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I promise

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More srsness

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Gerard’s POV
“it’s never too late…..” I trailed off of my song, noticing Frank fell asleep. “Frankie?” I shook him a bit “Frankie! Frankie wake up!” I said, nearly yelling. “Come on Frankie please wake up.” He was still breathing so I guessed he was alright, I could hear sirens in the distance and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Frankie honey the ambulance is here, you have to wake up now” I said calmly, a few tears slipping down my face. “I love you, Frankie” I wiped away the tears falling from my eyes.
The ambulance was here now, and some people were pulling thing from the back doors.
“Hello sir.” A man dressed in a neon green coat approached us. “My name is Jon, can you tell me yours”
“I’m Gerard.” I said not taking my eyes off of Frank. “This is Frank.”
“Okay, Gerard can let go of Frank for me we need to see to him.”
I shook my head. “Please don’t take him away from me.” I begged him.
“Gerard we need to, to make him better.”
“Okay.” I sighed. “Be careful.” I handed him Frankie, and watched as they hooked him up to an oxygen mask, and stuck a few needles in him.
“Gerard, my name is Lindsey, I’m a paramedic.” She handed me a tissue. I didn’t realise it but I was still crying quite hard. “Do you think that you can tell me what happened?” she sat on the floor next to me.
“Frank’s dad stabbed him in the chest, and then he ran off and Frank wouldn’t stop bleeding, and I thought he was going to die” I said choking on tears.
“Your right Gerard, Frank has lost quite a lot of blood, I think he might have severed an artery. So we’re going to have to take him to hospital now, Do you want to ride in the ambulance with him?”
I nodded, and stood up, she helped me climb into the ambulance where I sat down next to where frank was laying and Lindsey sat a little bit down from me.
“He should be able to hear you so you can talk to him.” Lindsey smiled at me.
“thanks.” I smiled back and took Frank’s hand in mine and I flinched a bit because it was icy cold. He looked paler than normal, and his gorgeous pink lips had a purple tint to them. My beautiful Frankie. My Frankie. I sighed.
“You’ll be alright Frankie, I promise.” I kissed his hand. “We’ll be at the hospital soon and the doctors will make you better.” I was telling myself that as well. “I love you.” I brought my other hand up to his cheek and stroked to gently with the back of my fingers. “I love you so much.” I whispered.
I didn’t say anything else the rest of the journey. I just sat and stared at him.
“Excuse me Gerard we’re here now.” Jon smiled at me. “We’re going to take Frank to the emergency room and as soon as he’s stable you can see him okay?”
I nodded and climbed out of the ambulance.
“Do you want to go and check him in or do you want me to?” Jon asked.
“I will.” I replied and walked over into the hospital. The emergency room was full of people puking or bleeding everywhere, and in the middle of the room was a blonde girl filing her nails.
“Oh hey there baby-cakes, what can I do for you?” she cooed at me.
“I’m here to check in Frank Iero, He was stabbed. “I’m Gerard.”
“Oh okay Gerard honey one second.” She turned to the computer. “Right I’ve put him in room 207. I’ll give you a shout when you can see him.” She gave me a smile showing all her teeth.
“Right.” I sat down on the side of the room with the less dangerous looking people on it, not wanting to get puked on. I sat back and sighed. I was covered in franks blood it was on my hands and my shirt. It felt weird, like I was the one who stabbed him, I started hyperventilating from staring at my blood-stained hands. So I got up and ran into the toilets. I took off my shirt and ran my hands under the tap. No matter how long the water ran onto my hands I could still feel the blood. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. I picked my shirt up off the floor and put it back on. I sighed again, and walked back into the emergency room.
I sat back down and put my head in my hands.
“Umm excuse me? Gerard?” The receptionist called me. “Mr Lero is ready, you can see him if you like.” She grinned again.
“His name is Iero.” I said matter-of-factly. So I got up and walked to room 207. There were a bunch of black doors in a row with silver numbers at the top going up the further you went along the hall.
204….205…..206….207. I put my hand on the door-nob and took a deep breath before entering.
I saw Frankie lying lifelessly on the bed. With and IV needle in each hand. He was hooked up to a heart rate monitor and a breathing machine. I slowly walked up to the bad and pulled a chair right up close to it.
I looked him over, he looked fragile. As if you touched him he would break. I tenderly picked his hand up and held it with mine, he was extremely pale nearly 100% white.

Time Lapse!!!!
Few days !

