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Some Snacky action in this O_0 lots of SRS BSSNSS

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Gerard’s POV
We walked out of the hospital into the car park where Mikey was leaning against a car talking to a guy who had huge mussels and was wearing dark aviators and a blue-black bandana.
“Gerard over here!” He called over to us. “Hey, ugh gran-ma said she was too busy, and she’s really sorry, so I got my house-mate Matt.” Mikey said and motioned to the guy standing next to him. He looked at least 5 years older than Mikey, he must have been because he had both arms covered in a tattoo sleeve and, he drives. “Matt this is Gee and his boyfriend Frank.”
“Hey Guys.” Matt said giving us a warm smile.
“WOW! I love your tattoos man!” Frank grabbed his wrists and pulled both his arms up so he could see them properly. “Must of hurt.”
“Not really. I’m a tough cookie.” He smiled.
“Come on then let’s get going.” Mikey said motioning to the car.
We all got in, me and Frank in the back, Mikey and Matt in the front. Once me and Frank both had our seat belts on he rested his head on my shoulder.
“Hey M.?” Mikey said after we’d been driving for a minute or two.
“Yeah? Damn I love this song.” He turned up the radio, Three Days Grace – Break was playing.
“Can Gerard and Frank come over to ours, they can meet the rest of the guys.”
“To night I start the fire….. Yeah good idea man, you guys up for it?”
“Ugh Frankie? I asked looking down at him.
“Sure thing.” He kissed my nose.
“BREAK! Away from everybody. BREAK! Away from everything. If you can’t stand, the way this place is. Take. Yourself. To higher places.” Matt was singing really loudly, damn he was good.
“Matt you’re an awesome singer man.” I said in amazement.
“Aww you think?” He grinned at me.
“Gee sings good!” Frankie said like a four year old child. Damn him. And his cuteness.
“Shut up Frank! No I can’t.” I said scoffing.
“Gerard if you sing anything like you did when we were younger, you’re amazing.” Mikey smiled. “Gerard used to sing to me when we were young.” He said to me.
“Aww wittle Gee Gee was a good big bwother.” Frank cooed at me and poked me in the ribs.
“Shut up.” I poked him back.
The rest of the ride we just talked and got to know Matt a little better. It turned out he was the lead singer in Avenged Sevenfold. I knew his voice sounded familiar. When we got back to Matt’s house we all got out and followed Matt up to the door off the house, it was open which surprised me.
“Oi guys we’re home, I brought fresh meat!” He shouted into the house which was really messy and dirty. Typical Mikey. It had a weird smell to it as well, bit like cigarette smoke.
“Will you shut the fuck up? Trying to watch a move here.” A man said sitting on the sofa. He had shoulder length black hair, that was kind of wavy and he was wearing a hat. His brown eyes were lined with heavy black eye-liner. In a weird way he was kind of hot.
“The miserable fucker is Brian but we call him Synyster or just ,Syn.” Matt said shoving a bunch of clothes off another sofa so we could sit down. “That one.” He said pointing to a slightly smaller man cuddled up to Syn. “Is Zacky, Syn’s fuck buddy.”
“You leave my Zacky alone.” Syn smiled kissing Zacky’s temple. Zacky gave him a look but I couldn’t see.
“Where’s The Rev?” Mikey asked coming in from the kitchen with six cups of coffee, handing us all one. Man did all these guys have weird names?
“Ugh he went with Johnny to get….. Something.” Zacky said smiling, clearly hiding something. Syn looked away from us, somewhat disgusted.
“Oh… okay then.” Mikey sighed and sat on the floor.
We spoke randomly for a little while. Just getting to know each other. Syn never said much at all he just sat with his arm around Zacky staring out if a rather dirty window.
“Gee can we go home now, I’m really tired.” Frank yawned.
“I-if you want I could drop him home.” Syn said sitting up a little.
“Frankie you can go if you want I think I’m gunna stay for a bit longer.”
“Oh. O-okay.” He looked a little disappointed. “You sure you don’t mind?”
“Sure thing.” Syn said smiling.
“I’ll see ya later Frankie, Okay? I love you.”
“You too.” Frankie said kissing my cheek.
Frankie and Syn left the room and got into a black muscle car parked outside.
“So Gee. Have you ever gotten high?” Mikey said with a mischievous glint in his eye…..

