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Chapter 26

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Last day of school

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Monday June 20th

Monday, the dreaded Monday… But this Monday was different. Today was the last day of school, officially. No tests, no finals, no homework… Of course some teachers were preparing for the regents that the high schoolers had to take in the next few days, but overall today was a day of relaxing and saying goodbye.

“Sign my yearbook!”

“We have to chill over the summer, girl!”

Exclamations like those were thriving in the hallway; everyone trying to make last minute plans. Most of the seniors were saying goodbye to their classmates and their favorite teachers. The students still had to go to class, but the teachers were not planning on doing any work today.

The second bell just rang, signaling the students it was time to be in first period, or you were late. The announcements came on, like every morning at 7:40. The unfortunate thing about this Belleville High was there was no homeroom. Students went straight to first period. The announcements started the same, with a junior named Elsa saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Instead of Elsa doing the morning announcements, Principal Brown came on.

“Good morning, Belleville Buccaneers!” Almost every student groaned upon hearing the principal’s voice. “We’re finally at the last day of school! Don’t forget to study over the summer. And, for the students taking regents exams this week: you’re not done yet! Can I please have all seniors in the auditorium at this time? Have a fantastic day!”

The speaker clicked off. Seniors made their way to the auditorium while the others continued on with their first period class. One more day of this, and then they were free. Well, there were the regents, but besides that they were free.
Frank, Jamie and Monty were in their last day of health class. The young female teacher had decided on a game to make the last day enjoyable. The person had to give clues about a word or phrase without giving it all away. Plus, boys verses girls always made things more fun.

“Um, the number after two,” Monty said, trying to get the girls to guess correctly because if they did, they would win.


Monty thought for a split second of what the next clue she could give would be. “Uh, multiplication, another word for it.”


“First letter in the alphabet!” Monty was on a roll. Girls were going to win, and then Frank would complain it wasn’t fair.


The teacher smiled, “Ten seconds left.”

“Three times a charm,” Jamie said, ending the quick little game, smirking as the girls won.

Just as both Monty and Jamie predicted, Frank was a sore loser. “Nuh uh. That’s not fair. I’m surrounded by idiots over here who don’t know the difference between anything!”

Jamie just shook her head and laughed. “Oh just go to math, Frankie. Say hi to Mikey for me.” Jamie winked, walking in the other direction to the last day of Global 9.

Monty shook her head, going in the same direction as Frank to go to English. They parted at the top of the stairs, Frank went right and Monty went straight. A few minutes later, Cari, Mikey and Bree were at the top of the very same stairs. Cari went to English and Bree and Mikey went to math. Frank was already there, like usual on Even Days.

Math was really quick and practically a study hall for them. An optional math worksheet was handed out, but no one did it. They all talked about their summer plans.

Frank and Bree sat next to each other, with Mikey sitting in front of them, alone. He pulled his chair around to face the couple.

“Well, we survived the ninth grade,” Mikey said,

“Not yet,” Frank laughed. “Oh, and Jamie said hi. God, I am so happy this is the last day of math!”

The teacher had caught what he said, “What, you don’t like my class, Mr. Iero?”

Bree laughed as she watched her boyfriend stumble over his response: “No, no! I like the class and I like you, not in a creepy way. Just, algebra is not my thing!”

Frank was glad as the bell rang; that was only a little embarrassing. Mikey and Bree had both laughed, and he knew he’d probably never live it down. Now, it was onward to the last day of his writing seminar. Thankfully, Bree was put in that class, too.

Mikey was just going down the very small flight of stairs, so close to the Home Ec room, as he was pushed gently down the stairs. The push wasn’t hard enough to make him fall, Mikey just stumbled. Cari laughed from behind him, giving him a little smirk as he rolled his eyes.

In food and nutrition, just like every other class today, nothing was planned. But, the teacher made cookies to celebrate the last day of school, which was a major plus. About halfway through the class, a familiar face snuck in, taking the empty seat next to his brother. Gerard.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in art?” Cari questioned.

Gerard shrugged. “It was boring. So, I asked to go to the bathroom.” He flashed the hall pass in his hand. “I decided to see my favorite brother and one of my favorite girls.”

“I’m your only brother,” Mikey said, rolling his eyes. He pushed his glasses up so they didn’t fall off his nose. “What wad the meeting about this morning?”

“They just went over graduation and shit,” Gerard said, reaching for one of Mikey’s untouched cookies. “You guys have study hall next, right?”

Cari nodded, “Yeah.”

“Where’s everybody else this period?” Gerard asked. He could only just remember his own schedule, let alone eight friends.

Mikey shrugged. “I think Bree and Frank are in that writing class. And Ray, Monty and Jamie are in music, I think.”

Gerard nodded. “’Kay. I’m going to go visit the ‘Fro. See you later.” And just as quick as Gerard was there, he left.

Cari laughed, shaking her head. “Your brother is so strange, Mikey.”

Mikey looked at her directly and nodded, “Yeah, but that’s why you like him.”

“Dude! You just got us kicked out on the last freaking day of school!” Monty laughed, leaning on Ray for support. “Thanks a lot, Gee.”

Gerard shrugged. “How was I supposed to know that I was ‘causing a disruption’ to a class that wasn’t doing anything? I just came to see El Toro.”

Jamie laughed. “Jeez, you couldn’t wait until study hall?”

