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My Ghosted Romance

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*SEQUEL TO "Mikey's Here" Mikey got rid of 'Bill' five years ago and now he and My Chemical Romance area success. But when a ghost comes back to get Mikey for letting 'Bill' kill her, he's life's o...

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Hello lovelies! And welcome to the sequel! Sit back, relax, and eat your damn popcorn, because it's time for another crazy adventure!
Ciarra's POV
I fiddled with the ring on my left hand. We were in Colorado, the tour bus was empty and I was sitting on the couch, waiting for the others to come back from the Starbucks across the street. How was I gonna tell them? As much as I would love for Eli and Chanya to know, I was terrified of even saying it.
My thoughts continued on as the tour bus tour opened and the others stepped in. Ray handed me my coffee and sat next to me, "Hey Ciarra. Thinking about anything important?" He gave me that look, the 'You know what you should do' look that I hated somewhat.
I sighed and we stood, my hand shaking as I cleared my throat. Gerard and Eli looked up from their coffee and Chanya took away Frank's Skittles when he wasn't looking. Mike turned his head to us, sipping his coffee, his eyes filled with curiosity, "What's up guys?"
My hand was still trembling and Ray took it, trying to calm me down and spoke, "So guys, um, Ciarra and I have been dating for a really long time. And uh...."
He stopped their and we all sat in awkward silence for a second. Eli broke it, "You guys are getting married, aren't you?"
We both inhaled, "...yes."
Eli and Chanya stood and ran to me, engulfing me in a giant hug, "OH MY GOSH CIARRA YAY!!"
Eli stepped back and hugged Ray, "Ray! You're getting married to my best friend!"
Gerard, Frank, and Mikey also stood and lost arm in their arms. We looked at the four best friends and grinned. We were all becoming a family. Gerard and Eli got married last year, Frank and Chanya were like brother and sister, and Mikey..... we all knew that Mikey was just gonna love us as family.
They let go of each other and Mikey grinned at me, "Aww look at my little sister getting married and everything!"
I smiled, "Yeah, even though I'm older than you!"
He rolled his eyes, "I'm taller!"
"I'm sexier!"
"I'm awkward!"
Chanya up her hands between us, "I'm frikkin Harry Potter and I command you to stop!"
Mikey and I both giggled and shut up. Everyone started talking over each other, discussing what was going to happen with the tour and everything. I didn't talk and smiled at the six members of my family. I was glad to have them.
Mikey's POV
Ray and Ciarra were getting married. Wow, I never would have guessed sarcasm! I knew it was going to happen form the moment they saw each other. As the rest all conversed, I slipped away to my bunk. Lying down, I reached under the bed for the notebook. Turning each of the pages, I softly sang my favorite parts of them. i knew we all desperately wished she was here. I remember when we all graduated high school and the principle gave me a diploma for Amber to remember her. We all wanted her to see Eli and Gerard get hitched and I had to assure them she was watching everyday.
We had written most of the songs of 'The Black Parade' in this notebook and I flipped through the pages, reading each one. I felt I chill on my left arm and knew she was reading them too. She was there the entire time, while 'I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love' took off. When we started writing 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge', she wrote a song completely through me, 'It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish'.
"Revenge' was a success and it took us two years to write 'The Black Parade'. We released it a six months back and we started touring last month. And everyday, at every concert, we all know that she's somewhere on stage, rocking out to the music she loved making.
So that's the first CH of the sequel! I hope ya'll enjoy this one!
Amber (the author)
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