Frank’s POV.

I got into the car with Synyster, I didn’t feel so awkward with just him as I did in the house. I guess it just had a feel to it. I told him where Gerard’s house was and we set off. As we pulled out of the drive way he turned the radio on, Seize The Day- Avenged Sevenfold was playing.
“Oh I love this song.” I said happily.
“Yeah, one of our best pieces.” He smiled at me, but he looked sad.
“Syn are you alright?” I asked, concerned.
“I-I…” His eyes filled with tears and his voice broke.
“S-Syn, pull over. We can talk about it.” He pulled over and shut off the car, he put his hands up to his face and started to cry really hard. I put my hands around his shoulders and pulled him into a loose hug. “Shh, don’t cry Syn.” I tried to calm him down. “What’s up?”
“The guys back at the house, they take drugs, well me and Matt don’t but the others do. Mikey forced Zacky to take drugs and now…..” He choked on tears. “Zacky changed and he doesn’t love me like he did. He chose the drugs over me, He changed Frankie it’s not fair!” He shouted the last part. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Syn was I full grown man and he didn’t look like the type of guy who would cry over nothing. he obviously loved Zacky more than anything.
“Syn…. It’s okay. Please don’t cry.” I rubbed his back, trying to calm him.
“Frankie, can I show you something.”
“Of course.”
“Don’t tell anyone else. Please, promise me.”
“I won’t , I promise.” He moved out of my arms and wiped away the tears, what he did next shocked me, He rolled up the sleeve of his shirt and revealed ‘ZACKY’, He had cut it into his arm.
“Oh Syn.” I gently took his arm in my hands and traced over the letters. “I don’t know what to say.”
“Sorry Frank, I had had to show somebody. The guys at the house, they wouldn’t understand. I-I trust you Frank, I know I shouldn’t but you seem like a nice guy.” He said and gave me a smile.
“Thanks I guess.” I smiled back. Syn laughed then restarted the car and turned back on to the road….

Gerard’s POV.

“So Gee. Have you ever gotten high?”
“What?” I asked, confused at the question.
“Ya’ know drugs?” Mikey took another sip of his coffee. Zacky smirked, somewhat amused.
“N-no.” My baby brother, surly he can’t be taking drugs?
“You should try it’s amazing.” He held up his finger to say one minute. He got up and walked over to a shelf (that had no books in it what so ever.) and took a small box from the top shelf. He came back over and sat down on the sofa next to me. He open the box and threw a white stick over to Zacky, he took two more out and placed one between his lips.
“Do you know what this is Gerard?” he grinned at me, opening my hand and placing the joint in it. I nodded. “Try it Gee, you’ll be surprised.” He said with a little demand in his voice.
I looked at the rolled up paper in my hand and then back at mikey. He had lit the joint in his mouth and was taking long drags from it, he saw me looking at him and gave me the lighter. “Trust me.”
I nodded and took the lighter off him, I felt my heart start beating erratically as I lifted the joint to my mouth and sparked the lighter.
‘Frank wouldn’t like this.’ I thought to myself. ‘Frank’s not here, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.’
With that I put the lighter to the joint and took a deep breath……….

We drove home singing along to random songs and just talking. Eventually we got to Gee’s and I hugged him good bye, damn he smelt good.
Gee’s Gran-ma was sitting in the living room watching a show on antiques.
“Oh hello Frankie dear, how are you feeling?” she gave me a warm smile.
“Umm better thank you, Mrs?”
“Oh dearie please call me Elena, Mrs Rush makes me sound so old!” she giggled. Now I know where Gee got his laugh from. “Where’s my grandson?”
“He ugh, went round Mikey’s house but I got tired so I came back to your house. Gee said he’ll be back soon.” I said feeling a bit awkward.
“That rude boy. I’m sorry about him dear, and it’s your home as well now Frank you live here.”
“Thank you for this, I mean, just if I ever like out stay my welcome then you kick me out okay?”
“Frank dear you’re a lovely boy, Gee loves having you around and I do too, your welcome to stay as long as you want.” She got up off of the sofa and gave me a hug and I hugged her back.
“If you don’t mind can I take a shower, it’s just I didn’t really have time to in the hospital.” I sheepishly asked her.
“Course dear towels are under the sink.” She smiled at went to sit down on the sofa again.
I padded up the stairs and into the bathroom, taking a towel out and laying it on the toilet seat.
I turned the shower on and undressed myself, having an internal debate on withier to take the bandages off or not. I did, but wished I didn’t, I caught a glance of my body in the mirror, a huge hole was in the centre of my chest that was being held together with a row of blue stitching, my face looked awful as well I had a massive black eye and a small gash on my cheek. How the fuck could Gee love me? I’m fucking disgusting, look at me! I sighed and got into the shower. I thought of Gee, My Gee. My beautiful loving Gee. At least I had him, right?

