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Synacky Filler.

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Right, first things first, no amount of sorrys will ever make up for the big wait I made you guys put up with, and ‘yeah I had writers block’ is lame excuse, but I guess this chapters kinda interesting, the weird thing is I thought up the first part of this on maths when I was talking to my friend Alex. I ripped a page out of his book to write the idea down on. ^-^. Anyway on with the chapter.

Elena’s POV.

I woke up to feel the early morning sunshine beating down on my face. I yawned and sat up slowly in the bed, the clock said it was only 7:02 so I suspected Gerard would be up already. I got up and threw my pink dressing gown on over my night-dress. I yawned again and made my way down into Gerard’s bedroom, the little dear was still asleep. I smiled to myself and shut the door. I walked down into the kitchen and poured enough water for two cups of coffee into the kettle and turned it on. I wonder where Frank is, nice boy I hope he’s alright. The kettle clicked off and bought me out of my thoughts, I poured the water into to cups and put the coffee powder into it.
“Gee! Time to get up for school sweetie!” I shouted. No movement. “I made coffee!” That normally works. Still nothing. I sighed and walked up the stairs again. “Gerard, come on sweet heart.” I knocked on the door and opened it again, he didn’t even moved. I walked over to his bed and gently shook his shoulders. “Wakie wakie.” He didn’t stir. Now I was worried. “Gerard.” I pulled the cover back and gasped. The sheet of his bed were covered on blood and his arm was bandaged with a t-shit which was also soaked. “Gerard!” I cried and shook him harder. “Please wake up!” Why did he do that? I took his bleeding arm and unwrapped his it. There staring back at me were the letters F-R-A-N-K-I-E. WHAT. THE . HELL! What did he do to my Gerard! I saw his phone on Is bedside table so I picked it up. ‘3 new messages’ I don’t know why I read them but I did:
‘Gee, I’m staying with Syn tonight,
I don’t hate you, I PROMISE!
I get that you’re mad at me.
But I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah? At school.
Please text back, I’m worried about you.
F xox’
Syn? Who is that?
‘Gee please baby, I just want to know if you’re okay.
F xox’
Gee, I’m getting worried now,
please please please text me back!
Love you.
F xox’
I’m guessing Frank doesn’t know.
‘hello, Frank it’s Elena
care to explain why Gerard has your name carved into his arm?’
I sent the text and waited for a reply….

Frank’s POV.
hello, Frank it’s Elena
care to explain why Gerard has your name carved into his arm?’

“WHAT!” I screamed.
“Zacky? Frank? Are you okay?” Syn rushed into the living room with only a towel on.
“Gee. He di. He cut. Oh my god. Why would he?” I felt tears start to fill my eyes.
“Frank don’t cry!” Zacky said and threw his arms around me.
“What’s going on?” Syn said, and ran over to where me and Zacky were on the floor.
“Gerard cut himself.” Zacky answered for me
“Wha? Why?” Syn asked and I felt him put his arm around me too.
“Don’t know. Are you alright Frank.”
I nodded. “Can you pass me the phone please.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and took the phone from Zacky.
I dialled Gee’s number and waited for an answer.
“Hi Ma’am i-it’s Frankie.”
“Oh.” She had a cold tone in here voice.
“Is Gee okay?”
“I don’t know, I’ve called an ambulance for him but it’s not here yet. Could you meet us at the hospital please Frank, I want to talk to you.”
“See you frank.” And then she hung up.
I gulped at looked at Syn.
“Could you drop me off at the hospital please.”
“Woah-woah-woah-woah-woah. Hold up, hospital?”
“Elena said to meet her there.”
“Sure thing Frank, just gimme a sec.” Syn said and made his way back into his bedroom.
“Do you want me to come with you Frank?” Zacky asked, pulling away slightly to look at my face.
“Yeah please.”
“Okay, do ya wanna borrow some of my clothes, cause you’ve been wearing those scince yesterday, I mean were like the same size right?” He said I laughed and nodded. “M’kay wait here.” He kissed my cheek before standing up and walking into the bedroom. Brian came out first.
“Hey do ya want anything before we leave?”
“No thanks. I’m good.”
“Here ya’ go kid, you can get changed in the bathroom.” Zacky handed me an Iron Maiden shirt and jeans.
“Thanks.” I smiled and took the clothes off of Zacky.
I opened the door of the bathroom, typical bathroom, not too big not too small but the one thing that did catch my eye was my refection in the mirror.
“Shit….” I said under my breath, I looked like shit. I had slight bags under my eyes and they were all blood-shot and red. I splashed some cold water on my face but it made no difference. I sighing I took of my old clothes and replaced them with Zacky’s. Not too big, just looked a bit baggy. I Walked back out of the bathroom.
“Hey that’s not too shabby!” Zacky laughed.
“Yeah, Umm what should I do with these?” I asked holding out my old clothes.
“Oh, I’ll take those.” Syn said and took my clothes off my and put them on the kitchen counter. “You wanna leave now?”
“Urrmm okay then.”
“Zack, babe are you coming?”
“Yeah might as well.” He smiled and took Syn’s hand. We left and made the way down stairs to the car.
“Shot gun!” Zacky cried as he climbed into the front seat next to Brian who gave Zacky a quick kiss on the cheek before starting the car and pulling out of the driveway.
“I can’t believe he would do that to you Frank.” Zacky said. “I mean you didn’t even do anything! And doing your name as well I mean who does that?” he gave a half-laugh-half-sigh when he said that.
“Well he was upset!” Syn argued.
“I know that Bri, I’m not saying he wasn’t but frank didn’t do anything. So why his name?”
“I don’t know, do I?”
“You don’t know anything, do you?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“That you suck.”
“I love you.”
“Love you too.”
Okay what the fuck? I don’t get these guys.
“You okay Frank? You look tired.” Syn asked, looking at me through the rear-view mirror.
“Yeah I am I guess.”
“You can sleep if you like, I’ll wake you up when we get there.”
“Okay then if you don’t mind.” I smiled at him and lent my head against the window, man I was nor tired than I thought…

