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Chapter 18

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Ray: So here I am, I'm trying. So here I am, are you ready?

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Tuesday June 7th 10:27 AM

“Hey, Toro, I’m bored,” Gerard whined, throwing tiny paper balls at Ray. Today was an odd day, meaning the younglings had lab, but Bree wasn’t back yet.

“And?” Ray asked, not looking up from his homework.

“Entertain me.”


“Toro, what happened to me being your fake boy toy?” Gerard asked. “Am I too ugly for you?! I see how it is. I’m just an ugly muffin.”

Ray looked up at his friend, and joked, “Gerard, you’re fucking sexy. What’d you have for breakfast?”

“Cereal with extra sugar,” Gerard grinned. “And, yes, I’m a sexy motherfucker.”

“This is why you’re my best friend.”

The story of how Gerard and Ray became such good friends happened quite a few years old. It was when they were in second grade, which was about twelve years ago…

“Okay, class, today we’ll be drawing your family and yourself,” the teacher explained.

Gerard raced to the crayons and colored pencils; he loved to draw. He grabbed all the colors he needed and wanted before the other kids could. He bit his lip and started drawing from memory, then ran to the bathroom, looking at his reflection. He couldn’t tell exactly what color his eyes were.

Ray Toro sat at his desk, trying to figure what brown he wanted to use for his hair. He jumped when someone poked his side.

“S’cuse me, but what colors are my eyes?” Gerard asked.

Ray was taken back. “I don’t know.”

“Well, look!” Gerard widened his eyes, shoving his face at Ray.

“Green,” Ray shrugged, looking back at his crayons.

Gerard shook his head. “No, no! They’re more…. different than green! This is green,” Gerard drew with a regular green crayon. “My eyes ain’t that color!”

“Ain’t isn’t a word, Gerard,” the teacher said from her desk, catching the incorrect grammar.

Gerard grumbled to himself. “Soooo, Ray-Ray, what color is my eye?”

“How do you know my name?” Ray asked, shocked.

“Cause you’re Ray Toro, like Torosaurus,” Gerard showed his toothy grin. “Like ‘RAWR! IMMA TOROSAURUS!’ Hehe.”

Ray nodded slowly. “You’re weird.”

“I know!” Gerard smiled. “Hey, wanna be my friend?”

“I don’t know,” Ray shrugged. Gerard gave him puppy dog eyes. “Fine.”

“Thanks! Oh, use this brown for your hair. I gots to draw me and my family,” Gerard smiled sitting back at his desk.

Ray looked at his crayons, and found the perfect one. He tapped Gerard on his shoulder, holding at the moss green crayon.

“This one!” Ray giggled. Gerard smiled in appreciation and took the crayon. Ray looked at his drawing and gasped. “That’s amazing, Gee!”

Gerard smiled. “Thanks! I haven’t drawn my mommy or daddy yet, but that’s me and my baby brother, Mikey!”

Ray nodded, “Your drawing is pretty.”

“TOROSAURUS IS MY BESTEST FRIEND EVER!” Gerard shouted and giggled, attacking Ray in a hug, knocking them down on the ground.

“BOYS!” The teacher yelled, leaving the students giggling.

Gerard smiled. “Awh! No, you’re MY best friend.” He giggled, yes, giggled. “TOROSAURUS IS MY BEST FRIEND EVAH!”

The other students in the study glanced over to Gerard and Ray and rolled their eyes. Ray shook his head.

“Gee, chill the fuck down,” Ray laughed.

Gerard sighed. “Fine, fine. How are things going with Montgomery?”

“Good,” Ray answered. Gerard kept staring at him. “Why? Should things not be good?”

“Have you kissed her?”

Ray shook his head, "No.."

“WELL YOU HAVE TO KISS HER!” Gerard shouted. "What are you waiting for? An invitation?!"

The glances continued, and the guys shrugged, leaving as the bell rang.


Ray and his mother sat quietly eating their dinner together. She was disappointed that he lied to her about being gay, but also a relief flooded over her that he wasn’t. Even though she never was properly introduced to Monty, she was happy for the both of them, and she seemed nice.

“Why don’t you invite her over sometime, dear,” Ray mother’s said as she washed the dishes. “I’d like to meet her.”

“Mom, you’ve met Monty before,” Ray said, drying the dishes she handed him.

“Yes, but that was before she was your girlfriend.”

Ray nodded, “Okay, I’ll ask her. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going over to her house.”

His mother approved, of course. Ray headed out the door and across the street. He rang the doorbell, pacing outside Monty’s front door. He could hear the yelling inside, most likely between Monty and her father. And then there was crying, which Ray knew wouldn’t be Monty or her father… The door was yanked open to reveal a very angry man, who glared at Ray.

“Uh, um, Mr. Scott, may I please see Monty for a minute or two?” Ray asked nervously.

“She’s busy-”

“I am NOT busy. YOU can’t control MY life and who I see and who I don’t see!” Monty yelled, running down the stairs.

“Montgomery, you are NOT allowed to-”

Monty rolled her eyes, shutting the door on her father’s words, walking away with Ray. She knew she’d be in so much trouble, but she didn’t care at the moment. They sat on the porch swing, hand in hand.

“I am so sorry you had to see that,” Monty apologized. “We’ve been fighting a lot. I made Emily cry again. Not my fault. I’m in such a world of shit right now.”

Ray wrapped her arm around her shoulder. “How about you talk to me about it, and then maybe you’ll feel better.”

Monty nodded. “Well, I’m not allowed to see my mom. Emily and my dad are trying for a baby, yuck. Gerard’s problem is back; Cari seems so depressed; Bree’s mom; Jamie’s so distant, so is Frank; Mikey’s an ass. Am I the only one who sees these problems?”

“I just realized all of them when you pointed them out,” Ray sighed.

“And to top if off, I have a bug bite on the bottom of my foot!” Monty exclaimed. “I don’t feel better, either. I’m full of rage and I want to punch something!”

Ray scooted away, chuckling, “Don’t punch me!” Monty gave him ‘the stare.’ “I’m only kidding, go ahead, punch me.”

“I’m not going to punch you, Ray!”

Ray pulled her closer to him, wrapping his arms around her again. Monty rested her head on his shoulder. “It’ll will be okay, I promise.”

Monty shrugged. “I think I better go back inside. I’ll talk to you later, kay?”

The couple walked back over to Monty’s front door. Monty put her hand on the doorknob, ready to open it, when Ray stopped her by putting his hand on top of hers. They looked eachother in the eyes, and Ray took Gerard’s advice.

Ray leaned down, placing his lips on hers. It was their first kiss. And it was the best kiss they’ve ever had. Monty smiled when they pulled away, opening the door.

“Night Ray. I love you,” she said, waving goodbye.

“Love you too,” Ray said, before she shut the door. He walked back home with a big smile across his face.

Na na na. I feel so happy today, and felt like writing. So, here ya go, Ray's chapter. Mikey's is next, then Jamie's. :D I liked writing this chapter. And you guys are too sweet with your reviews. Love you all. ♥
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