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Chapter 25

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We really need to see this through, we never wanted to be abused. We'll never give up, it's no use. If we're fucked up, you're to blame

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Later that night...

Although the night was intended for fun and games, disagreements and heartbreak was the reality of the teens’ night.

“We’re going to be in so much trouble, and you know that,” Ray said, crossing his arms. Even though he’s the second oldest, he is the most responsible one.

“Relax Toro,” Gerard said, swinging his arm around the other man’s shoulder. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Ray shrugged Gerard’s arm off of him. “Well, for starters, your car is all the way back at the school. And some of us have parents.”

“Oh wow,” Jamie said. “That’s a wonderful thought, isn’t it? Some of us have the baggage of actually having parents. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t know.”

The cause of the little argument was unclear. Something had clicked in everyone’s mind, making them irritated, and they decided tonight would be the night to finally say what was on their mind. Normally, they would laugh away the silly little disagreement, but tonight was different. This was the first major fight the eight would have together.

“Shut up, James,” Cari snapped. Jamie looked shocked by her friend’s direct statement and raised her eyebrows. “Yeah, you heard me. ‘Look at me. I’m Jamie and I don’t have parents. Give me your sympathy. My mom’s dead and my dad ran away from me.’”

Jamie gave her that look—the look of shock, disappointment and rage. Her eyes glistened as she felt the unwanted tears form. “Oh yeah? Do I need to remind you that your dad ran away from you and your mother? Don’t even play that card with me Carissa.”

Frank held up his hands, to signal surrender. “Girls, chill out. Seriously, what’s up with you two?”

Cari exhaled and crossed her arms furiously. She turned to her friends who were beyond shocked. “Come on, guys! I can’t be the only one sick of it!”

Monty shrugged, “Cari, there are better ways than just jumping down her throat.”

“Yeah, way to defend her. Of course you would, right?” Cari sneered at her other blonde friend. The others were speechless and had no idea what to say or do. “You know what happened? You,” Cari pointed a finger straight at Monty’s direction. “You moved here! And then you became Jamie’s BFF, and you were more important!”

Jamie shook her head, “Cari… No…”

Cari obnoxiously shook her head, saying, “Yes. Believe it or not Jamison, but when someone better than me came along, you shoved me to the side. I am so sick of you. Maybe we should have never been friends.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Gerard interjected before that got too far. “No! No, you two stop it now. What the fuck is going on?! We aren’t perfect, Carissa, Jamison.”

Bree sighed, sitting up straight. “Seriously. What’s the matter with you two? We can work this out…”

“Just shut up,” Cari and Jamie said at the same time, shocking almost everybody especially Bree who widened her eyes and gasped.

“What. The. Fuck,” Frank said. “You know, if you want to be bitches, go somewhere else and don’t fucking drag us into it when we’re only trying to fucking help.”

“You can’t just point a finger in Monty’s direction, just because you’re jealous,” Ray said furiously, his hand protectively on his girlfriend’s hand.

Cari narrowed her eyes. “I’m not jealous! You guys are all fucking against me!”

Gerard shook his head calmly, placing his hand on her shoulder. “We’re not. You’re over-reacting, babe. Just calm down and—”

“Oh, don’t pull that nickname bullshit on me. I’m so fucking done with all of you!”

Mikey shook his head, and this was the first time he spoke up. “Oh, so you’re just going to throw a seven year friendship down the fucking drain? You’re acting real mature!”

Everyone started yelling various accusations and obscenities at each other. It was honestly ridiculous and uncalled for to act like this. Faces were red, tears stained faces, bodies shook. When everything was thought to be going smoothly of the previous fun day and then they end up in a huge argument about nothing. Or, maybe it was something, something too big that no one else wanted to discuss.

The teens never escalated to physical violence, although the power to was still there. Their words hurt each other’s sensitive spots. Some topics they’d never dare to bring up to make their friend feel worthless. They were just as bad as the kids at school, shoving stereotypes and other mean words at each other.

Bree felt like this wasn’t her fight, which is wasn’t. She slid down against the back wall, sitting during the midst of the fighting. She pull her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs, watching the “best friends” dish out their worse upon one another. Bree had nothing to say, not like it would make a difference to the stubborn teenagers.

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Carissa,” Monty shouted. “I’m sorry you’re jealous. But you have to let that go. There’s no way that we can divide our attention up into seven so we can equally give everyone the attention they deserve! I’m sorry that you’re the one left out!”

Cari nodded, “Yeah, you’re right! I’m always the one left out. Always. And you guys even know that! But, you do nothing. You don’t even know me!”

“We honestly don’t know anything about each other,” Gerard said. “We all have our own secrets. We still all have our own secrets.”

“Cari,” Jamie said, “I am truly fucking sorry. I really didn’t mean to ditch you. And I don’t even want your fuckin sympathy. But, listen. You don’t know I went through and you don’t know what is was like being punished for just being alive.”

“Well it’s not like my life was a ray of sunshine,” Cari contradicted.

Frank shook his head, “Yeah, we know. We all have our problems. We’re only human.”

Bree stood up, realizing something quite obvious, “What’s been eating at you?” She asked Cari directly. “Something’s bothering you. You didn’t know how to come out and say it, so instead you just accused your friends of everything.”

Cari shook her head, bringing her sleeve to wipe her eyes. “No. Yes, okay, yeah. I’m not fine; I haven’t been since my parents’ divorce. I just, no. I’m sorry I snapped at you guys, I shouldn’t have. I just…just didn’t know how to say it.”

Gerard put his hand on her shoulder, again, to comfort her. “Shh, it’s okay. Take your time.”

“I… I’ve been really freakin depressed, and I just feel so unwanted,” Cari sighed. “I feel like a disappointment. I’m sorry. I need an escape. I don’t know how to deal with it… It makes me hate myself so much.”

Cari moved her position, so the inner part of her left leg was showing several parallel cuts down her thigh. She removed her wristband, which no one took notice of until now, to show two cuts across her wrist. Her friends tried not to stare, but they didn’t know what exactly to do. They were speechless.

Gerard was the first to react. He embraced Cari in a tight hug, surprising her, and only whispered “you’re beautiful” ten thousand times. They sat down on the floor, Gerard never letting go. Jamie sat next to Cari, taking her hand in hers, with Mikey sitting right next to her obviously. Monty and Ray sat on the other side of Cari. Bree kneeled in front of her, Frank to her left. Cari never left so comfortable and loved.

“Don’t you remember?” Monty asked, grinning, “What happens to one of us happens to all of us.”

Jamie spoke the next line of their anthem. “We help each other when we fall down.”

“We face our fears to help one of us out,” Frank repeated the infamous line.

“Nothing comes between our friendship,” Ray said.

“Friends is a loose term," Gerard said. “Brothers and sisters is who we are.”

“Forever and always, we'll always be here,” Mikey smiled, repeating the second to last line

“Never alone, no matter what,” Cari whispered, barely audible, finishing their anthem.

Bree smiled, too, “That’s a cute motto. It’s very comforting, actually.”


I can't believe this story is so close to ending :( I am so proud of how far it has actually gotten. This was my first real MCR story and I love it to pieces.
I'd say maybe two/three more chapters left. I haven't gotten them written out, but it's the general idea.
Summary-Anthem Part 2 by blink-182

For the sequel, there are two choices. I am definitely doing the summer, like you guys asked for. But, the choice is yours:
Choice 1: The eight go to a summer lake house in northern New York for a few weeks
Choice 2: They take a trip down to the Jersey Shore for a little bit

:D r&r my lovelies

The italics bit at the end was the same motto from chapter one :)
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