“Nah,” Gerard shook his head. “Oh shit. I gotta go back to art. I’ll be right back.”

As Gerard walked down the hall back to the art room, the bell rang.

Right now, was fourth period, where the Outcasts were in study hall. Gerard had gotten there late because of the lecture his art teacher tried to give him. The others were discussing the regents mostly, and once in a while they would find themselves on the topic of summer. There were no plans to their knowledge, but that small smirk on Gerard’s face told them otherwise. It’s predictable that he would create an elaborate plan to celebrate their last summer together, but who knows what that could be.

“Hey,” Cari said, nudging Gerard’s side. “You got a yearbook, right? Let me sign it!”

Gerard handed over his senior yearbook, which was handed out to all of the graduating class. Cari took out a pen, and seemed to write a lot, then passed it to somebody else in the group. Mikey had gotten it next, and they repeated the cycle until everyone had signed the yearbook. As Gerard went to open the book, Frank closed it on his hand.

“You can’t read it until later!” Frank exclaimed, and tossed the yearbook to Bree, and laughed as Gerard pouted. “It’s the anticipation that makes it specialer.”

“No, you just like torturing me,” Gerard said, Frank shrugged.

The rest of the day seemed to be like a blur. The classes from fifth period to eighth went by quickly. And thank god for that. Everyone just wanted to get out of the school so badly. Lunch finally came and it and last period quickly went by, not that anyone minded. Many people had plans for a party or some sort tonight.

The last bell rang, and practically everyone ran out, throwing papers in the air, feeling free. No one needed to stop at their lockers, unless that had a lot of papers left, but fortunately the eight teens had cleaned out their lockers day prior.

“What’s the plan today?” Frank asked, as the eight exited through the doors, out into the parking lot. “Is there even a plan?”

“Um, well, sorta,” Jamie said. “Mikey and I have plans already, sorry. I think Monty and Ray do, too.”

Bree pulled on Frank’s arm to drag him over to the right car. “We’ll think of our own plans.”

“Bye guys!” They waved to each other across the parking lot, and then got into their respectful cars.

“You don’t mind if I read this, do you?” Gerard asked, holding up his yearbook that he got back from his cousin at lunch.

Cari shook her head, spinning in the desk chair, admiring the artwork over the walls. The two headed down to the basement as Mikey and Jamie had gone upstairs to Mikey’s room presumably. Gerard opened the yearbook to the ‘autograph’ pages, finding the black and blue ink all over the pages.


Hey, hi, hello. I can’t believe you’re actually graduating. Do you know how unreal that is? I remember that day forever ago when Mikey and I had a ‘play date’ and you were there. To be honest, you were that weird older brother. But, hey, you were kinda cute(; I mean, you were always there with us. And now you’re leaving. It’s going to be hard to adjust to. But, congrats on making it through high school alive. You’ve helped all of us, especially me, a lot. I’ll miss you so much, Gee.
Love always,

Gerard smiled and looked at his ‘unofficial’ girlfriend, who was still looking at the walls of artwork.


Hey you! I haven’t known you as long as the others, but I still feel like I’ve known you forever. Weird, huh? I’m gonna miss you olot when you leave. We all are. You’re like everyone’s older brother, the protector. Thank you, Gee, for everything.
Yours truly,
Frankie :D


You’ve made it so far, Gee. I can’t believe it. You have been my best friend since second grade. Remember you asked me what color your eyes were, and then yelled at me because they weren’t just plain old green? Such a little dramatic artist back then, too. Well, I’m going to miss us chilling after school. We have so many memories together. Good luck, Gerard.

Dear Gerard,

Congrats! I can’t believe how fast time flies! It seems like only yesterday we were introduced. And then we built the tree house together. Ah, memories. You have some crazy ideas locked away in that pretty head of yours, Gee. Let the world experience your great ideas! Remember me when you’re famous. Don’t let your flaws and past mistakes bring you down. I’ll miss you.

Gerard grinned at the three he just read. He needed to remember to hug the crap out of them later. He flipped the page to find the last three notes he wanted to read. The other pages were filled with useless signatures and ‘have a good summer.’


Hey, cousin. I know we haven’t been so close, like ever. I’m sorry about that. You know, you’re actually kind of cool. It’s been great hanging with you and actually getting to know you better than what I’ve assumed you to be after all these years. I see how you love and care for your friends and that’s truly amazing. Good luck! Don’t let anyone try to bring you down.


Hello. We’ve known each for quite sometime now, Gee, and I want to say that you’ve always felt like an older brother to me. You know what to say and you get the craziest ideas, but it’s a lot of fun with you around. I don’t want you to leave us, honestly. I’ll miss the teasing and everything, and of course, you yourself. Stay strong, Gerard! (:


You’ve always been my older brother, but not only that; you’re also my best friend. I really don’t want you to leave me at all. I’m going to miss you too much. I look up to you and everything you do. You’re the greatest big brother anyone could ever ask for, honestly. I don’t think you realize how amazing and talented you truly are. Congrats on making it out alive, Gee. Whatever crazy idea you get next, just go for it. I’ll support you all the way through. I love you, Gerard.
Your lil bro,
Mikey Way.

Gerard’s grin was huge by now. He even felt a few tears bubble up in his eyes. These were his best friends. And they were the greatest.

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