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Chapter 19

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Mikey: And when I think of all the places I just don't belong, I've come to grips with life and realize this is going too far.

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Wednesday June 8th 1:11 PM

Mikey sighed, looking over his shoulder to see all his friends laughing and having a good time at his old lunch table. He missed them. Mikey truly missed his friends. Now, he was feeling guilty treating them all like shit. He wished he was with them, laughing at the joke Frank just cracked, sitting next to Jamie, sharing weekend plans.

But no, that wouldn’t happen; they hated him. Mikey was sitting with his girlfriend, and the rest of the prisses and jocks. He felt so out of place. It just wasn’t him. Also, the fact that Gia and Katie also sat at this table was a bit intimidating.

“HELL NO!” Frank shouted, making everyone turn his or her head.

Cari had taken something of Frank’s and, she being taller, dangled it above his head, laughing. Cari tossed the unknown object to Jamie. She was probably one of the only people shorter than Frank. She jumped up on the picnic bench, carefully moving out of Frank’s way, and almost fell off. Jamie threw the item to Gerard, and Frank sighed in defeat, sitting back down.

Mikey didn’t notice that he was the only one left watching them, until he turned back, and everyone else was back in their gossip. He sighed, audibly this time.

“What a bunch of fags,” the captain of the football team and Gia’s ex boyfriend, Josh snarled.

“Which one?” Nicole laughed. “Even the girls?”

Josh smirked and nodded. “All of them, even the girls.”

“They’re not all that bad, Josh,” Katie said, sneaking a glance at Mikey. “You don’t even know them, and you’re judging them. You don’t know what they have to deal with at home.”

“Sticking up for the fags, Kaitlin?” Josh sneered. “Are you a fag too? Do you get shitfaced with them? Do you guys have cutting parties? Do you mourn over your dead families together?”

“Shut the fuck up, Josh,” Gia exclaimed. “Give it up. You’re not funny. You think it’s funny for someone to cut?”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “Stop sticking up for the emos.”

Gia glared at her. “Well it’s not funny to make fun of someone because they cut, or their family is dead, or they get drunk. I thought you were better than that.”

Nicole shrugged, “It is funny, actually.”

“NO! IT’S NOT!” Gia yelled. “You know what? I fucking cut, my mother’s fucking dead, and I fucking drink my sorrows away! I have fucking nightmares every night. You DON’T know what THEY have to deal with. So shut the fuck up and get away from me!”

Mikey’s eyes widened, he never expected that. Josh walked away from the table. Nicole sat there with a pout on her face, but she stayed. Katie tried to calm Gia down and wiped away her stray tears.

“They don’t cut,” Mikey said. “As far as I know.”

Nicole shrugged, “But your brother is still an alcoholic. You sure they don’t cut? Have you ever seen Jamie or Frank take their hoodies off? Ugh. Anyway, I’ll see you after school, babe,” Nicole said, kissing Mikey’s cheek, and headed into the building.

“Mikey,” Gia said. Her voice was strained. “I am so sorry for every mean shitty thing I’ve done to you. I know it’s kinda too late, but I really am.”

Mikey nodded. “I forgive you. I didn’t know that about you.”

“No one did.”

Mikey truly felt sorry for her. He wanted his friends back. He wanted to have nothing to do with the whore he was dating. Mikey would apologize tomorrow; it would give him time to think what to say. Mikey had almost not noticed that Gia continued talking to him.

“My mom,” she said, pausing, “died seven years ago. I was ten and she was drunk, and we were driving. She crashed into another car.” Mikey immediately thought of whose mom was in the other car. “I had minor cuts and bruises, but my mom was dead on impact, and so were the people in the other car.”

Katie was about to stop her from telling Mikey anymore, but Gia shook her head and continued.

“The woman had to be a mother. There was a child, age four or five, in the backseat. Both were proclaimed dead,” Gia sighed. “I never knew their names. But, my mom took away two lives, and I’m so sorry for whoever lost their loved ones that day.”

Mikey exhaled the breath he was holding. “Oh my god,” he whispered. He knew it had to have been Jamie’s mother in the other car. How could it not have been?

“Gia, I am so sorry for you loss,” Mikey said. “I truly am.”

Gia shrugged. “I feel like such an ass for what we said to Jamie that one day in the mall. God. I feel terrible for the way we treated all of you. I need to apologize.”

“I need to too,” Mikey said.

Katie bit her lip. “Look, I think they’ll forgive you. I know you guys have been friends forever.” It felt weird to her comforting someone that she would’ve made fun of two weeks ago.

“GIVE ME MY KEYS BACK, YOU MIDGET,” Gerard shouted, making Mikey turn his head once again. Frank laughed, running away with Gerard’s car keys, then tossed them to Monty as Gerard lunged for Frank.

