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A break up and a make up?

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Syn puts his foot down Frank and Zacky have some fun and Gee does something dumb

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Gerard’s POV

“Now!” Syn shouted at Frankie who jumped at his sudden change in volume.
“O-okay.” He stood up and walked out of my room with tears in his eyes, I got up and tried to stop him.
“Sit. Down.” Syn said pushing me back down on the bed. “Why did you do that? He was trying to help you!”
“Syn I never meant-“
“Yes you did, otherwise you would have let him hug you.”
“I didn’t! I love him! Why would I want to hurt him?” I shouted back.
“I don’t care! I’m taking him back to my house tonight. You need to calm down”
“No! don’t take him away.” I begged him, tears welling up in my eyes.
“Until the drugs wear off all the way you’re not gunna be around him, it’s for the best .” He walked towards the door. “I’ll come round tomorrow, see if your any better” he left my room and slammed the door behind him. I heard a few muffled voices followed by a small sob and a door closing.
“UGHHHH!” I screamed punching the wall. “STUPID IDIOT!” I kicked the door and flopped onto the bed, all my anger melted away and tears took over. I grabbed my pillow and rammed my face into it, crying my eyes out.
“I’m sorry Frankie. So, so sorry.” I took a sharp breath into the pillow. It smelt of Frank from where he slept on it before. “Oh Frankie.” I rubbed my cheek against the pillow, inhaling my beautiful Frankie’s smell. Was he even my Frankie anymore? He shouldn’t be, I don’t deserve him after that I sighed and kissed the pillow. “I love you.” I whispered. “I have to do this, baby I’m sorry.” I got up and walked over to my desk, brushing a few papers off the top and searched around for one of my pencil sharpeners. When I found one I held it in my hand and threw it as hard as I could against the wall, shattering it. I picked up the broken pieces of plastic in one hand and the metal blade in the other. I put the plastic in the bin and sat back in the bed with the blade, I looked it over. The small silver blade glimmered in the dim evening light. I placed it near my elbow on my left forearm and pressed down gently getting harder until I drew blood. I gasped at the small amount of pain I could feel, I dragged the blade down my arm and watched as the crimson red liquid slowly drizzled down my arm and hitting the bed sheet. I made another and another and another; I closed my eyes not wanting to see my blood falling freely and steadily onto the bed below me, when I opened the backup I looked down at my arm. It read ‘FRANKIE’.
I took shaky breath and smiled to myself. I stood up from the bed and made my way over to my closet, rummaging around for a long sleeve t-shirt, I found an old one and removed my old shirt putting the new one in its place. I took my old shirt ant tied it around my arm stemming the blood flow. I slid my jeans off and took my phone out of the pocket and glanced at the screen.
1 new message’can’t be bothered to text, not in the mood, I chucked it on the floor and flopped back onto the bed waited for the night to end, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

Frank’s POV

I got up from Gee’s bedroom floor and made my way into the living room, I didn’t want to fight with Synyster so I did what he said. I sat down on the sofa and cried quietly to myself still clutching my head I shock, It didn’t hurt at all, I just couldn’t believe he did it.
“He doesn’t love you at all, he lied, you’re so stupid Frank, he’s perfect, look at you you’re disgusting, ugly worthless piece of shit. Who could ever love you?” I whispered to myself.
“F-Frank?” Syn appeared at the top of Gee’s stairs. “Frank you’re staying with me tonight okay? I think Gerard needs to calm down, well see him tomorrow.” I tried to argue but it came out a sob, before standing up and following Syn out the front door. We got into the car and drove to Syn’s house in a comfortable silence until he said:
“Frank, Zacky will be at my house.” He said a little uncomfortably.
“I understand if you don’t wanna be around him.”
“N-nah, it’s okay.” I gave him a weak smile. “Syn?”
“How are you? Really?”
“I’m fine, a bit annoyed with Gerard for doing that to you, but fine.”
“How’s Zacky?” I asked, I just wanted someone to talk to, so I knew I had a friend.
“I don’t know, I didn’t speak to him.” I could hear the hurt in his voice.
“Oh.” I sighed. “You really love him don’t you?”
“God yes” he swallowed. “I don’t think he loves back though.”
“I’m sure he does, I mean you’re a great guy, why wouldn’t he love you?”
“Why thank you kind sir.” Syn laughed sarcastically. “Hey Frank we’re here now.”
We pulled up in front of a block of tired-looking flats, they stood 10 stories high with the white paint chipped off and peeling. A few of the windows were broken and a few were cracked. The front doors were painted a dark reddish brown colour and the bottom had a gold strip that was scuffed and worn. Syn lead me through the doors and up three flights of stairs, we walked down a beige corridor that had white wooden doors with metal numbers. ’23…24…25…26.’ Syn stopped outside number 26 and took a key out of his pocket; he fumbled around with the keys and poked one of them in the door.
“It’s not much but I call it home.” He smiled and opened the door. “Zacky, you home?” No answer. “Course not.” He said under his breath. “I’m gunna take a shower, you can do whatever, if you want you can turn the TV on, and ughhh help yourself to whatever you like.”
“Thanks.” I smiled. Syn’s house wasn’t as messy as the other house; in fact it wasn’t messy at all. Three of the walls were painted a lily white and one was painted black, on the black wall the was a TV screen standing on top of a cabinet which held an Xbox and two controllers, in the middle of the room was two large black leather sofas and a low glass coffee table which had a half-eaten bag of popcorn laying on top. I sat down one of the sofas; I wondered if me and Gee would ever get a house together, were we still together anymore? Oh god he must think I hate him for just leaving him like that! I pulled out my phone from my jeans and dialled Gee’s number:
‘Gee, I’m staying with Syn tonight,
I don’t hate you, I PROMISE!
I get that you’re mad at me.
But I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah? At school.
Please text back, I’m worried about you.
F xox’

