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Chapter 22

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"Do not pity the dead, Harry, pity the living. Above all, pity those who live without love." -Dumbledore

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Saturday, June 11th 10:32 AM

“No, no, you guys don’t have to,” Bree said, struggling from crying, again. Frank squeezed her hand gently; just to reassure her everything would be okay. They all tried to comfort her.

“Bree, we want to,” Monty said. “Sure, we never knew her, but still.”

The eight of them were standing in the Ways’ living room; all dressed in black, and ready to head for the funeral. Bree protested, saying they didn’t have to come. Though, they refused to not go, and would support her the whole way through it. Bree had struggled to calm herself down, though; it was hard not to have tears run down her face.

They all had some outfit that was black, so finding something appropriate wasn’t difficult. The boys, though, weren’t exactly fond of wearing suits, in June. Gerard, Mikey and Frank wore what seemed to be the skinniest jeans ever made… Gerard had on a white collared shirt, while Mikey and Frank opted black shirts. Frank and Gerard both had on black ties, while Mikey threw on a very tight jacket over his untucked shirt. Frank also couldn’t resist, so he wore his studded belt.

Ray claimed he had no suit type outfits. He wore his nicest pair of dark jeans, a black tee shirt and a good looking black jacket, also.

The girls had really outdone themselves, though.

Bree wore a romantic gothic pink dress, that’s exactly what it was called. It was just passed her knees, and had a corset looking middle. It had spaghetti straps, too, with lace at the end of the dress. She wore her red hair in a bun, and her eyes were red and puffy from crying. Bree didn’t bother trying to fix her makeup again, because it was just going to get ruined. Around her neck was a necklace of her mother’s, which Bree was given at a young age.

Cari, Monty and Jamie had gotten their dresses at the same place a few months ago. They were pretty much the same design and were all “Hell Bunny” dresses. Fuck yes for sale items. Though, the patterns, colors and even the design weren’t the same.

Cari wore a “Hell Bunny Skully Beetlejuice” dress. It was solid black, with spaghetti straps, until about her mid-section, where is descended in vertical black and white stripes, which went just above her knees. At the end of the black fabric, there was a black ribbon tied in a bow at the side, which had a little skull, too. Cari’s hair was just like always, down, with the red and black stripes clearly visible, hiding her green eyes slightly. She just wore plain black flip-flops.

Jamie’s dress was plain black, with some flowy mesh like fabric on top of the skirt of the dress. The dress was a halter-top. Underneath her bust was a black band, with a flower on the side. It was called the “Hell Bunny Harmony Skull Evening Dress.” Her hair was down, and her blue eyes seemed to pop with her outfit of choices. She, though, had a small light shawl on, to hide her arms. Jamie wore black flip-flops, like Cari.

Monty’s dress was purple with black polka dots. Her dress was also a halter-top, with black straps. It had black trim at the top, and then a black band under the bust. The dress went till about her knees. “Hell Bunny 50’s Vera Dress” was the name of it. Monty’s dirty blonde hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. Her brown eyes stood out against the bright colored fabric. Like Cari and Jamie, she also had a pair of flip-flops on.

The guys were clearly stunned at the way the four girls looked. Though, it wasn’t really an appropriate time to try to snog them. The eight patiently waited for Donna and Donald, though they weren’t going to be going in the same car. They wanted to arrive together. Some bullshit Donna explained before.

“They’re taking too long,” Gerard said, when he heard the shower water finally turn off. “We’re going to be late. Mom and Dad have a habit of being late to everything.”

“Is this new, or has it always been like that?” Ray asked.

“Always,” Gerard groaned. “It was almost fifteen years ago, and Mom almost gave birth in a cab to the hospital cause she was late for her appointment. Then Dad and I were late by several hours, and boy, there was a lot of screaming going on. ‘How are you late to your second child’s birth?!’ So, while they fought, the nurse gave me Mikey. He looked like an alien.”

“Thanks,” Mikey rolled his eyes. “Is that what really happened?”

Gerard nodded “Yeah, for the most part. Mom figures that’s why you’re closer to me, than her.”

The shower water turned on again, and they groaned. This was taking forever.

“C-can we go?” Bree asked. “I don’t want to be late.”

