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Chapter 23

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For the last time, take a good hard look! I'm not okay.

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Monday June 13th 12:03

The looks, the intense stares, the name calling, everything seemed to be increased Monday. Someone would crack a joke, others would just snort Freak!, and even physical violence was used. Why, though? That’s what made no sense.

But it all did make sense. It wasn’t just the eight of them; it was Gia and her friends, too.

“Sure ya didn’t like gettin’ hit?” Frank
“Orphan.” Jamie
“Failure. Ray
“Cutter.” Cari
“Alcoholic.” Gerard
“Virgin.” Mikey
“Awh, her mommy’s dead, too!” Bree
“Lesbian.” Monty

The taunts continued throughout the day. The eight tried to ignore them. But that wasn’t easy when it was you against the world. The boys were pushed and shoved in the hallway; the girls were mocked and teased. Couldn’t they ever get a break? Why was everyone even acting so cruelly towards them?

That answer was because of Nicole and Josh, Gia’s ex. They were the ones spreading rumors, or telling the truth which did not need to be said. The other reason is the news reports on Frank and Jamie. Nicole and Josh deliberately spread rumors involving Gia, Mikey, Gerard, Katie, and others. It was absolutely ridiculous.

The eight met up for lunch, taking their normal table, and Gia and Katie joined them. They needed to talk about this, now.

“So, what’d they say to you guys?” Gia asked. “They keep saying how I’m so “fucked up.” Please, tell me something I don’t know.”

“They keep spitting ‘orphan’ at me,” Jamie said. “For God’s sake! I am not an orphan. My dad is alive, just not home. And they keep throwing ‘virgin’ at Mikey.”

“Just cause I wouldn’t sleep with the whore,” Mikey said, shaking his head. “And Frank and I were apparently targets for the pencil throwers in math class.”

Gerard sighed. “All sorts of snides of alcoholism are directed towards yours truly. Like you said, Gia, tell me something I don’t know. What else did they say, guys?”

“Failure,” Ray said. “And if one more person calls Monty a lesbian, I’m going to beat the shit out of them. They’re calling Cari a cutter and poking fun at Bree cause of her deceased mother.”

“I’ve got you all beat,” Frank said, rolling his eyes. “‘Ya like gettin’ hit?’ AND, I got shoved into a fucking locker.”

“Life sucks,” Cari said, the others agreeing with her.

“Isn’t a sad day when they all get together to discuss how terrible their lives are? Bet they’re talking about cutting techniques,” Nicole laughed, latching onto Josh’s arm as they strode by. “Losers.”

Anger flickered through Gerard’s eyes, as they seemed to turn black. “You have something to say to me, then say it to me fucking face.”

The two popular kids laughed in his face, stopping by to take in the “pathetic display of youth.” Gerard stood up and was about to lunge over at them, but Cari and Ray grabbed both of his arms, restraining him. Other kids walked over to see what exactly was going on. Before long there was a crowd of students who had eighth period lunch around them. Unwanted commentary was made, and someone even dared to throw a piece of garbage towards the Outcasts.

“Faggots,” someone sneered, making Nicole laugh her high pitched annoying laugh.

Cari let go of Gerard’s arm, walking over to the brunette and bitch slapped her. “Fuck off,” she hissed, turning around to walk back, when a fist collided with her back, sending Cari flying forward.

“Don’t fucking touch her,” Josh growled. “Your emo disease might spread.”

Ray let go of Gerard’s other arm, letting him lunge at the jock. Josh’s team buddies joined in, helping Josh out. The Outcasts were easily outnumbered. But, hell, they could run if they needed too. Ray, Mikey and Frank joined in too, although they were more awkward then the ever so confident Gerard. Jamie, Bree and Monty were currently caring for Cari, who just missed getting a concussion. Gia and Katie stepped in, telling off the now popular girls.

As quick as it started, the fight was over.

The principal, vice principal, nurse and other various teachers came running out onto the lunch grounds, breaking up the fight. It seems as if anyone who had a fist made had gotten either detention or suspension. Several were taken to the nurse to help with minor injuries. A lot of phone calls were made to parents.

