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Chapter 24

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This is what best friends are for.

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Wednesday, June 15th 2:57 PM

“We still have a half hour left,” Frank groaned.

It was the last day of detention, thankfully. But, the dreaded half hour in an overly hot school with a bunch of sweaty people, it felt like forever. And, adding to the fact, the popular assholes were also stuffed into this room with them. Easily, there were twenty people, almost exceeding the room’s capacity. The door and windows were closed, which was really cruel.

They, meaning Brown who momentarily stepped out of the classroom, separated everyone. No one was sitting by his or her friends, which sucked. Brown was evil and deserved to be fired from his job.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Ryan sneered. The jock was sitting behind Frank and had not stopped kicking the back of his chair.

“Not like it fucking matters,” Gerard snapped. “What are we going to do when we get out? If you didn’t know, Mikey and I are grounded.”

Cari scoffed, “So we can only hang out when you two are available? I didn’t know my schedule revolved around you two!”

“Shut the fuck up,” Nicole hissed. “No one fucking cares.”

“Guys, chill the fuck out,” Monty said, directed to her friends, ignoring the brunette who started all of this. “The heat is getting to you. Just shut up, and we’ll be out soon.”

That was true. The heat was getting to him or her, making everybody crabby and annoyed, more than usual. There had to be some child labor law about keeping students in a hundred degree classroom… If you can’t keep a dog or child locked in a car during intense heat, you shouldn’t be able to keep students locked in a classroom.

Jamie stood up from her desk, which was closest to the window, and opened it up, letting the cool breeze flow in the classroom.

“Don’t know why the fuck nobody did that before,” she sighed. “You’re welcome, by the way.”

Brown returned to the classroom, with an iced coffee. How unfair. He could leave to get an ice-cold refreshing drink while twenty students die from heat exhaustion. The principal’s eyes narrowed towards the fully opened window. The window that Jamie opened was the rescue window, i.e., the one with no screen. “That window is not meant to be open, unless in an emergency. Now whoever opened it, please close it.”

“No,” Jamie said. “It was an emergency. You can’t keep us locked up in here. I felt like I was going to pass out on this filthy floor and I needed fresh air.”

“Well, then. How about I keep everyone here another hour or two with all the windows opened? Does that seem fair, Miss Williams?” Brown said.

Bree rolled her eyes. “No, it doesn’t. We weren’t even involved in the pathetic little fight. Jamie, Money and I were aiding Cari, who was pushed into the table. Us three didn’t lay a finger on anybody else.”

Brown nodded. “Very well then. Rush, Scott, Williams, you’re free to go. Everybody else, you have twenty minutes left.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Monty said, holding her hands up in the air. Then she shook her head. “You know what? Never mind. See you guys outside.”

The three exited the classroom, leaving their friends thoroughly confused at Brown’s actions, but didn’t say anything. The popular kids, though, were pissed that he let them go twenty minutes early.

The twenty minutes eventually passed by. Gerard was sketching something onto a piece of scrap paper that was previously thrown at the back of his head. Ray had fallen asleep on the desk, and thankfully he was sitting in front of Mikey otherwise tiny balls of paper would be stuck in his hair. Mikey was picking at his nails, his attention drawn to the obscene writing and drawings on the desk. Frank was tapping his thumbs on his desk to the random song he heard this morning on the way to school. Cari was fuming that she wasn’t included with her friends who left. Her fists were clenched as she tried to find her happy place.

“All right,” Brown said. “You’re free to go.”

Everyone rushed form their seats, the jocks and bitches pushing their way through. The others didn’t care. Gia and Katie went their own way. The guys and Cari went through the halls the quickest way to Gerard’s car. He was only allowed to keep his car to get to and from school. What the five didn’t know was that Jamie, Bree and Monty were on the other corner of the hallway. They all managed to run into each other.

“Guys, we bought ice!” Monty exclaiming, holding up the five pound bag of ice in her hands. Bree had one, too. Jamie had plastic cups. “We figured you needed to cool down.”

