia and not me, I happened to rather like being alive, crazy I know.
“Hey, Gee,” I roll my eyes at Frank, who was leaning against the door frame, hair a total mess and looking as though he had just been pulled through a hedge.
“Morning.” I yawn; Mikey had been talking to me (nagging) for most of the night, about all sorts of stuff.
“No course not.”
“So, everything’s nearly ready, eh?” he was right, the last minute stuff was pretty much sorted, and it was only too soon, we had just under three weeks until the wedding, and I was already finding hard to sleep because of excitement and nerves.
“Well, I`d better go check on Bandit.” I tell frank, walking towards the doorway where he was stood. I soon realised it was going to be more than a little difficult to leave with him standing there.
“Erm, can I get past?” I ask him, pleading with my eyes.
He grins, “What, no good morning kiss?” he asks me innocently, trying to refrain from laughing.
“Fine.” I sigh, pretending I was really annoyed at him, when that was the total opposite.
“There will be none of that.” Mikey says, walking past us, our lips were a centimetre apart.
I scowl, peck frank quickly on the lips and push past him, ready to tell my brother just what I thought of him interrupting us.
“what was that about?!” I demand.
“Ray`s at the door, plus, Bandit is six years old, I don’t think hat she needs to learn about, well, ya know, just yet.”
“she knows we`re together.”
“well, yeah but she doesn’t need to know what you two do together, does she?” I can tell he`s a bit uncomfortable and I understand, it wasn’t like I wanted to know what he and Alicia got up to.

“Hey, sweetie.” I lift my daughter up and spin her round, I knew it always made her laugh and I could tell she was nervous about starting a new school.
“Bandit, why aren’t you wearing you school uniform?”
“Frankie says that I don’t have to!”she smiles happily, giving Frank, who had just entered the room a big hug. I glare at him, something I can’t remember ever doing.
Bandit`s pov.
I run over and give Frankie a big hug, happy I didn’t have to wear the awful school uniform. I knew daddy wasn’t too pleased with me or him, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to go school, at my old one only Ember, my best friend would talk to me. and now I had to start a new one, where I knew no one.
Everyone gets in the car top drop me off; they all even come in with me into the classroom. Everyone turned to look at me as soon as we entered, even the kids sitting at the back of the class. One or two people smiled, but nearly everyone gave me really weird looks, one boy even glared. The teacher, a young looking dark haired lady was looking at me weird too, almost like I weren’t supposed to be here or something. I grab hold of daddy and Frankie`s hands tighter, not wanting to ever let go. I didn’t see what the problem was, then I realised that it wasn’t me they were staring at, but daddy and Frankie. I still didn’t get it, why were they looking at them weird? What had they ever done? Of course I was used to people staring at my daddy and his friends, sometimes they were even asked for pictures and autographs, but this was complety different.
I glance up at daddy; he was standing there, holding my hand, looking at Alicia and Mikey worriedly. I saw Frankie smile at him sadly. Ray was the first to speak.
“Anyone got a problem?”
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