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Where's Ray ?

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Gerard’s POV
when I was Frank was asleep, I got up and went to stand outside the hospital, to call my Nan, so she knew I was still at the hospital.
“Hey Gerard. How’s little Frankie today?” my gran asked.
“He woke up gran! He’s okay! He was talking to me and the doctor came in and told him he could come home tomorrow.” I was smiling down the phone. I didn’t want to get too excited in front of Frank, in case I scared him.
“Gee honey that’s great. Make sure you tell him that he’s welcome to sleep ‘round here as long as he wants.”
“Okay gran.”
“How have you been Gerard? Have you been sleeping okay?”
“Well the chair in Frankie’s room isn’t as comfy as bed but yeah I’m fine.” That was a lie, I hadn’t slept at all, I was too worried about Frank to sleep. “I’m going to stay the night again. We’ll be back tomorrow; I’m not sure what time though.”
“Oh okay sweetie, tell Frank I said hi.”
“Bye gran.” I hung up the phone and walked back into the hospital, I decided to go the café and get some coffee because I hadn’t had a drink for a few days.
When I got back to franks room it was about 9pm and I was getting tired. Frank was still asleep and everything seemed to be normal so I tried to sleep but the chair was un comfy and cold. So I slipped into the bed with Frank. He looked so gorgeous up close. I pushed his fringe out of his eyes and kissed his nose, I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes.

Franks POV
When I woke up Gee was on the bed with me asleep and snoring lightly. I kissed his head but I didn’t want to wake him up.
“Hmmmm” Gee hummed and stirred a bit.
“Shhhh go back to sleep Gee.” I hushed him.
“No I want to see you.” He said sleepily and opened his eyes. “Have I ever told you, you have beautiful eyes?” he kissed my lips quickly before standing up.
“Sit.” I commanded. He listened.
“So how are you feeling today then princess?”
“I’m fine, and if I’m the princess the your my prince.” I gigged.
“fine by me.” He smiled and kissed me deeply. No tongue Intended.
“Hello my litt- WOAH.” Talk about a moment spoiler. “I thought you were broken.” Bob joked.
“Bout time you got here.” Gerard smiled and pulled away. “What kept you?”
“Laziness.” He shrugged.
“nice to see you were bothered to make an excuse as well.” I sat up a bit, but winced in pain.
“Where’s Ray.” Bob asked sitting down on one of the chairs.
“I don’t know.” Gee sighed. “you haven’t heard from him?”
“No, you?”
“No.” he nervous glance at me. “ where do you think he went?”
“he's a big big boy, don’t worry.” Gee hugged me a bit too tightly. "Anyway how you been Bob?"
“It's all good man..” Bob smiled. "What happened to Frank again?"
“I-I. M-my…” I stuttered.
“Frank’s dad stabbed him in the chest and severed an artery and ripped his lung. But we don’t know where Ray went. ” Gee said nervously.
“Damn….” Bob looked shocked. “We have to find him!” Bob said sternly.
“Your right, but we might be over reacting, besides Frank has to get better first. Gee smiled at me. “Oh! Went you supposed to get sent home today?” I’ll go and get the doctor.” He kissed my head and left the room.
Me and Bob had a really good conversation, just talking about a few (devious) things.
“Yeah I’m gunna get going now Frank.” Bob sighed and stood up. He looked really upset, probably because he and Ray were really close. “Tell me if out little plan works.”
“Bye Bob, I will.” I smiled at him.
All of a sudden I felt really tired, I laid back on the bed a closed my eyes. Sleep took me almost immediately .

Gerard’s POV.

I felt happy for the first time in four days. Frankie was okay and coming home.
“I see you happy Mr Way?” the doctor grinned at me.
“How could you tell?” I smiled back.
it wasn’t a long walk back to room but it felt like forever I was away from Frank. When we finally got there I pushed open the door, and to my surprise Frankie was asleep.
“You’ll want to wake him up.” The doctor motioned over to Frank. I walked over to frank and poked his ribs. He didn’t even stir.
“Come on lazy.” I shook him. “Frankie?” There was panic in my voice now. “Frankie wake up!”
“One second.” The doctor joined me at Frank’s bedside, he looked at some of the machinery and did something with franks arm. “Mr Way I’m sorry but I think he slipped into a coma.”

Sorry ladies and gentlemen but I had to spice it up a bit. You still love me?
I’m sorry these thing take so long to write but I promise to update at least once a week. Cross my heart and hope to die.
xoxox – Phoebe
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