Gerard’s POV.

Being high was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I can’t believe I’ve never done this before! I felt so happy and I couldn’t keep myself form laughing.
“W-wow m-mikes this is. Wow!” I said throwing my arm over Mikey.
“Y-yeah! Mikes this s-stronger than w-what we n-normal-y h-have, w-what is it?” Zacky hiccupped.
“P-pot.” Mikey smiled finishing his joint off and throwing the end away.
“Wow Ge-rard. You’re hot!” Zacky said pulling me off mikey and onto him.
“y-your n-not so b-bad your-sel-ff.” I cooed at him, putting my arms around round his neck. I climbed onto his lap and straddled him, so I was facing him. I felt him slip his hands around my ass.
I wasn’t lying Zacky was quite hot. He has hazel-green eyes that were lined in pink eye shadow, he had snake bites and a septum ring, which made him absolutely irresistible. I couldn’t help it I kissed him hard on the lips, I forced his mouth open and slipped my tongue in, at this point Frank was the last thing in my mind, he was fine anyway.
“Gerard what ‘bout ‘rankie?” Zacky asked pulling away from the kiss but our lips were still touching.
“what ‘bout Frank?” I questioned.
“Aint he your boyfriend?” Zacky pulled away a little more.
“Yeah but he’s not here is he?” I smiled and kissed him again. Frankie would be so upset if he saw me doing this, he would be heart broken, what the fuck was I doing! I was kissing Zacky. i don’t love Zacky I love Frankie, My Frankie. My fucking boyfriend.
“Z-Zacky?” a small sad sounding voice came from the door way. .SHIT! It’s Syn
“Syn i-I’m so sorry!” Zacky pulled away and pushed me off.
“Zacky how could you?” Synyester’s voice was full of hurt, and his eyes filled with tears.
“Syn it’s not me it’s-“
“The drugs.” Syn cut him off. “It’s always the drugs.”
“I didn’t mean it Syn I love you! I swear I do!” Zacky flung himself at Syn and wrapped his arms around Syn’s waist, you could tell Syn wanted to hug him back, but he didn’t.
“Then prove it Zacky, stop taking them.” He gently took Zacky’s hands off of him and turned to me. “And you, Gerard, what about Frank? How could you do that to him? How would you feel if me and him were doing that behind your back?” he asked me. “Huh?”
I HATED myself for doing that, poor little Frankie. he had no idea. “Syn I’m sorry.”
“it’s not me you need to say sorry to, it’s Frankie!” he yelled. “Pull yourself together. I’m taking you home. Mikey stay here, clean yourself up.” Syn helped me up put me into his car.
“You’re an idiot Gerard, you’re fucking selfish. How can you treat Frank like that? After what he’s gone through. Your gunna break his heart when you tell him.” Syn never looked at me once.
“I can’t tell him.” I whispered.
“Yes you are, and I’m gunna make sure you do Gerard.”
I sighed in defeat. I’m an arse hole. I’m a selfish arse hole! I fucked up big time. I kissed Zacky, I hurt Syn , I’m going to break Frankie’s heart.
“I’m really sorry for kissing Zacky Syn. I really am.”
“It’s in the past, just don’t ever do it again.”
“Promise.” I looked at him. He looked really hurt. I’m such a fuck up. I noticed he was wearing a ring, I don’t remember Zacky wearing one. “Syn why are you wearing a ring?”
“Oh, this.” He held up his hand. “Zacky asked me to marry him, of course I said yes but. Somehow, I don’t think we will get married.” He sighed.
“Why. Don’t you love him?”
“Yes of course I do!” he said blankly. “it’s just, the drugs are destroying him. Gerard don’t let that happen to you and Frank. Okay?”
I nodded. Syn really loved Zacky, you could tell.
“We’re here Gerard, come on.” He said getting out of the car. Great

Frank’s POV.

