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Chapter 20

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Jamie: No time to search the world around, cause you know where I'll be found. When I come around.

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Thursday June 9th 6:57 AM

Jamie groaned in pain; last night was a brutal beating on her already fragile body. She examined the green-blue bruises on her arms, as she got dressed. The purple-black bruises scattered around her torso and Jamie scowled at her mirrored reflection. Hideous. Ugly. Why did this happen to her?

One tear escaped form her eye as she turned away, pulling on a camisole. Jamie rubbed her eyes, trying to calm herself down. She wanted to be dead; at least it’d be better than her current state. Jamie pulled on a black and white striped, three quarter length sleeve v-neck shirt, which covered most of the bruises on her arms.

Jamie thanked God there were no major bruises on her face; otherwise her friends would definitely notice that. She pulled on a pair of dark wash shorts, that weren’t too short, and no one would notice the tiny bruises on her legs. Jamie sighed; she tried so hard so no one would notice. Why, though? Jamie didn’t know herself, maybe she didn’t want her friends to worry or pity.

A small, constant tapping noise jerked Jamie’s attention to her bedroom window. “Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!”

She looked over to her bedroom window and smiled lightly. Jamie put down her eyeliner and turned all attention towards her friend outside her window.

Frank was frantically waving at her. She was on the second floor, and realized he was on the vine ladder thing, which her mother had wanted installed, cause it was beautiful. Jamie kept it. She walked over to the window, opening it, and pulled Frank in to her room.

“What the fuck, Frank?” she asked. “Are you okay?”

Frank shrugged, embracing her into a tight hug. “Jamie, it was horrible. This morning, not only was he drunk, but also he-he tried to take my clothes off. Jamie, he tried to rape me. My father tried to rape me!”

“Frank,” Jamie said, trying to clam him down. “Frankie, I promise you never ever have to go back home.”

“Jamie, I can’t take lying to them!” Frank exclaimed, puling away from her. “I gotta tell them. I’m sick of lying to their faces, pretending everything is okay, when it’s not.”

Jamie shook her head. “I can’t. Frank, where are we supposed to go? They’ll send you to your mother’s. But what about me? I’ll go to a fuckin orphanage. I don’t want that, you don’t want that. No.”

Frank sighed. “Jamie, but- Okay. Fine.” Frank gave in, resting his head on Jamie’s shoulder, hugging her tightly. She flinched in pain, making Frank instantly let go. “Shit, James, I’m sorry. How bad is it today?”

Jamie rolled her sleeves, showing Frank, who merely nodded his head. His eyes brimmed with tears. Frank sat back on her bed, watching Jamie apply her make-up. He hated how easily she could pretend everything was all right. Frank was going to tell their friends today, whether she liked it or not.

Jamie quietly went down the stairs first. Scott and Anne were still sleeping. Frank and Jamie went into her kitchen. Jamie grabbed her lunch she made the night before and stuffed it and loose papers in her bag.

“Come on,” Frank said quietly. “Gerard’s going to be here soon.”

The two waited outside of Jamie’s house, and sure enough, Gerard was there soon. Except, he was with two unexpected guest. For starters, Bree was back. And then there was Mikey, the traitor. Frank was about to step off the sidewalk, when he realized Jamie stayed put in her standing state.

“I am NOT going in that car,” she stated, hoping Mikey would hear her. “I’m walking.”

Frank rolled his eyes, “Don’t be like that. There’s obviously a good reason he’s here.”

Jamie shook her head, and started down the sidewalk for school. She took out her iPod, and ignored Frank’s pleas. Frank got into the passenger’s seat, which seemed to be saved her him. But then he remembered Monty and Ray and Cari, too. Shit.

Gerard gave Frank a look, asking why Jamie was walking. Frank motioned his head backwards, to say it was because of Mikey, without saying anything though. Gerard nodded and sighed.

“I’m sorry, I missed that last telepathic message,” Bree said, giggling to lighten the mood. “How’ve you been Frankie? Long time, no see, eh?”

Frank looked back at her, very aware that Mikey was staring at him with pleading eyes. “Hey Bree. I’m still the same, y’know? How are you?”

