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part 15

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Grace’s POV

“Come on!! Just one good punch to her pretty little face!” I whined as Patrick put me down onto a couch.

“No, we don’t need you to be sued or arrested.” Patrick sighed. “Besides, why do you get so riled up with her?” He sat next to me.

“Because! She gets under my skin and she treats you like a dog! She knows I can’t stand it when she calls you Patty Cakes, or flaunts herself around you...I can’t STAND it!”

“Oh...” I looked at Patrick who was looking straight ahead, but blushing. I thought about what I just said and then began to blush myself.

“Umm...” I said as Patrick turned to me. I saw his greenish-blue eyes behind his strawberry blonde hair. The silence was overwhelming.

“HOLY SHIT GRACE!” Pete yelled, as Patrick and I
jumped. “You almost beat the shit out of her!”

“Almost.” I laughed trying to get over the adrenaline rush .

“Why did you stop her Trick?! Laura deserves it!” Joe asked, putting his hands on his head.

“Because, we don’t need the singer to go to jail.” Patrick said, laying back into the couch.

“But that would have gotten more press for your band!” Pete yelled.

“Nice to know that you have our best interests at heart.” I laughed.

“ wouldn’t be the first time that the singer gets arrested...” Pete nodded toward Patrick.

“HEY! That was for driving without a valid license...not for kicking someone else’s ass!” Patrick pointed out.

“Still got jail time...”

“Only four hours so shut up!” Patrick glared. “The point is no kicking anyone’s ass...unless it’s Pete’s.”


“Hmmm...I may take that one up.” I said, smirking at Pete.

“No one is going to kick his ass other than me.” Dani said as she joined us.

“Hey buddy! Where have you been?” I smiled.

“Just...walking around, getting a feel for the place...that type of thing.” She said simply.

“Oh, okay then.” I said.

“So, when were you going to tell me about the prank?” She asked. I noticed her demeanor had changed. Patrick looked at me. He noticed it too.

“When the time was right I guess.” I smiled. She nodded then started walking around again.

“Let me see your phone.” Patrick said as the rest of the group began to talk about random things.

“Why?” I asked, feeling the butterflies start up again.

“Just let me see it...calm down.” I pouted as I handed my phone over. He began typing in it really fast and not letting me see what he was putting in.

“What are you doing?” I tried to peek. He just laughed and kept me in the dark. After a moment, he handed it back. I checked through my phone, looking for any changes, but didn’t find any. “What did you do?” I glared at him.

“Nothing!” He snickered, trying to look innocent. “I just put my number into your phone.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me the number and I type it in?” I asked him.

“Two reasons. One, I felt like making you freak out, and two, I don’t know where Laura is...if she got my number...”

“Ohhhhhhh...that makes sense, but she would be a moron if she shows her face around me.” I thought about it. “But you’re still a jerk!” I punched him in the arm. “For making me freak out, I take the hat.” I snatched the hat off his head.

“Damnit...what is with you and my hats?!” He sighed, trying to fix his hat hair. I just smiled and placed the hat on my head.

“Just be thankful it’s not your shoes. Now, give me your phone.” I held out my hand. He looked at me reluctantly. “Hand it over...” I asked again. He grunted and handed it to me. “Thank you.” I typed in my number, then began typing a message.

“What are you...” I sent the message and gave him back his phone.

“There you go.” I smiled.

“I know you...” He was stopped by Pete who jumped in his lap.

“AWWW I LOVE YOU TOO BUDDY!!” Pete smiled, while hugging on Patrick. I smiled at the confused, squished Patrick and got up.

Patrick’s POV

Holy shit, what the hell just happened? One minute, Grace is just about to punch Laura, then Pete is sitting on my lap. Grace looked at me, smiled, then got up.

"What are you talking about?" I asked Pete.

"Your lovey-dovey text!" Pete smiled. I pushed him off with a thud. "OWW!"
I laughed and got up, trying to think of a way to get back my hat, and at Grace.

"Trick!! Come back!!" I heard Pete yell.

"No...wait." I turned at went back to Pete. "I have a question for you, Peter Pan." I smirked.

"Hit me." He said getting up and smiling.

"Well, since your pretty much my brother, I need help with getting Grace back."

"Hmmm...well you set up that prank...then framed Joe..." Pete glared at me, then that was replaced with a smirk. "The transformation is complete!" He threw his hands in the air. I laughed and we began planning.

Grace's POV

"Hey DANI!!" I yelled after her, sprinting to catch up. "DANI WAIT UP!" I grabbed her shoulder, making her turn around. She pulled out her headphones.

"Oh sorry Grace." She smiled. "What's up?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to catch up with my best buddy and walk around." I smiled back.

"Well then..." Dani snickered and we began walking around backstage. We talked, laughed, and had general fun. As we were passing the hallway where we came in, we heard familiar voices, but none of them matched the guys.

"Where are we going? I thought you knew this place by heart..." We heard a guy who sounded a little irritated.

"Relax, I do...I just need to jog my memory." Another guy said in a way that sounded like Pete, but it wasn't him. The guys came around the corner and we nearly screamed.

"OH! Hi there!" Gerard Way smiled. "Hey! I didn't know they would send two pretty girls to come meet us! This is great right Mikey?" Mikey smiled shyly.
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