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Hit her with a frying pan, why don'tcha.

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Oh, second chapter in one day.

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Ray's POV
When Frank quieted, the cld air circualted to one part of the room, next to the bunks. We all gasped as a figured started to come into focus where the air was. It was a girl, Fredrika. She ripped back the curtains and Mikey jumped, almost falling off the bed. Fredrika smiled evily at him, "Well, well, well Mikey. Where's your little protecter now?"
She reached out to grabbed him but was stopped by another unseen force. She flew back, out the now open bus door and stood, "C'mon Amber. We can't may not be able to see each other while in ghost form, but I can tell where you are. Don't even try."
We all ran outside to see Fredrika, who spun slowly around in a circle, watching for Amber. Ciarra quietly slipped back inside and I tried to see what she was doing. Fredrika faced us, the evil smile still on her face, "So guys, it looks like Amber's not gonna come protect you. And I have you six all to myself."
She advanced on us and Amber quickly reappeared behind her and tapped her shoulder. Fredrika spun around and faced her, both girls to strike. Amber glanced behind us, then back to Fredrika, "Um Freddie, there's someone behind you."
While she spoke for this short moment, Ciarra had run up behind Fredrika, patiently awaiting the moment when she'd turn around to whack her in the face with a frying pan. Where she got the pan, I'll never know.
Anyways, Fredrika fell onto the asphalt, obviously unconcious which, as a ghost, I'll never know how that happened either.
Ciarra held up the frying pan and she and Amber high fived, "Yes! I hit the ghost!"
We all laughed while Frank and I grabbed Fredrika's arms to drag her inside. There were a few PAs who stood around, watching the fight go on and Amber waved her hand at them. They shook their heads, as if clearing a daydream they just had, and walked away, not noticing us dragging an unconcious ghost girl inside our bus.
Ciarra's POV
The guys layed Freddie down on the floor and we all stood back, looking at her. Gerard turned to Amber, "Okay, a couple questions. 1. How is a ghost unconcious? 2. How do we get rid of her? and 3. Why can't she just leave us alone?"
Amber sighed and rubbed her temples, "1. For some reason, we can't feel pain at all, but we can be hit because we can touch stuff. 2. We get rid of her by letting me take her back to purgatory with me right now. and 3. She wants to kill Mikey, therefore, she won't stop until she does it. Or I turn her in and she gets punished by staying in purgatory forever, never being able to go anywhere."
She walked over to Freddie, "Well, I guess I havta take her there. I'll be back you guys, sometime in the next few days okay?"
We all nodded and Mikey went up to her, wrapping his arms around her shorter frame, "Do not hurt yourself. I love you, okay?"
"Yeah, I love you too." They smiled and he let go, stepping back to watch her grab Freddie's arm and fade out into nothingness. It was like she died again, only this time with the thought she might be coming back.
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