Bree shrugged, “I’ve been a whole hell lot better. But seriously, what the fuck did I miss? What’s wrong with Jamie?”

Frank exhaled, biting his lip. “Well, it’s a long story. You should just ask Mi-”

Gerard cut Frank off before he could finish his sentence. “We have to talk about that, Frank. And I wish Jamison wasn’t being fuckin stubborn, so she could hear it too. Oh and by the way, Ray got his car back. Thank fuck.”

Mikey leaned in between Frank and Gerard, looking towards the younger boy. “Frank, I am so fucking sorry. Go ahead and hate my guts, but I want you to know I’m really sorry.”

Frank didn’t look at Mikey, and looked at Gerard for an explanation.

“That whore, bitch, skank, slut, whatever the fuck you want to call her,” Gerard seethed, “fucking used him. She called him a fag and a cocksucker, Frank. Saying no one will want a freak like him.” Gerard glanced back at his brother, “Which isn’t true. So, Mikey realized how bad he fucked up.”

Frank took a moment to ingest this information. Bree was pretty stunned. “Wow..” was all she said. Frank didn’t know what to say.

“Mikey, I forgive you,” Frank finally said, looking back. “But do you know how bad you hurt us?”

Mikey nodded solemnly. “I know.” Mikey thought they were done with this conversation.

But Frank wasn’t done.

“Fuck,” he said. “You really fuckin hurt Jamie, you know. She called me, crying. When have you known Jamie to call or cry? She fucking loves you and you broke her down.” Frank realized what he just said. “Shit. I wasn’t supposed to say anything.”

“I…” Mikey was at a loss for words. “Does she really?”

“Mikey, that’s really no surprise,” Gerard cut in.

Mikey was confused. “I thought… You and Jamie were together, Frank.”

“Shit. No. I love her as my sister. She loved me as her brother. She loves you as more than a friend, dingbat,” Frank chuckled. “If you don’t feel the same way, then I didn’t fucking say a thing. And you still better apologize.”

“I am...I do...”


“Need a lift, you hobo?” Monty joked, as Ray’s car pulled next to Jamie while she walked.

Jamie nodded, hopping in the back seat. “Yeah thanks. Toro Taxi service is amazing.”

Ray laughed, shaking his head. “I’ll have to charge you then. Hey, why aren’t you with Gerard…?

Jamie sighed as they pulled into Cari’s driveway. She waited for Cari to tell the story. “Guys, Bree’s back. And so is Mikey.”


Jamie went through almost the whole day avoiding Mikey, and she had a migraine. It was now lunch and her head throbbed. Maybe she was hit too hard last night. Or maybe, her heart was just trying to beat while it was broken. Either way…

Frank’s face appeared as she shut her locker. Jamie jumped then rolled her eyes. She knew Mikey was near by, but Jamie just wanted to go home. Frank looked at her with concern.

“I’m going to go home, Frank,” Jamie said, pressing two fingers to her temple. “I feel like shit.”

“Has Mikey said anything to you today?” Frank asked. Jamie shook his head, and caught him saying “Fucker” under his breath. “You cannot go home, missy. I won’t allow it. They won’t get you anyways.”

“I called my neighbor. And she’s going to be here soon. I’m sorry,” Jamie bit her lip. She whispered, “I’d rather be beaten to death. I just don’t want to live anymore.”

Jamie walked down the hall, making sure to avoid Mikey just like she has been, and walked to the office. Frank sighed, punching her locker with his fist.

Frank walked outside to his friends’ lunch table. He was beyond pissed, mostly at himself, and was going to tell them right now. It was the perfect opportunity. Everyone was there, and Frank sat down as soon as they accepted Mikey’s apologies.

“Guys, I have something really fucking important to tell you,” Frank said.


Frank stood up, yanking his sweatshirt and shirt off. His friends gasped and looked horrified at all the cuts and bruises. Frank could hear other people around talking about him.

“What the fuck happened to you, Frank?” Gerard demanded. He was the protective one, of all of “his” younglings.

