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The Ghost Start Coming

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So how ya'll doing?

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Chanya's POV
I felt felt a poking feeling in my right arm and it pulled me out of my coffee and Skittles induced sleep. I picked my head off the pillow and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. When it was all gone, I opened my eyes and saw Mikey standing by my bed, checking his wrist like he was looking at a watch. I kicked him softly to move him and jumped down form the bunk, "What are you looking at Mikey?"
He looked up from his wrist, "I'm pretending ! have a watch and looking at the time. It's 8 o'clock. Time to get coffee!"
I shot him a look as I pulled on my shoes, "8 o'clock IN THE MORNING? Where are we?"
He stood by the door, one hand on the handle, and tapped his foot, "We are in Huston. And we must go get coffee, for we are the first ones up."
"No, YOU were the first one and you just woke ME up."
"So? You're my other half of my Buddy System. We stick together! You're protecting me from ghosts!"
I sighed and shook my head, "You're killing me, smalls." He laughed, "That's ironic, seeing as I am taller than you."
I gave him another look and we headed out the door into the bright sunshinyness. I held up my hand to shield my eyes as we walked down the street, past a couple houses to the Starbucks where we waited in line for almost an hour. Or at least it felt like an hour, I was too tired to keep track of what was happening.
"Chanya? What are you staring at?" Mikey poked my arm again, handing me my coffee. I grinned and took it, sipping its delicious coffeeness. We walked back to the tour bus when I felt a cold draft. It wasn't a regular draft we feel all the time, the one Mikey says is Amber (we just play along so we don't hurt him), but a freezing cold one. A numbing kinda of cold.
Mikey stopped in his tracks and looked around, "Chanya, take this and get in the bus. Right now."
I took the tray and opened the bus door, "C'mon Mikey. Get inside."
He shook his head, "Chanya, just go inside and I promise you, nothing's gonna happen."
I sighed and shut the door, locking it in place and running to the window to see what kinda of crazyness Mikey was doing.
Mikey's POV
The cold air sat in front of me and I crossed my arms, "What Fredrika?"
She materialized in front of me, "Why don't you know Mikey? I've come for revenge. That's the name of one of your albums, I think you'd know what I've come for."
I felt another draft and Amber also appeared, "Fredrika, you are not going to touch Mikey. Over my ghosted body."
Freddie smiled, "Fine then, I think I can see to that."
She vaporized again and Amber turned to me, "Mikey, are you okay? Did she do anything to you?"
My mouth hung open. Amber, my girl, my one love, was back. In front of me. I raised my arms and pulled her into a hug, "Oh my god Amber! I can't believe this! I saw you die and I thought I was never gonna see you again!"
She wrapped her arms around my neck, "Well, I died. Doesn't mean I stopped watching you."
I smiled and the door slammed open. Gerard, Ray, and Frank ran out, the girls close behind them. Gerard was the first by me, "Mikey! Chanya told us that you told her to get inside to be safe and then she woke us up when- Is that Amber?"
I nodded and everyone did the same as I did. Amber turned in my arms and waved to everyone, "Hey guys. I'm back, kinda."
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