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Never Too Late

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Franks POV
“Hey Gee” The brown haired boy stood up from the sofa. He was a bit taller than Gee, he had light brown hair that had been straightened and it stuck to his face.
“Mickey, I missed you so much” Gee ran up to him and hugged him tightly.
“I missed you too Gee. Who’s your mate?” he gestured toward me.
“Oh, ugh Mikes this is Frank, my boyfriend” my heart flipped when he said the word ‘boyfriend’.
“You’re gay?” Mikey nearly yelled.
“Yeah, well for Frankie anyway.” He looked at his feet.
“Oh okay then” mikey smirked.
“You’re okay with it?”
“yeah bro, it’s your life not mine.”
Gee smiled in reply.
I shifted about a bit, feeling awkward.
“Oh god sorry, Frankie this is mikey, my brother.” Gerard said looking at me, smiling.
“Hey Frank” Mikey smiled at me nervously.
“Hi” I smiled back.
Then the boys’ nan walked in from the kitchen carrying a tray with two coffees on it.
“Oh hey Gerard, I didn’t expect you back so early” she smiled at Gerard.
“but you called me?”
“yes but I didn’t think you’d listen to me. Anyway go make you and Frank some coffee.” She gestured towards me.
“Come Frankie” he took my hand and lead me to the kitchen.
“So who’s this mikey” I said while I lifted myself onto the kitchen worktop. Gerard started pouring water into the kettle and getting mugs out.
“He’s my younger brother, he’s been in rehab for a while now, because when our parents split up, he started to drink and use drugs.” He stopped what he was doing and looked at the floor. “So I- I put him in a rehab centre”
I got up and walked over to him. I put my hand under his chin and lifted it slightly.
“Gee, you probably did the right thing, he had a problem and now because of you he doesn’t.” I kissed his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck. “don’t be sad.” I smiled.
The kettle finished boiling and Gerard poured the water into two cups and he handed me one.
“Come on then” He smiled. He took my hand and led me back into the living room and we sat down on one of the sofas.
“So ugh, Mikes are you gunna be living around here?” The boys nan asked.
“yeah actually my friend and his older brother have an apartment near here and they said I could stay with them, also I’m going to the school down the road. I start next Monday” Mikey said. He did look a bit like gee, but Mikey’s hair was brown and his face was a bit slimmer.
“Hey me and frank go to that school, but you’ll be in the year below.” Gee grinned happily. “Gran don’t you have your club to go to?”
“oh gosh yes, I totally forgot , sorry boys , mikey I’ll have to catch up with you later honey.” She kissed Gee in the cheek and hugged me and mikey.
“So Gee, how long have you been with Frank?” Mikey asked , eyeing me up.
“not long, only about a day now” Gee smiled down at me. I never relised how tall he was compared to me, I knew I was short but … come on. “you got a girlfriend mikes?”
“Nah, I’m flying solo.” He smirked and laid back on the sofa.
“So where abouts are you staying?”
“Oh not far about a ten minute walk from here”
“nice place?”
“nice enough, better than where I was.” Mikey sighed.
“I’m sorry mikes, I really am” Gerard looked at the floor.
“hey, you did me a favour Gerard, without you, I might – would still be on the drugs, or worse”
“yeah” Gee sighed.
“Gee, do you want me to, like, go?” I said feeling awkward. “so you can talk with mikey and stuff.”
“Oh no Frankie, it’s alright” Gerard put his arm around my shoulders. “ I don’t mind.”
“I should be going now anyway, my mate will be wondering where I am, been ‘round here for the past two hours.” Mikey sighed and stood up.
“Oh err, bye then.” Gee got up and walked him to the door.

