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Part 1:Red Riding Hood

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This is based off the movie Red Riding Hood but its going to be a tad bit different. When you read this imagine Destery as- Max Irons and Henry as- shiloh fernandez Basically all the characters a...

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My heart fell to the pit of my stomach, I couldn't believe I was hearing those words. “Maybre Elizabeth Sarets, will you marry me?” My mouth dropped but no words would escape. I looked behind me at my one true love, Henry Stocks. His black hair was hanging in front of his face as he was looking at the ground so I couldn't see his expression. I turned back around and looked back into Destrey Knights emerald green eyes. I gulped and regrettably said “Yes.” while lowering my head in sadness as Destrey put the beautiful steal ring on my skinny ring finger. Destrey was the towns black smith along with his father so it was obvious to me that he made the ring himself. It was lovely but I didn't love Destrey for his money or skills, I didn't love him at all to be honest. I loved Henry, I always have and will love Henry. I have known Henry ever since I was eight years old and ten and a half years later we have grown even closer then friends. Henry has always been there to protect me even when I was strong enough to do things on my own. When I was eight and he was nine we would go riding and hunting. He taught me how to shoot my first bow. I heard a huff from behind me and saw that Henry grabbed his ax out of the tree stump and walked of angered. I let him go because I knew I would soon see him again later on. Destrey smiled at me and his eyes sparkled in the light. Destrey was very handsome. He was tall and stood at around five foot eleven. He was slim but was only bulky from muscles. His brown hair was dark and rich. Every girl in the village wanted him but not me. If it weren't for arranged marriage I would have never said yes. He took my hand and led me out of the woods to show me off to the village. My velvet dress trailed an inch behind me in the pure white snow. The corset of my dress was tied cris cross down my back. The blue hood covered my head and flowed over my dress. The hood kept my arms warm considering it covered them fully but I could feel my brown hair frozen to my face. We entered the village and heads turned all around. I could hear whispers and sighs. Destrey kept looking at me and smiled. I wasn't smiling but I wasn't frowning either I just kept a straight face. I looked down at the ground as Destrey lead me towards my family's cottage. I could feel a burning inside my soul. I was angry but I wasn't ready to unleash it. I had nothing against Destrey but the fact that I had to marry him against my will made me feel some anger towards him. When it comes to arranged marriages the mother and father of both the bride to be and groom to be arrange it and have the bride to be and groom to be to get married. The only thing is the bride to be has no say in the engagement she just has to go along weather she likes it or not. But if the groom to be doesn't want to continue with the engagement then he can throw the engagement off. Basically the groom to be is in control. We approached the hand carved wooden door to my family's cottage. I went to push it open but Destrey pulled me over to the side for a minute. “Are you ready to tell them?” He asked smiling. “They already know. They are the ones that arranged it.” I replied with a mean voice, I looked away and not at his face but from the corner of my eye I could see Destrey wasn't smiling anymore. He let go of my hand and sighed then opened the door. In a way I was glad he could tell I wasn't happy but he wasn't all to blame. I entered and elegantly pulled the hood off my head. “Oh my goodness! Its happened! Destrey you purposed already?” My mother asked shocked but with a wide smile cheek to cheek. I looked at her confused “Already? What do you mean already?” My mother didn't want to explain but with my looks I was pushing for an answer. “Its nothing darling.” My mother replied. “No, Its already Mrs. Sarets. I'll explain.” Destrey said turning my way. “I asked your parents for your hand in marriage yesterday. I was going to wait a month or two before asking you but I was too excited. I figured I would ask you today.” He explained. I could feel a look of seethe come over my face has I hid it by putting my hood back on. I knew the only reason why Destrey asked me to marry him so fast was because he wanted to claim me. He wanted Henry to stay away and think that I was his territory but that wasn't going to be the case. I wouldn't going to stop seeing Henry. I was going to ramble on about this engagement but I heard the door from behind me open. I turned around and saw my seventeen year old sister Colette with a face red and puffy and her black hair soaked. “Is it true!?” She yelled. No one answered. “Is it true!?” She asked again but in a calmer voice. She looked over at Destrey next to me. “Oh my god.” She said with a voice quiet. She turned around and ran out the door. I turned back around even more angry. “She didn't know? Why didn't she know?” I asked enraged. No one answered. All I could see was my mother's and father's head drop along with Destrey's father. I turned around and ran after my sister. Behind me I could hear Destrey's mother say to my mother “My goodness Lynette you need to get a hold on those girls.” Instead of my mother standing up for us she replied ashamed. “Yes your right. I do.”
