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"Uh oh. This is not good."

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That's right Frank. It's not good at all.

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Eli's POV
"So, anything new with you guys?" Amber asked us. I closed my mouth and shook my head. That's Amber for ya, never wanting to stay on the serious situations when it involves her.
Ciarra looked up from playing with Ray's fro, "Well, in the past 5 years you know that they released 'Bullets', 'Revenge', and 'The Black Parade'. And I'm pretty sure that you know Eliand Gerard got married last year and Ray and I are getting married. Wait, you're a ghost and have been around us all the time, from what Mikey told us. Shouldn't you already know this?!"
Amber giggled, "Yes, but I wanted to hear you say it."
I stood and flipped her off, going into my bedroom. Gerard followed and I sat on the bed, "I can't believe my best friend is back. Well, not completely, but at least visible and touchable. It's going to be so different again. There are so many things she missed that I wish she could have been at."
He fell back onto the bed with me and propped his head up with his hand, "Well, she's here again, so we should be glad that's happened."
I laid back next to him, "Yeah, I suppose you're right. That's good. I just wish these things would stop happening period. As in, forever, and we'd have a normal life. Or, as normal as we could manage it."
Gerard smiled and tousled my hair, letting it fall on my face, "Ha. Sure, whatever you say."
Amber's POV
A couple of days had passed with no sign of Freddie watching. I sighed a big sigh or relief every night while the rest of them slept. As a ghost, I need not sleep or talk like a ye old British person. So I usually I found my way into Mikey's dreams, where I laughed watched him swim in the sea of coffee and playing with his unicorns.
During the day, though, I felt very alienated by everyone, expect Mikey, staring at me. Everyone was watching my every move, like I was something to be watched over, a child playing next to a dangerous pit of sharp rocks, snakes, and a whale.
I brushed them off whenever they did that until this morning. I sat on a chair, my head on Mikey's shoulder, while everyone glanced or watched out of the corner of their eye. And I exploded, standing up, "Will all of you please stop staring at me like I am some bigger freak than I really am?! I mean, yes, I am dead and I am a ghost. But come on people, can you not let me live, "I paused at that word, "exist like a normal person? Geez!"
I felt like being alone, so I forced myself to vanish to.... somewhere blank and white. I sat down on the cold floor and put my head in my hand. Why was everyone treating me so oddly? I was not any different from them. Well, the ghost thing yeah, but other than that I was the same old Amber everyone knew and loved.
Someone blurred into my space and Mikey came to sit next to me, "Hey, you okay?"
I turned my head away from him, "It's not like you care," I stood up, waving my arms around, "It's not like anyone really cares. They just wanna stare at Amber, because she's a ghost and not real and we should go over and treat her like some little precious thing that needs to be carefully watched every minute of every frikkin' day because, oh, she might actually DO something."
Mikey's POV
Amber stopped talking about turned back to me, "I'm sorry Mikey, that you have to listen to me. But I really think that they are either afraid of me or want to keep me from leaving again, so they watch me at every moment."
I shrugged, standing up next to her, "Well, I know they all freaked out when you left and I told them not to worry."
She sighed loudly and banged her head on my arm, leaving it there, "I just wish I could somehow magically be alive again, so that they'd stop acting like my parents whenever I didn't come home the exact minute I was supposed to."
I laughed a little and sat down, pulling her with me. She lied down and put her head in my lap, like how she used to when we lived in Calipat at my old house. For a few minutes, nothing was said, because everything was clear. We couldn't change the past, but we could try and change what would happen in the future. I remembered her favorite quote by Maria Robinson, "No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
Ray's POV
After Amber vanished, I looked around at everyone, all our eyes wide in fear and/or amazement. Ciarra almost fell from where she stood and teared up a little, "Mikey? Where did she go? Is she okay, is she coming back?"
Eli repeated Ciarra in a different manner and soon we all began was talking over each other. We all tried to swarm Mikey, begging him for the answer to our question, "Where did Amber go?"
He held up his hands and pushed us all away, "CALM DOWN. She's fine, she just went.... somewhere. Where I am not sure, but I'll go and try to find her."
With that, he climbed up into his bunk, kicked off his Vans, and pulled the curtain closed. We all looked at one another one at a time and Gerard went over to the bunk, sweeping the curtain aside. Mikey was lying down, asleep. Gerard let go of the cloth and sat down next to me, sighing. We sat in silence for a good ten minutes, wishing we knew what Mikey and Amber were doing. And then, the bus door flew open and stood for a second, then slamming closed again. The room was filled with cold air and we all sat straight up. I heard Frank quietly trying to speak to Chanya, "Uh oh. This is not good."
I'M SO SORRY!!!! I am a neglectful author and I need to write more often.
Amber (the very sorry author)
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