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Chapter 17

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Cari: I feel like I'm living the worst day. I feel like you're gone. And every day is the worst day ever

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Monday June 6th 7:15 AM

Cari waited patiently on her front porch for Ray to come pick her up for school. They had seven days of school left, and then three regents. Then, as Freshmen, they could officially say it was summer.

The divorce was filed and they went through with it. Carissa’s mother was given full custody of her. Her dad was already packed up, and as soon as the case was over, he fled. Cari hoped that she’d at least see him once in awhile. Either way, it sucked having newly divorced parents.

Gerard’s car rolled into her driveway, and Cari was confused. She then saw all her friends jam-packed in the back. Mikey wasn’t with them, and Jamie sat in the passenger’s seat. Cari couldn’t Ray already lost his car. As she opened the back door, she realized Bree was missing, also. Frank was sitting in the middle, and Monty was sitting on Ray’s lap. It actually wasn’t so crowded.

“She passes away, Cari,” Gerard said. “Bree’s mom. She’s still with her dad. Then, when she’s ready she’ll decide what to either stay here or not.”

Cari nodded. She couldn’t believe that her mother’s life was taken away like that from Bree.

“And Mikey got a ride form I don’t know who,” Gerard continued. “That kid is going to get hurt. I can just sense it.”

“Well, in good news, I guess, my mom has full custody over me,” Cari said. “I’m staying in Belleville, guys.”

Jamie turned around, and gave a small smile. “Thank god. I wouldn’t have let you go anyway.”

“Thanks James,” Cari smiled. She saw school approaching, and turned to Frank. “Are you going to ninja dive out of the car?”

He shook his head. “Nah, that was only to impress Bree.”

“Dude, she’s my cousin,” Gerard said, parking the car in his normal spot.

“And your cousin is a hottie,” Frank smirked.

Monty grinned, “The truth comes out!”

“No sense in lying about it.”

The four freshmen walked down into their wing, which was close to the last time they would. They had seven days left of school left. Seven days of the hot sweaty school, jerks, and finals. Seven days and then they’re free… Well, they still have regents.

Cari opened her locker, taking out the textbook she would be returning today. Frank purposely bumped into her, since his locker was practically right next to hers. Alphabetical order was the order of the lockers. Hatler, Iero. She rolled her eyes, closing her locker.

Jamie and Monty joined them, as their lockers were further down the hall. They all gave eachother that same exasperated look. School was too long, they lost two of their friends, Gerard was going to graduate, etc.

Cari jumped as someone put his or her hands on her shoulder. She turned around to see Gerard and Ray, who made his way over to Monty. The four younger friends gave them confused looks.

“You know how the junior and senior wing is one big hallway?” Ray asked. They nodded. “Yeah, guess who’s there right now.”

“They’re freaking using him, and they won’t even let me speak to him. They shunned me, and I’m so pissed off right now,” Gerard seethed. “Mikey’s a geek and he’s hanging out with jocks. Does anyone else sense something bad is going to happen?!”

Cari sighed. “Mikey’s been my friend for over seven years, and if he gets hurt, who is he going to come crying to? Us.”

The first bell rang and most students made their way to their first period class. The six took their separate ways to their first class. Today was going to be a long day.

Cari walked into the health room, slumping in her seat. She had been sitting by Bree for the past week and some days, but under the circumstances, Cari understood she wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. Mikey was also in her health class and sat behind her, completely ignoring Cari.

“Class, we have a test today,” Ms. Sirico grinned. “Clear your desk.”

Cari groaned, she completely forgot. She knew she failed that.

Finally the bell rang. Cari was feeling like crap already. She went to English, which she thankfully had with Monty. The teacher was going on and on about the final and what they would have to study for. Cari stared out the window, daydreaming.

“Ms. Hatler, can you please explain what I just said?” The teacher said, picking her out.

“I..Uh…” Cari stuttered on her own words. “I don’t know.”

The teacher nodded, telling her to pay attention. She sighed, hanging her head down. Monty gave her an apologetic smile. They got up when the bell rang, and Cari held onto Monty’s arm in the hallway.

“I have my gourmet food class next,” Cari said. Monty gave her the ‘so?’ look. “With Mikey. We’re working on a project together.”

“I’m sorry, Cari,” Monty said, and she was truly sorry. “Make the best of it.”

Cari nodded and walked down to the Home Ec room, where she dreaded this project. Mikey, obviously, was there. She sighed and sat down in her seat next to him.

“Why do I get the feeling you don’t want to work with me?” Mikey smirked.

Cari glared at him. “Because, you have been such a jackass lately. Okay? Let’s just get this project over with, and you don’t have to speak to me the rest of the period, or day, or even the year!”

Mikey nodded, and didn’t make any snide remarks during the rest of the class. Cari sighed, and clenched her fist throughout the whole period. She left quickly once the bell rang, making her way to her study hall.

Cari sat with her friends, resting her head on Jamie’s shoulder. Apparently something interesting happened in one of Gerard’s classes, but Cari just couldn’t pay attention to a word he was saying. Her next class was math, with Monty, and she completely forgot to do her homework.

“No homework, Cari?” Mrs. A asked. Cari shook her head. “Hand it in tomorrow.” Cari nodded.

Monty turned around in her seat, as she sat in front of Cari. “You okay?”

Cari nodded, “I’m fine, Monty. I just… Shitty day.”

Then Spanish class was next. She really despised this class. Thankfully, Jamie and Monty were with her, and they made her laugh so hard. The teacher was nut and couldn’t control the class.

“What’s the capital of Thailand?” Monty asked with a smirk on her face.

“BANGKOK!” Jamie shouted. They laughed.

Lunch was boring as ever. Then Social Studies class with Monty, Frank and Mikey. And they had a pop quiz. Cari groaned, such a shitty day. Science ended her day, with all her friends. Biology. They were doing some lab, and Cari managed to slice her finger. She groaned in agony, falling to the floor.

“Christ, Cari, you okay?” Frank asked, trying to get her to her feet. “Cari? Carissa!”

Cari rolled her eyes, standing up. “I’m fine, Frankie. She showed her bloody hand to them. “Oww, motherfucker.”

“Carissa, let me see your wound,” their bio teacher said. He cleaned it up, which really really stung.

The final bell rang, and they met up in front of Gerard’s car. Cari sighed; this was the worst day ever. She sat in the passenger’s seat, though. No one talked on the way home. Cari was the last stop, of course.

“If you ever need someone to talk to,” Gerard said, “I’ll always be here for you.”

Cari smiled, “Thanks, Gee.”

I think I said it was supposed to be Ray then Cari, but oh well. I'm half way down with Ray's chapter, so that should be updated soon. I really don't think any of the people in the story even read this anymore...
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