Gerard’s POV

I walked mikey over to the door and hugged him good-bye.
“Come over again, okay? Soon.” I smiled at him. I don’t know what but he had a funny smell on him.
“Of course.” He smiled back. He waked out the door and I closed it behind him.
“So.” I sighed and sat down beside Frankie.
“So.” He slid his arms around my waist and pulled me into a hug.
“What should we do then.” I kissed his head.
“I don’t mind, you pick.” Frank sighed.
“we could watch a movie.”
“Yeah, okay. What one?”
I got up and went over to the rack of films next to the T.V.
“Ugh……. How about, SAW II? I think it’s my favourite.” I suggested.
I put the DVD in the player and went to sit with Frankie. He held his arms out to me and I smiled and sat down, wrapping my arms around him, and he did the same and rested his head on my chest.
We watched the movie like that but whenever something happened Frankie would bury his head onto my shirt, which I found really funny. He even screamed a few times.
“Calm down Frankie it’s only a movie.” I smiled at him.
“Yeah, but it’s a scary movie.” He stuck his tongue out at me. “What time is it ?”
“Umm bout six”
“Only six?”
“Yup. What do you wanna do now?”
“Hey Ray and Bob live around here, we could go get them.”
“Sounds good.” I said standing up and pulling Frank up with me.
we both still had our shoes and jackets on so I wrote a note for my nan and locked the door.
We walk to Rays house first because frank said it was closer.
“Hey Ray, wanna come out for a bit, were gunna knock for Bob as well.” Frank smiled at Ray once he opened the door.
“Ugh sure, lemme just tell my mum.” Ray said closing the door and reopening it in a matter of seconds
“Ray do you know where Bob lives?” Frank asked.
“Ugh no?” Ray replied, confused. “One sec, I’ll call him.” Ray pulled a phone out of his back pocket and dialled a number.
“Hey Bob….. Yeah I was wondering do you wanna come out for a bit?...... Me, Frank and Gerard …..
no we don’t…… well do you wanna meet somewhere? ….. say 10 minutes? ……. Right…. Yeah bye.” He hung up the phone. “ We’re meeting him by the park in 10 minutes.”
“Right come on then.” Frank said, taking my hand.
We walked all talking about something random, when Frank suddenly stopped and hid behind me.
“Frank, what’s wrong?” I asked turning round to face him.
“M-my d-dad Is over t-there” he stuttered and pointed down the road, to a drunk, scruffy looing man who looked a little like Frank.
“Don’t worry baby, I won’t let him hurt you.” I smiled hugging him.
“Oi faggots , take your queer-ness somewhere else.” The man shouted at us from down the road.
“Save it will you?” I shouted back.
“Shh! Gee!” Frank said harshly at me.
“What was that?” He shouted back.
“I said save it.”
“Gee please.” Frank said and sounded scared.
“It’s okay baby.” I reassured him.
“You wanna say that to my face, you queer.” He walked up to me and I felt Frank hide completely behind me.
“Just leave me alone” I said to him.
“You rude boy, Haven’t you heard the term ‘respect your elders’?”
“Why should I respect you? Monster.” I spat.
“Gee shut up” Frank whispered from behind me.
“Oh who’s that? What you hiding.” He pushed me out of the way. Exposing Frank.
“Frank?” He said. “Where have you been!” he grabbed frank by the collar of his shirt and pulled it up.
“D-dad I-I c-ant breathe!” frank struggled out.
“Good, then maybe you’ll die” he said through gritted teeth.
“You leave frank alone!” I shouted.
“Yeah? Or what? What you going to do about it?” he turned to me, still holding Frank, who looked terrified.
“Just put him down.” Trying to hide how scared I was for Frank.
“No, he’s my son, unfortunately, so I can do what I like with him” He spat at me. “isn’t that right Frank?”
Frank nodded desperately and swallowed.
I couldn’t take it anymore, I went for him. Punching him square in the face, making him drop Frank onto the floor. I kicked him in the shin.
“You’ll pay for that, You brat.” And he tackled me making me hit my head on the concrete pavement. And he scrambled on top of me, I saw him pull back one of his arms (the other was on my neck holding me to the floor.) and punch me in the face, again and again and again.
“Gee!” Frankie screamed. “Get off him!” Frankie rushed over and tried to pull his dad off me.
“Aww little Frankie sticking up for his little boyfriend?” He mocked, and got up off me onto Frankie, pushing him into a brick wall.
“This looks familiar, eh? Do you remember? When I taught you the lesson? I think I might have to teach you again” he grinned.
“Dad no. Please. Don’t!” Frankie was sobbing now.
“I am not your dad!” he hit Frankie in the face.
“stop it please! Stop” I screamed trying to pull him away from Frankie but it wasn’t working. What did he mean ‘when I taught you the lesson?’ What did Frankie do? Then it hit me.
“Oh god no please no!” I whispered. “please say you didn’t” I said louder, but just enough for him to hear me. “You r-raped him?”
“Wow you catch on quick” he laughed at me sarcastically.
“YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” I screamed and punched him in the head, and kicked the back of his leg making him fall, I kept kicking his face and stomach, going completely mental on him. When I thought he was unconscious, I stopped , and turned to Frankie who was curled up with his back against the wall, still crying.
“Frankie? Baby are you okay?” I smiled putting my arm around him.
“Gee I’m sorry” he buried his face into my neck.
“Its okay , Frankie , it’s okay.” I comforted him. “please don’t cry.”
“Y-your bleeding” he looked at me in horror.
“I know, it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.” I lied my face was really hurting. “Why didn’t you tell me Frankie, what he did to you?”
“H-he said If I tell anyone he’d kill me” Frank looked away from me.
“And I stand by that promise.” Franks dad sat up and shoved a knife into franks chest. “See you in hell, son.” And ran off with the knife.
“NO!” I screamed. “Frankie! Frankie stay with me” I said cradling him in my arms.

Franks POV.

“Frankie! Frankie stay with me” I heard Gerard’s voice calling to me. “Please Frankie”
“Gee” I whispered.
“Frankie, you’ll be okay, Just stay with me.” I felt drips fall onto my face, but I didn’t know if it was blood or tears.
“Gee, I’m so tired.”
“I know honey, I know, But try not to fall asleep.”
“But why?” I whined.
“Because I’m scared you might not wake up Frankie”
I could feel the cold of the knife being replaced by a warm liquid, the pain hadn’t come yet.
“I’m going to call an ambulance for you okay” Gerard smiled and me tighter.
“mhmm” that was all I could manage.
“Hello operator, can I have an ambulance….. it’s for my boyfriend…. He was stabbed ….. in the chest…… yes …… there’s loads of blood…… I’m not sure….. near the Belleville high school …. I will thanks.” He hung up his phone. “Frankie the ambulance will be here soon, you can sleep then okay? But you have to stay awake now.”
“Okay Gee.” I smiled weakly.
“This world will never be, what I expected, and if I don’t belong, who would of guessed it? I will not leave alone everything that I own, to make you feel like it’s not too late it’s never too late. Even if I say. It’ll be alright. Still I hear you say you want to end your life. Now and again we try to just stay alive, maybe we’ll turn it all around cause is not too late, it’s never too late.” Gee sang.
“I like that song” I smiled.
“No one will ever see, this side reflected. And if there’s something wrong who would of guessed it? And I have left alone, everything that I own to make you feel like it’s not too late, it’s never too late…..” And with that the darkness consumed me…..
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