They lost, in the end.

Gerard had a sprained wrist since someone purposely snapped it backwards, and a black eye. Mikey somehow managed to get a punch to his nose, causing it to gush blood. He didn’t think it was broken, but it could be. Ray had a big bruise forming on his cheek, and also a black eye. Frank didn’t look too bad, until he started to cough up blood. Cari had a nasty gash in her forehead from when she was pushed into the table, and her back was in immense pain. Jamie, Monty and Bree weren’t physically injured. Gia and Katie were left with bitch-slapped cheeks. All of them ended up in detention.

The jocks ended up in suspension, though, and starting a fight was going on their permanent records. Nicole and her posse had also ended up in detention. But, phone calls to parents were still made, despite the protests. As of now, most of the teenagers were waiting in the office.

“I’m eighteen, a legal adult,” Gerard said, “I can do whatever the hell I want!”

“Not while under school rules, Mister Way,” the principal, Mr. Brown, explained.

“I didn’t do anything wrong! You can’t punish me. I’m an adult!”

The vice principal shrugged her shoulders, “Well, if that’s how you want it, you can be arrested for fighting with a minor. Now, are your parents home?”

Mikey shook his head, answering for his hotheaded brother. “Nope, they’re on a holiday. Good luck reaching any of our parents.”

The principal laughed sarcastically and narrowed his eyes, “I see you take after your brother, no?”

“Sir,” the overly nervous secretary said. She must be new. “Mr. Scott is on line four, Ms. Toro is on line five and Mrs. Hatler is on line six.”

Monty, Ray and Cari shuddered, fearing how this would go down.

Brown glanced over to her. “And you couldn’t reach the others?”

The secretary shook her head quickly. She was definitely part of the new facility. “No, sir. The phone line at the Ways’ was busy. Though, we received a message on both Iero and Williams’ lines that their numbers no longer exist. But, we were able to contact Iero’s mother and she isn’t anywhere near here.”

“No longer exist?” Brown asked suspiciously, ignoring the secretary’s last sentence. “How is that possible? That’s like saying Way wasn’t a troublemaker.”

Gerard didn’t protest that time. He kept quiet, secretly plotting an elaborate plan for sweet revenge. It’s a fucking death wish, and well, you know what they do to guys in prison. +

“Uhm, sir?” The secretary said, one hand on the phone. “We reached the Ways and we’ve told all the parents to come in immediately.”

“Good,” Brown said. “What about Williams? No contact?”

Jamie rolled her eyes. “You haven’t heard the rumors? I’m an orphan. Sort of. My dad’s somewhere in the world at an anonymous military base. I don’t think you’ll be contacting him anytime soon.” Brown raised his eyebrows. “I’m living with the Ways, in case you were wondering.”

The parents all came in around the same time, absolutely shocked and furious about what happened. Of course, none of them knew the real truth. But, when they saw their children bloody and bruised, they didn’t care.

“My babies!” Donna Way exclaimed, embracing Gerard and Mikey into a tight squeeze, causing both boys to blush. “Are you alright? Who did this to you?”

“Mom,” Gerard said, and she let go. “What are you doing here? I thought you were on a holiday. And, honestly, it wasn’t our fault.”

Donna smiled sympathetically at her boys and their friends. “We’re leaving tonight, sweetheart. I know it isn’t yours or your friends’ fault. We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Brown cleared his throat, “Let’s move this to the conference room, there’s much more room there.”

The whole group of at least twenty human beings entered the room connected to the office. There, there was a long table with a lot of chairs. The group took seats, and Brown, Moore and a few other facility members stood in front. They acted like it was an actual meeting, not a crime against physical assault. What a load of bullshit.

Brown let Nicole and Josh tell their side of the story first. He and the two students received glares from The Outcasts, and even their parents.

“….And I was just walking by, going to lunch,” Nicole said, sobbing to butter it up. “And, and, Cari just slapped me. Ou-out of the blue.” Tears to make it dramatic.

