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Again With The Dreams

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This is CH 2. Not very exciting, in my opinion, but you have much better opinions than mine of this story. So enjoy!

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Gerard's POV
The next stop in our tour was Huston, TX. Ray, Bob, and Frank were in the living room part of the bus, playing some Wii game. Ciarra, Eli, and Chanya were in the back, talking about girl stuff and Mikey was lying down in his bunk. I decided to go talk to him, because when ever he was in his bunk, he was doing something sad. Walking over to the bunk, I pushed aside the curtain to see Mikey reading Amber's notebook, "Oh hey, Gerard. What's up?"
I got up into his bunk and lied next to him, "Nothing, just wanting to see what you were doin'."
He held up the notebook, "Just reading some lyrics. That's all."
I nodded and sighed, "So Mikey. In a couple of days, you know what's happening."
"Um.... Cupcake Day?"
I gave him a look and he sighed a little, "Yeah I know. Amber's death day."
He looked down into the notebook and started to tear a little. I put my arm around him and he layed his head on my shoulder, "It can't believe it's going to be five years in two days, March 29. Gerard, why did this have to happen to her? Why not me? I was the one who had the damn thing inside my head."
He started hyperventilating a bit and I smoothed down his hair, which I was told keeps him calm or something, "It's okay Mikey. It's not your fault that she's gone. We couldn't do anything to stop it from happening.'
"But I could have A. Never made it or B. Overpowered 'Bill' before he could kill her."
I shook my head, "Okay Mikey. The things wrong with that are A. If you had never made your little world, we would have never come to Calipat and you would have never met Amber and B. You didn't think of it until she was already... dead. So we couldn't have saved her."
He picked his head up and rubbed his eyes, "Yeah, I know. I just wished that I could have at least tried to save her."
I flattened his dyed black hair against his forehead, "We all wish we could have. i know you do the most," I rolled off the bed onto the floor and picked myself up, brushing off my shirt and my blond hair, "Why don't you get some sleep Mikey? Get your mind off the stuff bothering you. It'll do ya good."
He smiled at me and nodded, "I will. Not sure it'll help but it's worth a shot." He turned his body to me and closed his eyes, the notebook still clutched in his arms. I smiled a little and shut the curtains. While walking away, I turned my head to see the bunk, with my little brother in it. Turning back, I lowered my eyes, wishing I could do something about him, wishing I could return his happiness.
Mikey's POV
I fell asleep and woke up in my dream. It was dark and raining, just the way we loved it, and Amber sat next to me on a bench. We were in an empty field, letting all the rain fall on us, soaking our clothes. I turned my head and smiled at her and she smiled back. Then her smiled turned into a frown and she looked past me. I turned around to see another girl walking towards us. She was wearing a long white shirt and a pair of jeans, her golden hair flew around her, and her icy blue eyes had a look of pure fury on them.
She planted next to me and Amber and I stood. Amber grabbed my arm and pulled me behind her, "Fredrika, what the hell are you doing here?"
The girl, Fredrika, shot her a glare, "I'm here for a little revenge. On that guy right there."
She pointed at me and I pointed at myself, "Me?"
Sarcasm dripped in her voice, "No the guy behind you. Yes you, you dumbass!"
Amber snapped her head from me to her, "Back off, Freddie! He didn't even do it. It was something in his mind that took over him. He had nothing to do with your death."
Something clicked in my head. I knew I knew that name, Fredrika Gonzales. 'Bill' had killed her a day before he killed Amber. Which means...
"Yes, tomorrow it will be five years since I was brutally murdered by Mr. Mikey Way. Or this 'Bill' guy you say. Either way, your hands killed me. I'm bent on getting the revenge I deserve."
Amber pushed me farther behind her, "There's no way in hell I'm letting you hurt him. You're gonna have to get past me first."
Freddie laughed, "Fine then. We'll see who gets to him first," and vaporized. It was like she was smoke, she just disappeared. Amber looked around frantically and turned around to me, "Mikey, you havta be careful out there. She's going to try and get you and I don't want you to be alone. ANYWHERE. Take someone with you everywhere. I can't see you get hurt, Mikey, I just can't."
I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her. I pulled back and she bit her lip, smiling. I smiled back at her, "I love you, Amber."
"I love you too, Mikey." And she too, disappeared.
Chanya's POV
"AH!" I shot up form my bunk and ripped back the curtain. Mikey's bunk was right across from mine, the top one, and the curtain fluttered about. I looked down and saw two other heads poking out to see Mikey on the floor, rubbing his head, "Ow."
I rolled my eyes and jumped down, careful not to hit Frank's head below me, and helped him up, "Mikey, what the fridge are you doing on the floor at 4 AM?"
He continued to rub the spot on his head where he fell, "I had a dream and I rolled over and I fell on the floor."
I shook my head and we sat at the small table while everyone else went back to sleep. I turned on the coffee machine, "Mikey, was this one of those dreams again? The one where you and Amber are together and just doing something?"
Mikey nodded and took the coffee cup from my extended hand, "Yeah, but this one was different. This time, another girl came. the one that 'Bill', ya know," he curled his index and middle fingers in a quotes motion, "'got rid of' and she said she was coming back to get revenge. Amber tried defending me and they both vanished. It was really weird and then I fell off the bed."
I sighed and took a sip of my coffee, "Well, what kinda revenge did she want?"
Mikey's POV
"I don't know, but Amber told me to never be alone anywhere. To have someone with me at all times."
I gave Chanya my eyes, the puppy dog ones that I knew no one could resist and she sighed, "Ugh, Mikey stoppit. fine, I'll be the second half to your Buddy System. You better thank me! And get me some Skittles!"
I giggled and agreed, "Fine, I'll get you some Skittles in Texas."
She smiled, "Good. now I'm going back to bed. Do not fall out of your bunk. Goodnight, Mikey."
She walked away as I waved and I felt a cold draft against both arm. The right was the normal, comforting one, the one I knew was Amber. My left arm went to an icy numbness, the cold biting into my arm. It had never been there before, but I already knew who it was. And I was afraid to fins out what she wanted to do with me.
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