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You and me against the world

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Gerard’s POV.

“W-what?” I froze. I swear I felt my heart stop.
“I’m sorry Mr Way.” The doctor said, but he had a tone in his voice that made it sound like he was laughing at me. “I’ll leave you alone.” He sighed at walked out of the room.
I sat down on the edge of Frank’s bed and took his hands in mine; he looked so peaceful, like he could be asleep.
“Oh Frankie what am I going to do with you?” I smiled weakly holding back tears. “Please say the doctors joking Frankie. Please” I held his hand to my face and kissed his knuckles, letting the tears fall down my face once more.
“Damn it you got me.” Frank said with a huge grin spreading across his face.
“Fuck you Iero.” I pulled him into a tight hug. “Don’t you dare do that to me again.”
“Gee… too tight.” He said sounding a bit out of breath.
“Sorry.” I loosened my grip on him.
“You should have seen your face.” He laughed.
“You feel better then.” I stuck my bottom lip out at him. “Wait the doctor said you were in a coma?”
“Yeah it was Bob’s idea; we got the doctor to play along. It was worth it though, Priceless.” He started laughing again. “You looked like you’d been shot.”
“I’d rather got shot than have you like that Frankie.”
“Soppy little git.” Mikey smiled as he walked in the hospital room. “How you feeling Frank?”
“Better, thanks. It hurts to breath though.”
“Don’t breath then.” I joked, poking Frank in the ribs.
“So Frank when do you get out of here?”
“Today I think. That’s what the doctor says anyway.”
“Oh that’s good, and then maybe Gerard will finally come home. He never left here you know, stayed with you the whole time.”
“Really? The whole time.” He looked at me in disbelief.
“Yeah.” I gave him a confused look.
“Thank you.” He pulled me into a hug. “No one’s ever been this nice to me, Gee.”
Mikey coughed, I’m not sure if he meant it in an ‘I’m-still-here-you-know’ sort of way.
“G-Gee did you tell Mikey about me.”
“No. Why did you want me to?”
“Tell me what?” mikey said with a confused look on his face.

Franks POV.

“Tell me what?”
Gerard looked at me and I looked at him. After a moment I nodded and looked away.
“Come outside Mikes.” Gee said a lead Mikey out of the room. Knowing I didn’t want to hear what they were saying.
“Oh my gosh Gerard, please say you’re lying!” mikey said a bit too loudly.
“Shh, Mikes. No I’m not.”
“Wow. I-I didn’t expect that.” Mikey said, you could hear the shock in his voice.
The conversation went on for about another minute before the walked in together, Gee with tears in his eyes and mikey looking completely gob-smacked.
“I-I’m s-so sorry Frank. I had no idea.” Mikey stuttered.
“It’s okay, but please don’t bring it up.” I asked him looking away, ashamed.
“Frankie, are you okay?” Gerard asked me sitting on the end of the bed and putting his hand under my chin.
“I-I just feel so… dirty and useless and weak. Everything he said about me is true Gee! I am a useless piece of shit! I deserved it for being so weak! I don’t deserve anybody being nice to me; I’m just a useless fucking faggot! Gee leave me alone I don’t deserve you, leave me to die!” I started crying hysterically.
“Shh Frankie.” Gee pulled me into a hug and stroking my hair. “Calm down okay? It’s not true Frankie. You’re not weak or useless okay? I love you, Frankie, even if no one else does. Your perfect to me.”
“L-love y-you too.” I had calm down quite a bit because of he’s little ‘pep-talk’. “Thank you, Gee” I swallowed and kissed his chin.
“Come on then. Lets’ get you home.” Gee smiled and helped me stand up, I winced from the pain that was shooting through my ribs. “Mikes ring Nan, see if she can pick us up.”
“Sure. Meet you in the emergency room.” He smiled and walked outside.
“Do you want help.” He handed me my clothes. I nodded. (thank god I was wearing boxers.)

Gerard’s POV.
I helped him take the hospital gown and change into a loose-fit T-shirt and jogging bottoms.
We walked down to the emercengey room so we could sign frank out.
“Okay Mr Iero as you know you’re still very sick. Your bandages will have to be changed once a day, to stop infection and talking will be very painful for a while so try to keep that to a minimum. You’ll have to come back here every Wednesday so we can check up on you and you’ll do some physio therapy until your lungs heal.” The doctor instructed Frank who was nodding along. “Mr Way can help you.” He gave me a small smile. “Good luck.” He turned on his heel and walked away.
“You ready” I asked him.
He kissed my cheek. “Yup. You and me against the world baby.”
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