Elena’s POV.

So Frank didn’t know about that then? Hmmmm, he could be lying though. Oh well I’ll ask him when he gets here. I hope Gerard will be okay, if he wakes up I’ll kill him!
“Mrs. Rush?” a young man came out dressed in a white coat.
“Hello, I’m Dr. J. Ramsay. I’ll be looking after your son?”
“Right, sorry. Anyway as you know, he passed out from blood-loss from cuts on his left fore-arm, we’re guessing that he did them at least 6 or 7 hours before hand. May I ask if you know the reason why?”
I shook my head. “No, I don’t I’m sorry. Do you know if he’s gunna be okay?”
He bushed his hair out of his eyes. “Right now it’s hard to tell, but I would imagine so.” He gave me a smile. “He lost quite a lot of blood, just under a third, so we’ve put him In to have a blood transfusion, I’ll some out and tell you when he comes out of that. Now do you have any other questions?”
I thought for a second and shook my head again. “No I don’t, Thank you for your help.”
“Just doing my job. Do you have anyone else here?”
“Urmm, Gerard’s Boy- Errrr Best friend is coming here soon.”
“Alright, it’s best not to be alone at times like this.”
“Thanks again.”
“No problem.” He smiled again and walked back into a hospital room. I leaned back in my chair and started humming a random tune in my head, oh bit when Frank got here …. He was in for it.

Brian’s POV (I use Syn a lot I’m gunna start calling him Brian from now on ‘kay hunny bees)

“He’s cute when he sleeps.” Zacky Laughed. “I would say the same for you but your more like.” He put his head back, opened his mouth and started snoring.
“Hey! I do not sleep like that.” I poked his ribs and took his hand in mine. He stuck his tongue out at me.
“Hey how long till we’re at the hospital.”
“Soon, twenty minutes tops. Why?”
“I, ugh, need to talk to you.” Zacky Looked down into his lap.
“What’s wrong baby?” Shit. Fuck. Dick. Balls. Donkey-shagger. What the hell could be wrong? Was he sick? Was he DYING?!?! Did he want to break-up?
“Bri, I saw.” He didn’t look up.
“Saw what baby?” I furrowed my eye-brows. He said nothing. “Please tell me.”
“Pull over.”
“O-okay.” I drove a little longer and found a safe place to park the car.
“What’s up?” He turned my arm over and revealed my scars. SHIT I didn’t out the make-up over it this morning.
“Oh.” Fuck.
“Why?” He tore his gaze form his legs and looked my in the face. His pretty green eyes were filling up with silvery tears.
“Zee, don’t cry baby.” I out my hand to touch his face but he flinched away from me.
“Why the fuck did you do it?” Oh fuck. Well I could lie, no Brian you can’t lie to save your life…. But the won’t believe you… Just tell him what the worst that could happen? He could break up with me? “Well Bri?”
“I didn’t.” Wow I sound pathetic.
He snorted.
I looked him right in the eyes.
….. “You did.”
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