Ray and Monty had gotten into Ray’s car. Frank held on to Bree’s hand and only let go to climb in to the back of Ray’s car. That was the comfort that Bree needed right now. Cari got in the front seat of Gerard’s car, as Jamie and Mikey got in the back.

Within a half hour, they were at the church of where the ceremony was going to be. The wake was the other day, that none of them, except Bree, made it to. The rush of family members to consult Bree seemed to be overwhelming and she was soon separated from her friends. It was all relatives and family friends, some she didn’t even know.

“Back off the poor girl,” an elderly woman’s voice said from behind the crowd. “She isn’t in the right position to be pressed with your questions and sympathies.”

The crowd disappeared quickly after that, and standing there was their grandmother, Elena, the life saver. She smiled sweetly, embracing Bree in a tight hug. She whispered something in Bree’s ear, which sounded like “Stay strong.” Bree broke the hug, wiping the tears from her face. Elena smiled at the group of teenagers.

“No hugs from my favorite grandson?” she asked, placing a hand on her hip. Gerard and Mikey hugged the old woman quickly but still sincere. “Right, now, who are the rest of you?”

“Well,” Gerard said, and then pointed towards Ray, “that’s Ray and his girlfriend Monty. And that’s Cari, and Frank, and Mikey’s girlfriend, Jamie.”

Elena smiled. “You boys are growing up so fast! Come on, then, I’ve got a pew saved for us.”

“Dearly beloved,” the priest started the service, “we are gathered here today in loving memory of Janine Rush, who was called to our Father last week.”

The service dragged on, and then, they started calling up family members to speak. The teenagers didn’t notice Donna and Donald sneak in and sat in the back. A man tapped Bree on the shoulder, and she saw her Dad. She hugged him tightly. He wanted her to speak, and she nodded without really thinking.

Bree stepped up to the podium, not knowing what to say. “Um, hi. I’m Bree, as you should know, and the news that my mother had passed was heart breaking. Yet, I knew it was coming.

“I’m going to start from he beginning. My parents told me that because of financial issues, I was going to live with my cousins, Gerard and Mikey. Yeah, I wasn’t too fond of the idea. But, I knew it had to be more than that? I… I heard them talking that this would be the best way for me, until they got the divorce figured out.

“So, for the past two-three weeks, I’ve been living in Belleville. I met some really awesome people though, who were really nice to me. Anyway, I had this dream, more like a nightmare, but my mom was in it. She told me I had to save them before it was too late. I realized she was talking about my new friends,” Bree said, a little unsteadily, then continued,

“I looked further than the average human, and there was everything. Everything that goes unnoticed. Neglect, abuse, lack of better judgment, misunderstood, drugs, etc. They didn’t notice it in eachother because they were too caught up in their own problems.”

Bree took a small pause, asking herself if she was going off topic… She thought she might as well finish where she was going with this.

“What I’m trying to say is, yeah, I miss my mom like hell,” she said. “But, she knew she was going, and I thank God that she told me to look beyond the facts now that I know I must’ve saved somebody’s life. Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and all above pity the living without love.

Frank was the first one to start clapping, and soon everyone else joined in. Bree went back to the pew, feeling somewhat better.

“That was a really good speech, Bree,” Cari said.


The service was older, and the coffin was soon to be transported to the cemetery. The teens decided to walk, even though it was raining, more like drizzling. They watched from afar as the coffin was lowered into the whole. The headstone was new and clean. Tons of people left flowers and such. They waited until those people left.

The eight approached the headstone, standing in a moment of silence.

“Did you really mean what you said?” Monty asked. “Like did you really look beyond what’s on the outside?”

Bree nodded. “I tried. The signs were in plain sight, someone just needed to address them. I guess I’m good a profiling.”

They headed towards the cemetery gates, and looked back one more time. It was sort of weird that there were so many people dead.

“There could always be a zombie apocalypse, ya know, then all those dead people would be zombies,” Mikey said. “And we’d be screwed.”

“Have you been thinking about a zombie apocalypse the whole time we were here?” Jamie asked and Mikey nodded.

“Well in that case,” Frank said, “I’m getting out of here before they can eat my brain!”

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