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chapter one

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“Gerard, Frank, get your a-“ I glanced down at the little girl who was happily watching TV curled up on the sofa. “Get your butts down here, now!” she as only six years old, I didn’t want her picking up any more words she didn’t need to.
From upstairs I heard the two of them groaning and mumbling something that they would most definitely pay for later. I sat down of the sofa next to Bandit, sitting right on the edge of it, feeling rather on edge inwardly too. It had been nearly two months since the trial and the hadn`t heard anything from Lindsey or Jamia. Don`t get me wrong, we all hated them, but after all of their threats about this not being over, I was starting to worry a bit. I doubted they had given up, and I personally believed that this was like a calm before a huge storm, you know when everything is calm, and then the next minute everything is destroyed? It wasn’t a case of if they would do something, it was when.
I shake my head, trying to clear it of the unwanted thoughts; I would worry about them later, when the time came. I glance up at the clock hanging on the wall; I had shouted Gerard and Frank over fifteen minutes ago. If they both thought they could sleep the day away, leaving me to look after Cherry, Lilly AND Bandit, they had another thing coming. Sure, I loved the kids, but with Mikey and Ray both out shopping, it was just a bit much too handle. Not to mention the fact that in the last week or so, Cherry and Lilly had both started crawling.
“Bandit, sweetie, can you do me a huge favour?” I ask her sweetly, beaming down at her.
“Yes, what?” She asked, happy to help. She was like that, always wanting to help if she could. Bandit really was growing up to be a lovely little girl, thankfully she had took after her father, rather than her bitch of a mother.
“Can you go wake up daddy and Frankie< if I make them some coffee?” She nods enthusiastically, jumping up and racing up the stairs, into the room that they had been sleeping in since Lindsey and Jamia had sold the houses, after they had come to an agreement. I had no time for any mother who would rather have a house than her children, but then again, I`m not a mother, so what do I know? A hell of a lot more than those two.
Frank`s pov
“Morning.” Gee breathes, just barley awake, lying back under the covers, not wanting to get up yet. I knew the feeling, but if we didn’t get up soon Alicia would kill us, slowly. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to move, it was so comfortable just lying here, with my Fiancé (I still found it hard to believe) it was just so peaceful.
“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Frankie, Frankie!” Oh, hell, Alicia had sent the hyper, lovable Bandit to wake us up. Again. The little girl jumps up on the bed, sitting in between us smiling widely.
“Hey, sweetie.” Gee sits up and gives her a big hug.
“Alicia says if you get up you get coffee.”
No, not coffee. Damn you Alicia, you know that’s one of the only ways to force Gee out of bed in the morning. I was going to have to have a word with her later, some of us actually liked to get more than four hours sleep. Seriously, when you have kids to look after you actually realise how important sleep is, due to the lack of it.
“Fine, fine. We`ll get up.” I sigh, looking at Gerard, the lock on his face enough to make me drag my protesting body out of the warm bed. He owed me.
“Sure are, eh Bandit?” Gerard say, spinning his now six ear old daughter around, careful not to drop her.
“Frank, Cherry and Lilly are awake.” This couldn`t be good. I loved `em, but since they started crawling they had been little terrors. Crawling everywhere and I do mean everywhere. We were all too afraid to open any windows, fearing they might fall out. Which was j=kinda annoying since it was the hottest summer in years.
“They`ve been, fed, bathed, and now they need tying down somewhere for their own safety, and for my sanity.”Alicia tells me, walking into the kitchen to make the promised coffee.
“Let`s go, the twin terrors are up.” Gee laughs, placing Bandit down on the floor, much to her annoyance and disappointment. I knew the feeling; I hated it when he stopped hugging me as well.
“So, did Mikey and Ray say when they`d be back?” He asks, walking into the kitchen, hearing the kettle boil.
Alicia shrugs. “One, maybe two o clock. They still have to pick out stuff to wear.”
“Have you got your dress picked out yet, then?” I ask, knowing her she probably picked it out weeks ago.
“I`ve narrowed it down to three options. Mikey was sweet enough to buy me them all.” Gerard`s jaw drops.
“Three!?” Alicia nods.
“Yes, three, why?”
“My brother hates parting with his money, and he bought you three expensive dresses?!”
Alicia’s eyes narrow, not a good sign. “He loves me, and I`m special.” She joked, sticking her tongue out. “Plus, who said they were expensive?” she walks off, singing to herself.
“Daddy, Frankie?
Bandit tugs gently on mine and Gerard`s arm.
“Is mummy coming to the wedding?” we both stood there, silent for a moment, not sure what to say for the best.
“Erm, well…do you want her there, sweetie?” Gerard asks her, it was clear he hoped she`d say no. We had both agrees ages ago that Lindsey and Jamia would not be getting an invite, but we handed thought that Bandit would want her mother there. After all, she hadn`t been a good mother at all, she even told Bandit straight to her face she didn’t want her.
“No, I don’t.” she tell us, looking up at us with her wide, innocent little eyes, worried we were going to be mad at her for saying that. Obviously we weren’t.

“When is it?” She asks us excitedly, we had bought her a new dress for the weeding, one that she felt very grown up about choosing, a blue and white one.
“The weddings in three weeks, Bandit.” I tell her, as Gerard is sipping his coffee.
“Yay!” The little girl runs off happily, probably going to tell Alicia something or to play with (bug) cherry and Lilly.
“Wow, three weeks. It`s all been pretty crazy these past few months, eh?”
“No regrets though, right?” I was already pretty sure of his answer, but still I had to check every so often, worried that the past few months had all been a dream. (Sure, some of it had been a nightmare.)
He shakes his head, hair falling in his eyes. I smile and take hold of his hand, the one he wasn’t holding his mug of precious coffee in.
“Not a one.”
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