“AHH! Oh shit Frank you scared me!” Zacky smiled coming through the door.
“Sorry man.” I smiled back.
He threw a bag down by the door and flopped down on the other sofa. “Where’s Syn?”
“Right.” He sighed again, and awkward silence filled the room. Does he hate me? Do I hate him? No I don’t hate him.
“F-Frank?” Zacky looked round at me, he looked sad. AWKWARD…..
“Do you hate me?”
“You should.”
“I kissed Gerard!” he widened his eyes and turned his body round to face me.
“I know, but I don’t hate you, it’s not like you forced him to kiss you? Right?”
“N-no, did you and Gerard break up?”
“I don’t think so. Did you and Syn?”
“I don’t know, I really hope not.” His voice thickened like he was going to cry.
“Do you love him Zack?”
“Y-yes! I love him more than anything in the world, but I fuck things up so bad and he has to pick up the pieces and I hate myself so much for doing that to him, he deserves better than me.” a few tears fell from his eyes. “I need to stop.”
“Stop what?”
“The drugs.” He said and wiped the wet off his face. “Never let Gerard get this bad Frank, okay? If he keeps taking the drugs make him stop.”
“I will.” I whispered and out my arm around Zacky’s shoulder, I felt him lean his head against my arm.
“That you Zack?”
“Syn?” He sat up and turned round to face Syn.
“What were you flirting with Frank now?” Syn laughed.
“I have something for you.” Zacky got up and picked up the bag he dropped by the door. “Here” “What?”
“Open it. I know that ever since we started dating, two years four months and twenty six days ago you wanted me so stop taking drugs and I said I would so many times before, but this time I mean it. I’m gunna stop.”
Syn opened the bag and looked inside. “Oh Zacky.” He dropped the bag and threw his arms around Zacky’s Neck. “Thank you, baby.” He whispered, probably not wanting me to hear.
“I promise this time.” He whispered back sliding his arms around Syn’s waist and kissing his neck. “Frank.” Syn whispered pulling away and quickly glanced at me awkwardly.
“What’s in the bag?” I asked.
“Zacky’s stash.” He took Zacky’s hand and pulled him on the other sofa.
“I’m done with that shit now, got more important things to focus on.” He poked Syn’s leg. “Right who wants coffee?” Zacky got up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen.
“ME!” Syn said a little too excitedly.
“Well I know you would. What bout you Frank?”
“Yeah, please.”
“Let’s watch a movie.” Syn got up off the sofa and walked over to the TV stand and scanned through the disc’s that were lined up next to it.
“What one?”
“Umm… How about-“
“Shaun Of The Dead!” Zacky shouted from the kitchen.
“Nah we watched that last time.”
“But it’s my favourite.”
“We don’t have it.” Syn smiled to himself and sat down on the sofa.
“I recorded it.”
“Will it shut you up?”
“For a while.”
“Fine!” He smiled. “That okay Frank?”
“Yeah, why not? I’ve never seen it before.”
“You’ve what?” Zacky said shocked. “Shut up, watch film and drink coffee.” Zacky laughed and handed me a mug. “Syn yours is in the purple mug.”
“Does it matter?” Syn asked grabbing Zacky’s hand and pulling him to sit on his lap.
“Yes it does, because I know what you’re like when you’ve had caffeine.”
“Aww wittle Syn not allowed to drink big boy coffee.” I teased.
“Me want big boy coffee.” Syn stuck his bottom lip out.
“When you’re older.” Zacky laughed and pulled on Syn's lip.
“Sort the film thingy out the TV box confuses me.” Zacky picked the remote up and turned the TV on. “Right watch closely.” He pressed about three buttons before the titles of the film played. “Get it now?”
“That’s because you’re dumb. Anyway shut up I want Frank to watch this so I don’t have to kill him for never seeing it before.” He laughed.
The film was really scary, well for me any way, every time a zombie would jump out or a person would get bitten I would scream in my loud high-pitched girly scream and the other two would piss their selves laughing. After about half an hour of shitting myself I checked my phone to see if Gee text me back. ‘0 unread messages.’ It had been at least 45 minutes and I got a little feeling inside of me something was wrong.
‘Gee please baby, I just want to know if you’re okay.
F xox’

waited another thirty minutes and screamed countless times. No reply, now I was seriously worried.
‘Gee, I’m getting worried now,
please please please text me back!
Love you.
F xox’

