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'What are you gonna do with her?'

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Very short one. SORRY SO MUCH

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Amber's POV
I arrived in Purgatory, the place where most ghosted stayed for as long as it took them to get to Heaven or Hell. I dragged Freddie to the information booth Yes, Purgatory has one, all ghosts get freaked out when they first die, so we need to inform them. It's a small booth, about the size of a broom closet.
Letting go of Freddie's arm, I slapped the bell and the chime rang through Purgatory, everyone looking at me in confusion. I waved them off and turned back to the booth, my friend Charlie yawning and striding up to the end, "Well hello Amber. What can I do for you today?"
I tilted my head at Freddie, "I need to talk to Him to dispose of some... trash."
He looked over the edge and giggled, "Well, I'll go ask him to see ya. Chill here for a second."
Charlie strode back into the booth and Freddie started mumbling. I kicked her side softly and she rolled over, not waking. I shook my head and Charlie walked back, "He said he'll see you right now. Go in through the back."
I tipped my imaginary hat to him, grabbed Freddie's arm, and dragged her through the door in the back of the booth. It was all dark, then blinding white and I had to cover my eyes to keep from going blind.
"Hello Amber. What seems to be the problem?"
I looked around and shrugged, "Well, I have a rouge ghost here. Wants to kill a very important person to me and I don't wanna let that happen. I'm giving her to you to do whatever you want with her."
"I understand. Please leave her here and I will take care of her.
"Well, what are you gonna do with her?"
"Nothing a little lecture can't fix. Never underestimate the power of words, child. Now go and Fredrika will join you at a later time.
I sighed, "You're the boss," and grabbed the doorknob, turning it and walking out.
Yes, I know. I'm very sorry for the shortest one I think I've wrote. So, I've been thinking about writing another story in addition to this one. It's a Mikey/Alicia one and I already know exactly what it's about. Now, I need your opinion. should I write it? It's kinda like 'Friend with Benfits' only mostly different. I think, I'm not really sure what that movies about other than two friends screwing each other, but I know that mine will have some good ending. I hope it'll only be about 10-15 CHs long.
So tell me, to write or not to write. that is the question. BYE!
Amber (the author)
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