Franks POV

“Hey again Frankie” a voice said. It was a male voice, I could tell by the pitch, it was a nice voice though , soft and caring. I wanted to show the voice that I could hear him but my body wouldn’t move. I felt something warm wrap around my hand and stroke my fingers gently.
“Frankie can you hear me?” the voice asked, I heard it clearer and louder than before. I thought I could recognise it. Ray? Bob? Gerard? Yes it was Gerard! It was his voice.
“Frankie, baby please wake up.” The voice begged. I could feel drops of something hit my arm. Oh no Gerard was crying. I was forcing my body to move but nothing happened.
“I-I love you” Oh god I wanted to tell him back. But my stupid brain wouldn’t work.
“How are you feeling baby? Do you hurt?” His voice was shaky like he was about to cry. “Your Gunna be okay honey I promise.” He squeezed my hand. I begged my body to move and I managed to open my eyes. And I saw Gee sitting next to the bed crying into his hoodie sleeve.
“Gee?” I asked my voice dry and sore.
his head shot up. “Yeah baby it’s me.” He gave me a weak smile, tears falling down his perfect
“W-where am I ?” I asked my voice barely a whisper.
“You’re in the hospital sweetie ,y-you were stabbed, by your dad.” He started.
“I-I remember that.” I lied but he looked upset and didn’t want him to cry again. “How long was I out?”
“I don’t know honey, about four days.” Gee smiled stroking my cheek.
“Four days ?!” I said a bit too loudly because my throat hurt. “That long?”
“Yeah, you were …. Seriously hurt.” He hesitated . “How are you feeling?”
“It hurts breathe.” I chocked.
“The doctors said you pierced your lung and ripped through and artery, 10 more minutes and you wouldn’t have made it” his eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry Frankie, I really am.”
“W-what did you do?” I asked.
“I-I didn’t save you, w-when he attacked you.” A few tears fell from his eyes.
“Gee I mean this in the nicest way, but, shut the fuck up” I smiled, and he laughed. “You couldn’t of done anything, babe.”
He sighed and stroked my cheek. “I love you Frankie Iero.” I love the way he calls me Frankie.
“And I love you GeeGee way” my nickname made him laugh.
A man in a log white coat walked into the room. “Mr Way I have some new-“ he cut off seeing I was awake. “Mr Way I told you to come and tell me as soon as he woke up!”
“Oh sorry” He didn’t turn around, just kept his beautiful honey coloured eyes locked onto mine. “I… forgot.”
“Yes well... Mr Way you’ll have to leave I’m afraid, now Mr Iero is awake will have to do some tests.”
“No! I mean please let him stay, please.” I begged.
“I’m sorry he’s not immediate family.”
“He is my boyfriend, and it’s a long story but I don’t exactly have any family.” I squeezed his hand.
“Fine, but sit over there please.” He motioned for Gee to sit in the chair on the other side of the room. Gee kissed my hand and walked over to the chair sighing as he sat down.
The doctor didn’t do much to me just checked my pulse and breathing and stuck a few more needles in me – which I found hilarious because Gee looked like he was gunna scream.
“Well Mr Iero, I think that your healing up quite well, I’d say after a bit of a rest you can go.” The doctor sounded surprised.
“That’s great!” I said.
“b-but he has s-stabbed.” Gee stuttered. “he lost all that blood.”
“Yes he did and he’s very lucky to be alive, Mr Way, but he’s made a quick recovery , almost like… he was used to it.” Gee flinched but the doctor didn’t notice. “He will have to come back in one month though to see if the operation worked.”
“Wait, operation?” I asked.
“Yes Mr Iero you had and operation: to repair an artery you severed, but it should work and the artificial artery should vanish by the time you get checked.” He smiled at me “I’ll leave you boys alone.” He nodded once and exited the room, closing the door behind him.
Gee came back over to sit with me.
“I can go Gee, I’m nearly better!” I said really excited to go.
“I’m not sure that’s a good thing though Frankie.” He sighed. “You’re still sick.”
“Only a little though, I mean my chest hurts but other than that I’m fine.” I smiled.
“Okay, baby. Try and sleep okay, just like the doctor said.”
“Stay with me.”
“Of course.”
I shuffled down in the bed a bit and rested my head on the pillow. “Can you sing to me Gee?” I asked and closed my eyes.
“okay baby” he sighed. “Somehow I found, a way to get lost in you, let me inside, let me get close to you change your mind, I’ll get lost if you want me to, but somehow I found, a way to get lost in you, in you, the pain of it all, the rise and the fall, I see it all in you, but now every day, I find myself say, I want to get lost in you. I’m nothing without, you. Somehow I found, a way to get lost in you, Somehow I found, a way to get lost in you, let me inside, let me get close to you change your mind, I’ll get lost if you want me to, but somehow I found, a way to get lost in you.” by the time he finished singing I was already asleep….
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