“My dad’s an alcoholic, who beats me,” Frank admitted, tugging his shirt back on.

Cari touched his hand from across the table. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“She didn’t want you guys to know,” Frank sighed. “I don’t know why, but she couldn’t tell you guys.”

“Who?” Monty asked. “Shit. Not Jamie. Please say it’s not her, too.”

Frank nodded, looking down at his hands. “Jamie didn’t want me to you guys today. She wanted to wait; for what, I don’t know. But, I couldn’t take lying anymore and pretending everything was okay.”

“Where is she?” Mikey asked, his voice was full of panic that he tried to hide.

Frank felt the tears coming again, and felt ridiculous. “She went home to them. Jamie went home to her abusive foster parents. She said she’d rather be dead.”

“Fuck,” Gerard cursed. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. No. We are not going to let this happen to her. I don’t give a fuck. She is NOT dying today.”


The seven of them pulled up to Jamie’s house, ready to kick some major ass. But no one was home. Not even Jamie.

They went their separate ways, looking for her. Mikey knew immediately where she’d be. He sent out a text to his brother, telling him. Mikey then ran to the Williams’ old residence. He remembered this house from forever ago. The first time he and Jamie hung out. They were ten, and Jamie’s father called Mikey the “little Way boy from down the street.”

There it was. The old house that had been abandoned for five years, right in front of Mikey. The front door was wide open and Mikey walked in, hearing around for the any sounds. The sound of sobbing hit his ears, and he jogged upstairs, almost tripping over the object lying in front of him—Jamie.

“Shit. Jamie,” Mikey said, sitting next to her and she looked away. “Jamie, please look at me.”

“No. I’m sure Frank told you everything, right?” Jamie asked, seeing Mikey nod. “I’m fucking hideous, covered in scars. Just leave me here to die.”

Mikey shook his head, wrapping his arms around the blonde. “Jamison, no. I’m not leaving you. And,” Mikey gently touched her chin so she would look up at him, “you’re beautiful.”

“Go. Away.”

“Jamison Viviana Williams, listen to me,” Mikey said, trying to get her full attention. “You are my best friend. I will NOT just leave you here. I love you.

Jamie was about to protest, but Mikey continued,

“I wish you would’ve told me what happen, Jamie. You know you can tell me anything.” Mikey quickly explained the whole Nicole fiasco and how sorry he was.

“How’d you know I’d be here?” Jamie asked quietly, resting her head on Mikey’s chest.

“It’s been seven years, Jamie. I know if you’d be anywhere, it’d be here.”

“Do you really mean it?” Jamie asked, making Mikey confused. “Or did you just say it, to say it?”

Mikey stood up, pulling to her feet and closer to him. “Jamie, I really do love you. I thought… I thought you and Frank were together so I tried to not to let my feelings interfere.”


“What are we doing here?” Jamie asked as they entered the Belleville Cemetery.

Mikey looked up from his phone. He was texting a special person to meet them here. And their friends to tell them Jamie was okay.

“Jamie, it’s been seven years.” This time Jamie realized he wasn’t talking about their friendship.

“I miss her so much, Mikey,” Jamie whispered. “I wish my mom never left that day.”

“I’m sorry,” another female’s voice said by a headstone. Jamie’s eyes widened as she saw Gia. “My mother took her life, your mother’s and your brother’s. I’m so sorry, Jamie.”

Jamie fought the tears from escaping. “You… Your… Your mom was the drunk driver that killed my mom…?”

Gia nodded. “I was in the car, too. I should be dead.”

Jamie shook her head, as she feel to the ground on her knees in front of her mother’s grave. “No. You shouldn’t be. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“I’ll leave you two,” Gia said, walking towards her own mother’s grave.

Mikey knelt down next to Jamie, wrapping his arm reassuringly around her. “Go ahead. Talk to her.”

Jamie nodded, hoping she wouldn’t sound too silly. “Hi, Mom. I… I really miss you. It would be a lot better if you, or Dad, were still here. But, I think it’s going to get better I… I’m here with my friend-”

“Boyfriend,” Mikey suggested. Jamie smiled.