That’s what made Cari snap. She narrowed her eyes at Nicole and stood up from her seat. “Bullshit,” she said. “Stop being such a freaking liar. YOU started it all. It was your entire fault for making rude comments at US. Sure, yeah, I did slap her. Not out of the blue.”

Isn’t a sad day when they get together discussing how terrible their lives are?” Jamie said in an extremely nasally high-pitched voice, mocking Nicole.

Discussing cutting techniques?” Monty added in an equally annoying voice.

Brown cleared his throat. “Ladies. Calm down. It’s not your turn to speak yet! Nicole, do you have anything to add?”

Nicole wiped away her fake tears. “N-no.”

Brown nodded, and turned to the ‘troublemakers’, “You may tell your side of the story now.”

Ray held up his hands in defense and turned to his friends. “I’ll tell them, guys. The rest of you are too hot tempered to say anything without popping a blood vein.” How true that was. They nodded and Ray started the story:

“Well, it started this morning. Everyone, and by that I mean a majority of people, were making fun of all of us. Yeah, the eight of us. They were either using our weaknesses or disadvantages to work against us. By the time lunch came, Nicole and Josh were passing by and made some pretty mean comments.

“Of course, we had to restrain Gerard from lunging across the table and ripping them to shreds,” Ray said, earning a small smirk from Gerard. “That’s when Cari slapped Nicole. Katie and Gia were with us, on our side, too, if you needed to know. They called us faggots and so on, and I let go of Gee, letting him attack whomever he pleased.

“I do believe Josh made the first punch,” Ray said. He pointed to Gerard’s black eye. “See that, that was from Josh and that was the first punch. Gee was only acting in self-defense, as were Mikey, Frank and I. Did I mention Nicole punched Cari in the back, sending her into the picnic table, just avoiding a concussion? Monty, Jamie and Bree were aiding her.”

Moore nodded, taking in all the information. “Ray’s information seems more believable. Plus, he is a more trust worthy kid, in my opinion. His facts match up. Since I deal with punishment, I think it’s safe to that the ten of you—Gerard, Michael, Jamison, Carissa, Breanna, Frank, Montgomery, Ray, Gianna, and Kaitlin—are free to go. Except, detention until Wednesday for being involved in a fight.”

The ten left the conference room ecstatic with their parents, and heard Moore dealing out the punishment for Nicole, Josh and co. It was a great feeling knowing that somebody was finally believing them and on their side.

The parents that were there—Mr. and Mrs. Way, Mrs. Toro, Mr. Scott (and Emily), Mrs. Hatler, plus Gia and Katie’s parents—were not so ecstatic as their children. They were more confused about the matter and stopped the kids in the hallway, before proceeding onward to home. Some reactions were quite different then others

“Ray,” Mrs. Toro beamed, pulling her son into a hug. “I’m proud of you, hun. For telling the truth and protecting your friends.”

“I’m so glad you’re okay, Monty,” Mr. Scott said. “I was so worried when the school called. Emily was too.” Emily and Rob embraced the blonde in a tight squeeze.

Cari was surprised by her mother’s reaction. After all this time ignoring her… Mrs. H gave Cari a high five. “You’re one badass daughter, you know that, right? I give you permission to beat the hell out of that slut whenever!”

Gerard and Mikey just wished their parents’ reaction was something like those three... Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

“Gerard Arthur! Michael James! You two are in some serious trouble, young men,” Mr. Way’s voice boomed. “We are very disappointed in the two of you. Getting into a fight, even though we raised you better than that!”

“Grounded until next week,” Mrs. Way said.

Some part of Frank, Jamie and Bree wish their parents were there, to either congratulate or punish, showing that they still love them. They envied the love and compassion and even the strictness, too.

Push me and I’ll push back.

I am so bloody sorry, it's been almost a month! School's starting up again on Tuesday..fuck. There's a few more chapters left, and by popular demand I'll be writing a sequel about their summer. (:

BTW, head about what happened with Pedicone. I am so disappointed and devastated. I miss Bob :\

I am not too proud with this chapter. I wish I could've done better, but...

Summary: I'm Not Okay- MCR
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