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Chapter 21

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Things are looking brighter. It's Friday night, and just like old times, movie night.

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Alright, so, here's my Young and Hopeless playlist that I used for the past eleven chapters:

Sleep - My Chemical Romance; Chapter 10
Lifeline - Papa Roach; Chapter 11
NIghtmare - Avenged Sevenfold; Chapter 12
Me Against The World - Simple Plan; Chapter 13
Give Me Novacaine - Green Day; Chapter 14
The Only Hope For Me Is You - My Chemical Romance; Chapter 15
Born This Way - Lady Gaga; Chapter 16
Gang without Mikey:
Maybe - Sick Puppies; Chapter 16
Worst Day Ever - Simple Plan; Chapter 17
Always - blink-182; Chapter 18
Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold; Chapter 19
When I Come Around - Green Day; Chapter 20


Thursday June 9th 7:34 PM

“Frank Iero, please?” Gerard asked the receptionist from the hospital.

“Visiting hours are over,” she said in a drawn out thick New Jersey accent, not bothering to look up from her magazine.

Gerard sneered. “Look. I don’t care if they are over. We are going to see our friend. What room is he in?”


Two burly men came over to the seven teenagers, but a doctor came around the corner before they escorted the teens out. The doctor stopped the guards, and glared at the useless receptionist.

“I heard you are looking for Mr. Iero?” the man asked. They nodded. “Right. I’ll let you see him. I heard the news and was contacted immediately. I’m just wondering if Jamison is among you?”

Jamie nodded and stepped up. “Yup, that’s me. Let’s get this over with.”

The doctor nodded. “Alright. My name is Dr. Sanders, and could the lot of you follow me?”

The eight of them stepped onto the elevator and went up to the twelfth floor. Dr. Sanders led them to Frank’s room. He was either sleeping or pretending to be sleeping. Pretending, they saw, as he opened one eye to see who it was then grinned, sitting up.

“Frank!” The teenagers exclaimed as they rushed over to their friend, pressing him with questions.

“Are you okay?”

“Does it hurt?”

“What happened?”

“Why is there a bandage around your head?”

“One at a time, please!” Frank laughed his adorable giggled. “Yes, I’m okay. Yeah, it hurt. Knocked out by the bastard. There’s a bandage around my head?”

Dr. Sanders cleared his throat. “Right. Frank was knocked out unconscious and there was a nasty looking gash in the back of his head, which we stitched up. Sorry, but we had to shave most of your hair off.”

Bree handed Frank a small compact mirror. “That’s what you look like, in case you wanted to know.”

“Dude! It looks like I got a Mohawk! That’s awesome, aside from the stitches,” Frank smiled. “What else happened?”

“Well,” Gerard started. “Your father and Jamie’s “step-parents” are hauled off to jail. I suspect there might be a trial soon, though. And—”

“Jamie and Mikey are finally together,” Monty grinned.

“Yeah, and we’re going to catch a ride to Vegas to get hitched this weekend,” Mikey said, very seriously. “You’re all welcome to come, too, but—”

“Shut up, Mikey,” Jamie laughed, pushing him lightly. She turned back to Frank. “I am so so happy you’re okay. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t. This is all my fault—”

Frank rolled his eyes, sitting up in his hospital bed. “Jamie, be quiet. It is not your fault. And don’t you dare hitch a ride to Vegas, missy.”

Dr. Sanders cleared his throat, yet again. “Um, well, I’ll leave you guys to this lovely reunion. Jamison, can you follow me, please?”

Jamie and the doctor walked out of the room leaving Frank with the rest of his friends, who still asked questions and such. Everyone, though, was glad that Frank was okay and no serious damage was done.

“Um, guys, where am I going to live?” Frank asked as he suddenly realized that his dad was now in jail.

“Your mom called before, well actually Donna called her,” Ray said. “Apparently, she was frantic, and said she was going to drag you back to the middle of Jersey and she ‘should’ve never taken you out of Catholic school.’ So—”

“What?!” Frank screamed, crossing his arms. “I am NOT, under any circumstances, leaving Belleville to go back to fuckin’ Catholic school. I refuse.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” Ray said.

Cari rolled her eyes, as this was going way too slow. “The funny thing though, we were listening to the whole conversation Donna was having, and Gerard grabbed the phone from her, and he started saying all these things of how you weren’t going back and—”

“Awh,” Frank cooed, looking at Gerard. “That’s so sweet, my fake-boyfriend loves me.”

“Shut it, Frank,” Gerard said, rolling his eyes. “I don’t care that she’s your mom, we act more like a family—the eight of us—and she wasn’t going to take that away.”

“Anywho,” Monty said, “we convinced your mom to move up here. So, until the then, you’re staying with Gerard and Mikey, and Bree too. So is Jamie.”

Frank grinned, which slowly turned into a smirk. “Awesome! I’m staying with my best friend, two pretty girls, and my fake-boyfriend. Can life get any better?”