“Okay, Mom, I’m with here with my boyfriend, Mikey. Dad use to call him the little Way boy down the street,” Jamie said. “You remember the Ways, right? I remember you saying Donna Way was the sweetest person but to watch out for Gerard, cause he looked like a punk."

Mikey couldn’t help but smile as she said all of these things. He glanced towards the road as he heard the wailing sound of an ambulance.

“I have a few friends now, Mom. Cari and I, you remember her, right? She came to my eighth birthday party, a few weeks before the…accident… And Mikey and Gerard, too. Ray Toro, also. You were good friends with his mom… And there’s Frank and Monty. They moved in later; I wish you could’ve met them. Bree, Mikey’s cousin, is pretty nice too.

“I’m going to be a sophmore, Mom. Time goes fast. I… It’s been nice spilling everything to you. I miss you a lot. I love you, forever.”

Mikey cleared his throat. “Uh, I’m going to feel weird talking to a headstone, but, Mrs. Williams—”

“Liz,” Jamie injected, remembering how her mother hated the formal title.

“Liz, you don’t have to worry too much about Jamie. I won’t let her get hurt again, I promise. I love her,” Mikey said. “Uhm, so, goodbye until later, Liz.”

Jamie smiled and hugged him tightly. Mikey’s phone rang in his pocket, and he answered it as Jamie pulled back, still trying to hear who it was.

“She’s fine...No...WHAT?!...We’ll be there soon….” Mikey hung up, looking at Jamie. “Frank’s dad…ambulance…unconscious…news reporters…protest…Let’s go!”


When Jamie and Mikey got back to their street, it looked like a riot was going on. The ambulance sped off towards the hospital. Police cars were lined up by the horseshoe like road was, by Jamie’s and Frank’s houses. A lot the neighborhood residents were out and shouting. Mikey and Jamie tried finding their friends, but it was no luck. Instead, they found Donna, who was screaming,

“You sick son of a bitch. I hope you rot in hell!”

“Whoa, Mom, language,” Mikey teased. “What’s going on?”

Donna ignored her son as she saw Jamie. “Oh sweetie, are you okay? Did they hurt you too bad?”

“What’s going on?” Jamie asked.

“Gerard told me everything that happened. I called the police. When we went outside we found Frank’s father beating him, and poor Frank was knocked out unconscious,” Donna explained. “Him and your foster parents, Jamie, were just arrested.”

Mikey and Jamie ran to find their friends, but they found them first as the two heard, “JAMIE!” Cari, Monty, Bree, Gerard and Ray came running over to them.

“Thank fuck you’re alright,” Gerard said to Jamie, and hugged his brother. “Mikey, you did good, kid.”

The second police car drove passed them and Jamie saw Scott and Anne glaring at her. Jamie stuck up her middle finger at them, and then turned back to her friends.

“Two questions,” Jamie said. “One, where am I staying? And two, is Frank going to be okay?”

“With us,” Gerard said. “Mom insists. And yes the paramedics said he should be fine. And, Linda Iero is moving up here soon, so, I think I heard you’re moving in with them.”

“The doctors want to check you, to make sure there’s no internal bleeding or whatever,” Monty said.

Cari rolled up Jamie’s sleeves, gently gliding her hand over the bruises. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Jamie shrugged. “I don’t know. I didn’t want pity, cause that’s all I got my whole life.”

“Well, trust me, life is going to get a whole lot better,” Ray smiled.

“I love you guys, I really do,” Jamie grinned. Mikey hooked his arm around.

Bree smiled “You two are adorable. Congrats.”

“Bree,” Jamie said. “I’m sorry about what happened. Welcome back. And thank you everyone, for being there. God, I found like a fuckin Hallmark card.”

The seven of them planned to take a trip down the hospital soon, but they stood on the Way’s lawn, watching the sunset over Belleville, New Jersey. They smiled, realizing things were going to get better fast.


Long chapter to make up my lack of updates. Rates and reviews are splendid. It's almost over, but I think I'll write a sequel.. Does anyone want a sequel?
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