Although Gerard and Mikey were grounded, their parents were on a holiday. So, that didn’t make sense, but they did call frequently. They could easily lie to them though. Gerard got one of his ideas.

“Tree house, tonight,” he said.

The eight went outside, sitting on the wall of the school. Cups had been passed around, as was the ice. It cooled them down exceptionally, but then of course, somebody got a great idea. The ice had started to melt, fast, in the summer heat. The amount of fun you can have with ice and cold water…

Cari started it, or maybe Frank. No one knows who really started it. But, it started with an ice cube going down the back of Bree’s shirt. She screamed, jumping up, feeling the cold wetness drip down her back. The others laughed at her little jig, although that wasn’t the end of it. Bree grabbed an ice cube and shoved it down the front of Cari’s shirt.

“Ah, that’s fuckin cold!” she shouted, jumping up and grabbing at her shirt to get the ice cube out.

Jamie laughed, “It didn’t go down your bra, did it?”

Everyone was sent into hysterics, ignoring Cari’s glare. They couldn’t help it, and it didn’t seem too funny, but they need this—a good laugh. Unfortunately, through the laughing, they couldn’t see Cari’s plot. With two cups, she managed to dump full cups of ice down the front of Jamie and Monty’s shirts. They both gasped. Cari snorted as they both jumped up.

“What did I do?!” Monty shrieked. “Ugh, fuck you, Carissa.”

“You wish, Montgomery,” Cari laughed.

The guys were laughing their asses off. This was highly amusing to them, since they weren’t the ones being attacked by ice. Of course, that would all changed in a matter of minutes. Jamie and Bree made a plan while Cari and Monty bickered. They dragged them into the plan, and smirked. The guys were too oblivious to notice the four of them get more ice.

Frank did notice, though, when a cup of ice was dumped down his shirt, melting on the way down. He screeched, and as the guys took notice of Frank and then Bree laughing behind him, it was too late. Ice was dumped down their shirts, followed by the girls laughing and giggling.

“You guys suck,” Ray said, shaking the ice off.

“Fuck, my shirt is all wet now, thanks a lot,” Gerard sarcastically said.

Mikey shook his head, “That wasn’t as nearly as funny.”

Frank saw the rest of the bag of ice was quickly melting into water. “Hey guys,” he picked up the bag of water, “do you want revenge?”

As the guys didn’t notice them sneak up behind them before, the girls this time weren’t paying any attention to the guys at the moment. The four filled up their cups with the ice-cold water and smirked. Their plan would have gone perfectly, if Bree didn’t notice.

“Run!” Everybody shouted. The girls dashed off, and the guys followed them, trying not to spill their revenge. One side of the school was woods and the other was the football field. Of course, the girls ran off into the woods, clearly outrunning the guys. But, the guys were quickly catching up.

The plan backfired when Mikey stopped short to catch his breath and Frank ran into him, spilling his water down Mikey’s back. Mikey was clearly surprised and acted instinctively and poured his water on top of Frank’s head. Gerard and Ray cracked up seeing them, and the girls stopped running and started to retreat. Ray and Gerard splashed each other in the face to end the nonsense.

The guys finally all caught up with each other, laughing.

“My shirt’s fucking soaked,” Frank groaned.

“Well, if you didn’t run into me, spilling it down my fucking back,” Mikey said.

“Take your shirts off!” The girls exclaimed together, still walking closer to them. They did run pretty far away.

“I will if you do,” Frank smirked.

Bree scoffed. “Keep your shirt on, then.”

But the four guys stripped themselves of their shirts. It was too hot to have on a socking wet shirt. Of course the girls didn’t mind. Hello, hot guys without their shirt on.

The eight walked the path they were on for a few more minutes before stopping again. They were lost. At least, they thought they were lost, until Jamie pointed out the tree house up ahead. Gerard suggested a race, and of course with Gerard there were certain rules. They’d pair up on a team of two, and if the teams aren’t obvious enough, but both partners have to get to the tree first, or they don’t win.

