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Gerard’s POV
we walked frank to maths first because our was further down the corridor than his.
“I’ll meet you outside here okay Frank?”
“Yeah, I’ll walk you to yours” he smiled.
“Ours” I corrected him. “You live there now”
“Yeah… ours” he looked at his feet.
“What’s wrong” I put my finger under his chin and lifted his face.
“No one has ever been this nice to me Gee, Ever. I mean with my dad and the bullies. You’re the only person that’s ever said I love you to me.” He looked sad.
“Yeah Gee?” I love it when he calls me Gee.
“I love you Frankie, I always will”
“I love you too”
“I’ll meet you after maths then” I smiled and walked to my math class.
When I got there everyone was already sitting down. Bob was at the back swinging on his chair, when he saw me he called me over and told me to sit with him.
“Hey gee” he half smiled at me.
“Hi Bob.”
“How you doing?”
“if I can ask. Do you know why Frankie has bruises on his stomach? ”
I was shocked at first. How did Bob see? “Ugh I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you. Sorry, how did you see?”
“When he laid down at lunch his shirt went up a bit and it caught my eye, I wasn’t perving on him I swear!”
“I know Bob” I smiled.
“Gerard, don’t hurt Frankie, he might not seem it but he’s fragile, he’s taken a lot of shit from some people.”
“I know Bob and if ever hurt Frankie, even a tiny bit, you punch me in the face” I smiled.
“Will do” he smiled back.
“Mr Bryar please gets back to work” the teacher called out to Bob. “Page 131”
“yeah, yeah” he said under his breath. I laughed a bit….

Frank’s POV
“3b+13x=? Frank Iero?” the teacher called on me. Shit.
“Ughhh 16bx?”
“Hmmmm correct.”
“Know-it-all” Pete mocked.
“I’m smarter than you” I said in reply.
“So how’s your boyfriend then Frankie?”
“Just leave me alone” I said rolling my eyes.
“You don’t get it do you?”
“You brought this on yourself.”
“By being a queer, it’s the way things go around here. We have to teach you a lesson.”
“Mr Wentz the only lesson being taught around here should be maths, and by me. Finish your work we’re going to pack it in about 5 minutes.”
I didn’t say anything else to Pete, I just put my pen in my bag and watched the clock for the last five minutes. Waiting to see Gerard again….

Gee’s POV
“Frankie” I smiled hugging him.
“Hey Gee” he hugged me back.
“Fags” Pete pushed me against a wall.
“Just ignore him, babe” frank smiled at me.
I grinned eat-to-ear.
“you called me babe”
“don’t you want me to?” he looked rejected. So. Fucking .Cute.
“No, I do, I just, didn’t expect it” I kissed his nose.
We took the long way home, talking randomly. Then my phone beeped. I took it out of my pocket.
“it’s my nan” I said to frank “Hey gran-ma”
“Gee come home, its important.”
click! She hung up before I could reply.
“ugh Gee?” Frank clicked his fingers.
“Come on Frankie lets go.”
we walked the rest of the way in silence, until we got to my front garden when frank grabbed my hand.
“Gee are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine” I smiled and kissed his lips.
I opened the door. And my mouth flung open.
“Hey Gerard” a tall brown haired boy smiled at me from the sofa.
“M-mickey?” ….

Sorry these chapters are so short. ill try to make them longer :)
I might not be updating every day now >_< school :/
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