Two hours!
I’ve been home for two hours, not that I minded being home, I love Elena and we’ve been talking but Gee’s been around there for two hours. I thought I was just being paranoid so I shook the thoughts out of my head. I’ been watching Nightmare Before Christmas science I came out of the shower. Elena had been in bed for about an hour do I could sing along to the song without her laughing at me. I was half way through singing when there was a knock at the door, smiling and still singing I got up and answered it, it was Gee and Syn, but Gee looked really ill and Syn looked hurt and pissed off.
“GeeGee! I missed you!” I said enthusiastically and pulled him into a tight hug, he didn’t hug me back. “W-what’s wrong Gee?”
“Frank can we go somewhere more private?” Syn asked, nudging Gee through the front door. “Gerard’s bedroom maybe?”
I nodded and lead them into Gee’s bedroom; I was scared Gee still hasn’t said anything. Syn sat down on the chair beside the desk and I sat on the bed. Gee just stood staring down at the floor with empty eyes.
“Gee say something, baby, your scaring me.” I said. Gee fell to the floor crying. “Gee!” I ran over to him and threw my arms around him.
“NO! don’t touch me!” he yelled. I fell back in shock.
“Gerard don’t yell at him! He hasn’t done anything!” Syn said sternly. “Tell him.”
“Gee? Please tell me.”
“Your gunna hate me Frankie.” He said wiping away his tears.
“Gee, honey I could never hate you.” I kissed his cheek. He got off the floor and sat on the bed, I followed. “I love you.”
“Frankie, I’m really sorry, okay I didn’t mean it and I really love you.” He looked me in the eyes. “When you left Mikey asked me if I had ever taken d-drugs and I said no, but then he gave me something and he made me smoke it!” He threw his hands up to his face and cried into them, I gently took his hands in mine and moved them away from his face.
“Gee. Baby please don’t cry.” I said softly and kissed his knuckles.
“And the rest Gerard, He needs to know.” Syn said in a quiet voice.
“I k-know.” Gee stuttered. “W-when I t-took it I lost c-con-trol a-and I….” He choked on his tears. I put one of my hands on the small of his back and gently rubbed on it, to calm him down.
“What baby?” I kissed his temple.
“I k-kissed Z-Zacky.” he whispered. I froze, I swear I heard my heart shatter into a million pieces. “Frankie, I-I didn’t mean it, okay I swear, I love you not him, It wasn’t me it was the drugs. I’m so sorry baby, I really am.” He squeezed my hand, but I pulled it away from him.
“Why?” I asked. My voice was thick and my eyes were about to burst with tears.
“I-I don’t k-know, Frankie, I don’t know. I’m sorry baby.” tears were falling from his eyes again.
“Sorry doesn’t make it better Gee.” I was crying now as well. “Am I not enough for you?”
“No! Frankie no, you’re more than enough for me, I love you more than anything!”
“I was stupid to think that someone as perfect as you would love a fuck up like me ,Gee.” I took his arms off me and stood up.
“Frankie? How could you think that? How am I perfect? i fucked up, I fucked up big time! Your perfect Frankie not me! And I get why you hate me you should hate me Frank, I’m a selfish little fuck up! Go Frankie, just leave me, I don’t deserve you!” He started crying hard into the bed sheet.
“Gee…” I walked over in front of him and put my arms around him.
“NO! Frankie! Don’t fucking touch me!” He shouted.
“Please Gee…”
“FUCK OFF!” he shoved me off the bed and I fell over and it my head against the chair Syn was sitting on. I sat up and put my hand to my head. Blood.
“G-Gee.” I said, tears falling out my eyes.
“Frank go sit in the living room.” Syn said staring at Gee, he looks angry.
“Bu-but.” I stuttered clutching my head in shock.
“Now!” He raised his voice but he wasn’t shouting.
“O-okay.” I got up and walked out.
Gee hurt me, and he meant it.......


I felt bad for being a crappy writer so I mad this one super interesting for you!
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