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Storytime with Amber

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Amber's POV
The others stared at me. Well, I had been dead for five years, so i couldn't expect anything less from them. Ciarra and Eli were the first to snap out of it and they ran up, hugging me. They sobbed into my shoulders and Ciarra raised her head a little, "Amber! You're really here. Alive again."
They let go, wiping their eyes and Chanya came up, hugging me also. When she let go, I turned my head to Ciarra, "Well, not really alive. I'm a figment of your minds, vapor of my spirit made to look like what you last saw me in. Basically, I'm a ghost."
Gerard, Ray, and Frank all took their turns engulfing me in their hugs. When Frank hugged me, he picked me up, spinning me in a circle, "Amber! One of my Skittles buddies is back! A ghost, but back!"
He put me down and held me at arms length, "Wait. If you're a ghost, how come we can touch you?"
I sighed, "That I am not sure of, but I can walk through walls and know what everyone is thinking of. And no one can see me but you guys, only because that guy up there," I pointed up at the sky, "will let your minds see me. Other than that, I'm pretty much a person. And I can't eat or drink, which sucks because I have gone five years without coffee and Skittles and now that I'm back here, a place with coffee and Skittles, I'm going to go even more insane than usual."
They all laughed and Bob ran out of the bus, "Guys! Chanya tried waking me and I didn't get up and when I heard all you guys talking about Mikey and some chicks, I got up and dressed myself and- Oh hey Amber!- I tried....."
He stopped halfway and looked at me and I waved. He pointed at me, "When did she become not dead?" I looked at my wrist like I was looking at a watch, "About never. Long story short, I'm a ghost."
"Ah," he nodded and Gerard spun me around to face him, "Well, now that everything's settled, do you mind if you tell us what the hell your ghosted self is doing here?"
He smiled his 'You know I love you' smile and I couldn't resist grinning back, "Why don't we go inside in the bus and I'll tell you the really long and boring story?"
Frank's POV
We all piled into the bus, except for Amber who, mockingly, went through the bus walls and sat at the table. I rolled my eyes playfully and sat across from her. She stuck her tounge out at me as Mikey sat next to her, "What Frank? Jealous of my little trick?"
I crossed my arms and looked away, "No....... maybe........ a little."
She laughed at me and Ray kicked his feet into my lap, lying down on the floor onto Ciarra, "So Amber, this story you say is long and boring. What is it?"
She sighed and launched into it, "So you guys remember when Mikey... 'went off' and 'Bill' took over? Well, he killed a girl three months later in Calipat names Fredrika. She became a ghost and when I was killed, I became one too. We met up in the ghosty land and I talked about my life, about you guys and Mikey. She realized that Mikey was the person, or at least body, that killed her and she plotted everyday while being my friend to get revenge on him.
"And when Mikey started dreaming of me, I just kinda went into them and we saw each other again, which made me feel complete again. Freddie, we call her Freddie, learned of this and decided to spy and/or pull me out of the dreams, which Mikey, is why it suddenly stopped a couple of times. And the last dream I was in, she came in and threatened him, saying she was going to get revenge for killing her. And I defended him, resulting in her trying to get here as fast as she could to try and do, god I don't even know. But we both got here and I'm trying to save Mikey from a murder-crazed ghost hellbent on killing him for killing her."
We all stared at her, open mouthed again, taking in the information that Amber was a ghost, Mikey was going to get killed by another, and that...... Amber was a ghost!
She held up her hands, "So, anything new with you guys?"
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