“Ahh! No! Gee, stop tickling me!” Frank giggled as Gerard smirked. “Toro! Jamie! Somebody h-help me!”

Mikey turned back around to Gia and Katie. “I miss them like crazy,” he said aloud, and got sympathetic smiles form the both of them.


“So, this is your house?” Nicole asked, as she and Mikey dropped their bags on the couch. Mikey wanted to break up with her, but had no clue how. Usually, he would ask Gerard how to, but he wasn’t home at the moment.

Mikey nodded awkwardly. “Uh, yeah, it is.”

They passed the basement door that had a black and yellow sticker on it saying ‘Keep Out!’ Nicole stopped in her tracks, looking at the door.

“What’s down there?” she asked curiously.

“Uhm… That’s my brother’s room,” Mikey said. “You know, Gerard, senior.”

Nicole snapped, “Yeah I know.” Mikey thought she had said ‘the fag’ under her breath, but let it go.

Nicole wrapped her hand around the basement doorknob, Mikey jolted to stop her. “Wh-what are you doing?” he asked nervously.

She rolled her eyes at Mikey. “What? I just want to see what’s down there.”

“No one’s allowed down there,” Mikey said. “I- we shouldn’t go down there.”

“Afraid of taking a risk?” Nicole teased. She walked down the dark stairway, flipping the light switch on. Mikey followed her, knowing this would get him in deep shit.

Mikey stayed by the door, just in case he heard the car pull up into the driveway he would be able to run back upstairs without being caught. He was nervous as shit. Nicole looked around at all the drawings.

Nicole smirked, pulling Mikey onto Gerard’s bed. She crawled into his lap, kissing him and nipping at his lips. This was not what Mikey wanted. Mikey was going to push her off, but she pushed him down on the bed, biting his jaw. Nicole used her free hand to tease the button of Mikey’s jeans and—

“Nicole, stop!” Mikey said. He couldn’t do this. Not now. Not at only fourteen, almost fifteen.

Nicole gave a sigh of relief. “Oh thank god,” she laughed. “Jeez, I thought I would actually have to go down on you.”

“What does that mean?” Mikey asked, confused as hell.

She got off the bed, fixing her shirt. “It means that none of this was real. I won a bet, just now.” Mikey cocked an eyebrow at her. “I don’t like you. Never have. No one likes you. No one will ever like a freak like you. You didn’t even get hard when a hot babe, me, was trying to seduce you, you fag.”

“I’m not….”

Nicole scoffed with laughter. “Ha! Sure, believe what you want, cocksucker. I can’t believe you actually fell for it too!”

Mikey was about to retaliate her comment when an angry voice cut him form his thoughts,
“Get the fuck out of my room, slut. If you ever fucking call my brother a fag again, there will be hell to pay for it,” Gerard threatened.

Nicole flipped her hair. “Whatever.” She walked back up stairs, slamming the door shut.

Gerard turned to Mikey, who was still on his bed. “Mikes… You okay?”

Mikey shrugged. “How much did you hear?”

Gerard sat next to his brother, wrapping a comforting arm around him. He mocked in Nicole’s high-pitched voice. “From ‘when a hot babe like me.’ Jeez, fucking slut. You deserve so much better, Mikey.”

“No I don’t,” Mikey muttered into Gerard’s chest. “I’ve been such an asshole to everyone, all because of a whore. I don’t deserve anyone.” Gerard stayed silent. “Gee?”

“Yeah, Mikes?”

“I’m really fucking sorry for acting like I have been the past week,” Mikey apologized, wrapping his arms around Gerard’s torso, resting his head on his brother’s neck. “I really am. I…just…please don’t be mad at me.”

Gerard sighed, feeling his t-shirt moisten where Mikey’s head was. “Mikey, don’t cry, please. I’m not mad, anymore. I accept your apology, okay. Mikey, look at me.”

Mikey looked up at his brother, feeling silly for crying into his arms at fourteen. He took his glasses off, rubbing his eyes. Mikey looked at Gerard again.

“Mikey, why are you crying?” Gerard asked.

“Because I’m a jackass who lost the best friends I ever had,” Mikey answered. “They all hate me, I bet. I wouldn’t blame them if they do.”

Gerard shook his head, “They don’t hate you. Just, you gotta explain everything. I’ll tell them about Nicole, okay?” Gerard pulled Mikey into a hug.

“Thank you,” Mikey mumbled. “I love you, Gee.”

“I love you too, little bro.”


Awh, brotherly love :3 Soo, my friend read this and she liked it and I was happy. This story is almost over :O Like eleven more chapters left. Jamie's chapter next..
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