“I’m locking my door at night,” Gerard said.

The hospital door opened, and Dr. Sanders came back in with Jamie right behind them. He had his clipboard in hand, and was going over something, as the eight stared at him. Jamie bounced over to Mikey’s side.

“Well, I’m not supposed to clear you until tomorrow, but I see you’re in good hands. Seven people who love and care for you,” Dr. Sanders mused. “Don’t tell anyone I’m doing this. Are any of you of eighteen and can sign for his release?”

“I am,” Gerard said, and he went to signing the papers.

“Hey, guys, it’s Friday,” Mikey said. “You know, movie night. You should all stay over, if you want…”

“YES!” Was the universal reply.

“…And he just needs to come back in a few days to get the stitches removed,” Dr. Sanders said, and then smiled. “You’re all set to go, but please, take it easy.”

Frank hopped up, grinning like a madman. The eight and the doctor walked out of the room. Dr. Sanders bid them all a farewell, and said they’d see him soon, and then walked the opposite direction that the teenagers went. Somehow, once again, they managed to fight eight people in the elevator without exceeding the weight limit.

Once they got into the parking lot, though, was when Frank’s grin faded, realizing that only Gerard’s car was there. Although, Frank was permitted to sit in the front, because he was hurt. As always, they were able to manage six people in the back. Finally, they were in Ways’ driveway.

“Mom, we’re back!” Gerard called as he threw his keys on the kitchen counter.

Donna Way appeared from her office room, and smiled as she saw everyone. “Hello.”

“Hope you don’t mind, but Cari, Ray and Monty are going to stay over tonight, too, because its movie night,” Gerard explained.

Mrs. Way nodded. “Yeah, that’s fine. Oh, Frank, are you alright, dear?”

“I’m fine,” Frank said, and nodded.

“Right. So, I don’t know how this is going to work,” Donna said. “We don’t have any extra rooms. Bree is actually in Gerard’s old room. There’s only three bedrooms, so, wherever you would like to sleep is fine by me.” That was directed towards Jamie and Frank. “I’ve had a long day, so I’m going to bed, don’t be too loud…”

“So that’s why my room smells like it does,” Bree laughed once Donna was upstairs. “So, movie night?”

Cari nodded. “Usually every other week, we have movie week. The alternate week, those with divorced parents would go to the other parent’s house for the weekend. So, we usually spend every other Friday together for movie night.”

“Who picks?” Bree asked.

“Well, someone people whose names are at the end of the alphabet,” Monty said, “thought it was unfair that we would usually go in alphabetical order. So we go in reverse alphabetical order.”

“Who complained?”

“Ray, Monty and Mikey,” Frank said. “They were always the last three. They said it wasn’t fair that Cari, Gerard and I always picked first, and usually chose the better movies. Though, that was where the sibling rivalry would come in.”

“Either way, I’m in the middle, so it doesn’t matter much to me,” Jamie said. “Well, now I’m in the first half, cause Bree, you’re last.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s my turn,” Mikey grinned.

“NO!” Monty exclaimed. “It’s MY turn. We went into the forest the other week, when it was supposed to be my turn, so—”

“So, you miss out. My turn,” Mikey said firmly.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Oh, just let Monty choose, god dammit. By the way, we’re watching the movie in my room, cause it’s the coolest in this house.”

Monty stuck her tongue out at Mikey, who frowned. The eight made their way down the basement stairs. One thing about the their movie night, was that it was usually a horror film, unless you brought your own. They honestly had no idea how Gerard managed to get his own TV in his room, but he did. Thankfully, he got the Ways’ old couch when they upgraded to new furniture. So, Gerard’s room was like a living room, with a lot of artwork and a bed.

“Don’t touch anything,” Gerard said.

The TV was angled in the corner of the room, so wherever you sat you would most likely see it. Ray and Monty took the couch before anyone else had the thought of moving. Cari sat down on the other end of the couch, avoiding their ‘sickly sweet relationship.’ Gerard plopped onto his bed. Mikey, Jamie, Frank and Bree sat on the floor.

“I don’t know what movie,” Monty said. “Someone else choose.”

Gerard leaned over his bed, picking a VCR tape off the floor and threw it towards Frank. “Here. Just a warning, it’s fucking scary.”

“Why do we always have to watch horror flicks?” Jamie groaned.

“We don’t,” Cari said. “When it’s your turn, you always pick Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Frank looked at the VCR, shaking his head and put the tape in anyway. “You sure you want to watch The Shining?”

This was most likely not their brightest idea. Within two hours, Gerard fell asleep during the middle of it, and almost everyone else was scared to death.

But the thing was, this was just like old times, and that was reassuring in the back of their minds.

“Well, you guys,” Bree said, “We could be in a haunted mansion, or in the middle of the woods, like two weeks ago.”

“Point taken.”


Does anyone have an idea for the sequel? Should I make the sequel their summer or start off sophomore year? R&R (;

By the way, I have no clue what year this takes place in, so..
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