“No texting.” Zacky said taking the phone out of my hands and sliding it into his back pocket. “You can have this back at the end of the film.” He said as if he was a head teacher taking my phone away for using it in class.
I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Yes sir.”
“Hey Frank look.” He motioned to Syn who was sleeping with his head pointing towards the ceiling and his mouth hanging open. “Let’s play with him.”
“Come here.” He grinned and pulled me off the sofa and into what I thought to be Syn’s bedroom. He knelt down next to the double bed that was in the middle of the room and fumbled around under it, he pulled out a make-up bag and passed it to me. “Hold this, I’m gunna go next door for a sec, see if I can borrow a dress.”
“Seriously?” Wow he was mean.
“Yeah he did it to me before.” He smiled at me before standing up and walking out the front door. careful not to wake Syn I tip-toed back into the living room and gently sat back down on the sofa.
“Oh hey Zacky, why are you here.” A high pitched female voice said.
“Can I borrow a dress?”
“Syn fell asleep again and I wanna play with him.”
“You know how wrong that sounds? One sec I’ll find a frilly one.”
After a moment Zacky came back in holding a hot pink cocktail dress that looked like a nine year old wouldn’t fit in it.
“Oh my god.” I couldn’t help but laugh.
“I know right. Go through the make-up bag and put whatever you find on his face.”
I opened up the little bag and glanced inside, 99% of the contents was different coloured eyeliner.
“Won’t he wake up?” I asked looking over at Zacky who was half way through undressing Syn.
“Nah he sleeps like he’s dead.” He laughed and pulled of Syn’s jeans. “Pass me some eyeliner.”
I threw him a black pencil and watched him draw a penis on Syn’s inner thigh and an arrow pointing upwards.
“You’re so nice.” I smiled sarcastically.
“Yeah… Help me with this.” He asked and pulled Syn’s shirt off, leaving him in his boxers.
I picked up the little dress and helped Zacky pull it over his head.
“Sexy.” I joked and looked Syn over, strangely the dress suited him and fit him quite nicely.
“Very. Let’s make him look like a hooker. I’m sure next door will have some slaggy make-up.” Zacky smiled enthusiastically and walked out the front door again, and after about a minute he walked back in with an arm full of dodgy looking make-up. “I only know how to use eye make-up so we’ll have to guess the rest.” He smiled and handed me some orange powder.
“This goes on your cheeks.” I know that because I used to watch my mum do it when I was little. gently I took his face in my hand and pressed the powdered sponge to his cheeks, it came out a toxic orange.
“Mmm Zacky.” Syn moaned, still asleep. “Come here.” He grabbed my waist and pulled me on to his lap. I glanced at Zacky nervously but he was biting his lip trying to hold back laughter. I felt a gentle pressure on my cheek so I turned my face back round to look at Syn, who then gently his lips onto mine, I tried to pull back but he put his hand behind my head and pulled me forward.
“Syn!” I said, putting my hands on his chest and pushing myself away.
“Wha? Frank!” He said confused.
“Me? You kissed me.”
“But I was asleep and I thought you were Zacky!”
“Okay… that’s too … funny!” Zacky gasped holding back laughter.
“Glad you think it is!” I said sarcastically and stood up off of Syn.
“Right I’ll forgive you for that if you don’t yell at me.” Zacky said, a smile creeping across his lips.
“Why would I yell at you?” Syn asked. “What did you do?” Zacky grabbed his hand and lead him into the bedroom. “WHAT THE HELL? I LOOK LIKE A HOOKER!”
“That was the plan.” Zacky and I both burst out laughing while Syn looked at us in horror.
“I’m gunna kill you, and you can shut up as well Frank.” This only made us laugh harder.
“Aww poor hooker.” Zacky cooed.
“I’m taking a shower, again. You and Frank can go clean up the mess in the living room.”
“Fine, but you know you look hot in that right?”
“Fuck you.”
“He loves me really.” Zacky said brushing the hair out of his eyes. “Let’s go clean up the mess before madam has a fit.”
We got to work in the living room, even though it wasn’t that messy, we probably made more mess in the process by throwing things at each other.
“Oh I’m vibrating!” Zacky said excitedly which sounded completely wrong. “Oh not like that Frank grow up.” He searched around in his pockets for his phone, but pulled mine out and threw it at me. “It’s yours.”
I completely missed it and earned a giggle from Zacky.
‘1 unread message: Gerard’
smiling I read the text, and I could feel my expression fall.
“You okay Frank?” Zacky said, his voice full of concern. I passed him the phone and watched him read it the text over.
“Oh, I wasn’t expecting that.”

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oh the joys of texting
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