Monty got to the tree first, but Ray was way behind her. Jamie got there second, dependent on Mikey to hurry up. But, no, Frank and Bree won, with Cari and Gerard a very close second. Ray and Mikey just weren’t that fast. Frank and Bree had bragging rights, which they definitely used, gloating the fact that they won and the others lost.

After much bragging, they finally went up into the tree house, taking seats on the many throw pillows that were stolen from their parents’ couches. No animals usually got into the tree house, because they always boarded up with windows before leaving, and the door was usually closed. The ladder usually hangs down and is sometimes the victim of bugs and abusive weather conditions.

“I can’t believe school is ending already,” Bree said. “It seems like I just got here,” she joked.

Gerard groaned. “I wish it wasn’t here. The end of the year means finals and regents and…and, graduation.”

His graduation was a touchy subject at the moment. After revealing he wasn’t graduating, and that being a big mistake, to now he was going away to college… There were some unsettled arguments about that. It wasn’t something that was brought up often.

“What regents are we taking?” Frank asked the fellow freshmen.

Monty laughed slightly, only Frank would forget. “Bio and algebra.”

“I’d kill to be a freshman, again,” Ray sighed.

Gerard, being the person who decided to completely ignore the on-going conversation, opened the “secret compartment” that he made sure the tree house had when they built it. In this compartment were extra clothes, water and a lot of candy bars. He grabbed four shirts, throwing three towards the guys, who pulled them on rather quickly.

“You know,” Cari said, “we never helped out that old lady, in the haunted mansion.”

“She didn’t call the cops on us, though,” Mikey shrugged.

Frank laughed, “Ah, dude, that night was so much fun.”

Jamie shook her head. “Was not! I got attacked by a freaking rat and was almost murdered by the old lady!”

“James, Anne was a sweet little old lady, who did not try to murder you,” Monty clarified, laughing at Jamie over reacting. “But that rat… Oh god. Seriously, that night was amazingly fun.”

Bree laughed, nodding to agree. “Totally. And the next day was fun too. When we went to the mall! Unforgettable memories.”

“All the fun started to happen when Bree showed up,” Ray chuckled. “Nothing really fun happened before you showed up, honestly.”

Frank smiled, “She has that charm about her.”

“Awh,” Bree smiled, as they leaned into each other to—

“Stop right there. Sappy lovely dovey shit,” Cari said. “I don’t wanna see it. Hate to break it to you, but I’m single!”

Monty and Jamie shared similar looks, and both sang out “Somebody’s jealous!”

“Fuck off.”

Mikey, Ray and Frank shared a similar glance as Monty and Jamie did. “You know,” Mikey smirked, “Gee’s single, too…”

“Guys, it’s getting late, and it’s a school night!” Gerard said quickly.

“For all the years I’ve known you, not once have you cared about school,” Ray said a-matter-of-factly.

Bree sighed, “Can we skip? I don’t wanna go.”

Gerard thought of a deal, “If I let the six you Freshies skip, we agree to not talk about this subject. You too, Toro.”

Make fun of Gerard and Cari, or not go to school… They were both great, but they could tease Gerard about something else. So, they all chose to skip. Not like anything important would happen in school, anyway.

“So, tonight we’re sleeping in the tight spaced tree house?” Monty asked, looking around the place.

“Yup, or we could always ask Anne for a favor,” Ray said.

Jamie shook her head quickly. “No! I’m not sleeping in that house with that rat that tried to kill me.”

“Well,” Frank said, a small smirk spreading across his face. “This will be an interesting night.”


I went back and re read this whole story and realizes I missed a big part between chapters 7 and 8. So, I fixed that. Go re-read those two chapters and it'll make a shitload more sense XD

I'm actually surprised how quick I updated, but whatever. My plans were cancelled and I was bored. So, I decided to have a little fun and write this chapter. Its kind of random and fun, but I like it.

I know I say this like every author's note, but I'm pretty sure there's only three to four more chapters left. And, as promised, I'll be writing a summer sequel. (: R&R

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