I could see my sister ahead walking fast. She didn't know I was behind her and I made sure of it so she wouldn't start running. After a few turns and short cuts I could tell where she was going. She was going to the big Oak tree in the woods. When Colette and I were younger we would play in the woods all day. One day we heard whining from a tree and saw that there was a big hole that led into it. Inside we found a baby fox hurt and bleeding. I was telling her we should kill it and put it out of its misery but Colette didn't let me. She told me we could help her get better. We named the fox Valerie and cared for her everyday. We fed her and rapped bandages around her stomach where she was cut and would bleed. After two months of care Valerie was better and we let her off into the wild. Every now and then we would go back to the tree to escape and every time Valerie would come. Its weird but I every now and then I can't help but think that the fox was there to bring myself and Colette together. We never liked each other but when we found Valerie we spent every minute of the day together. Over the years we have grown a little ways apart but we still love each other and share good memories together. I could see Colette enter the Oak tree and I went in after her. I stepped on a branch and scared her. “What are you doing here?!” She asked gasping. A look of hate came over her face. “I came to see you. I came to tell you that I knew nothing about this.” I explained to her. “Yeah right Maybre. Give it a rest you don't care.” She said with a angry voice. “Colette do you really think I want to be with Destrey?” I asked. “I told you I would never like Destrey and you know that I love Henry.” I said trying to plead her for forgiveness. “That's exactly why you shouldn't be with him then!” She growled. “What do you want me to do?” I asked yelling back. “Break off the engagement!” She yelled back. “You know I can't do that Colette! Only he can!” I said fed up. “Then I hate you.” She mumbled. “What?” I asked. “I HATE YOU!” She yelled. She pushed me and told me to leave. “Your such a child.” I told her. I walked off. I took the long way back. I didn't want to get home and more then I wanted to be engaged to Destrey. I walked with my head down kicking snow and thinking about everything that was going on. I still need to find Henry because by how he walked off I knew he wasn't happy. I figured he would be at the wood chopping cottage. I made my way over to there and hid behind a tree when I approached it. If he wasn't there I didn't want his friends telling him I had been there looking for him. I saw him stacking a piece of wood on the stump and cut it in half. His head was sweaty and his muscles were bulging out of his shirt. I could see his veins popping out of him neck. He was gripping the ax so tight that his knuckles turned as white as the snow on the ground. I took a few steps forward and took a few deep breathes. “H....Henry.” I said. He stopped and turned around. When he saw me he just went back to chopping. I got closer and closer. I was now just inches away from him. “Please Henry.” I pleaded. He dropped the ax and looked at me. “What do you want Maybre?” He asked annoyed. I went up to him and grabbed his hand and I put my hand on his cold neck. He looked away. “Henry I don't want to be with him. I love you.” I told him. “Maybre you have to be with him now. We can't keep seeing each other either.” He said firmly. “Henry. I know you don't want that. I know you are lying.” I told him. This time he looked at me and put his hand over mine on his neck. “I'm sorry.” He said “Let's run away together. Let's run away and not look back. Just like we said when we were younger.” I said smiling. “We are not little kids anymore.” He said in a quiet voice. My eyes began to water. “So....that doesn't mean we have to grow up fast.” I said as a tear rolled down my cheek. He wiped it away and put his hand on my neck. “I love you Maybre but you and I both know this was going to happen. Destrey has liked you ever since you both met at fourteen. You belong to him now.” “I don't belong to anyone. I am no ones object. I will not go with him. I have to be with you.” I interrupted him. I got closer to is face, so close our lips almost touched. “I know you want me.” I whispered. He leaned closer and kissed me and I kissed him back. When ever our lips touched I felt a weird but amazing feeling in my stomach. My eyes were closed for a while and I didn't care. What Henry and I had was beautiful. No Destrey is just going to come in and ruin it. “Do you hear that?” I asked. We stopped kissing and listened. It was bells and chimes. Henry looked at me shocked. “Its the wolf. He....he near. That's the warning bell.” Henry said grabbing my hand. “Henry where will we go?” I asked running beside him. “We can go to my cottage.” Henry said. I tripped and fell. “Ow.” I cried. A hunter left is net out and I twisted my ankle in it, I could feel a sharp spike in my ankle. “Henry.” I said nervous. “Don't worry I'll get you out.” He said trying to keep me calm. As Henry was getting my ankle out of the trap I heard a branch a few inches away break. I turned around. “The wolf.” I said shocked. Henry got my ankle out of the trap then picked me up and started running with me. “Henry we are not going to make it.” I said scared. “I won't let it hurt you.”He assured me. I looked behind Henry and saw the wolf chasing after us. He was so close if he were to jump he would kill us. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the wolf getting closer. Finally the wolf jumped on Henry,I thought it was the end for us. The wolf walked up to us on the ground. I blacked out for a minute and I could hear Henry next to me groaning. The wolf stomped its paw like ti was going to charge Henry. “He's mine to have.” Is what I heard it speak. But how can wolves speak? The wolf came closer with his jaws open. “No please!” I yelled throwing myself in front of Henry. The wolf stepped back and stretched its neck out so its face was directly in front of mine. “Your mine.” It threatened. “Tomorrow you will be mine.” It whispered one last time before running off. I turned around to look at Henry. “Henry are you ok?” I asked. “Yes.” He replied holding onto his arm. He got up and and helped me up. I ripped the sleeve of my dress and tightly wrapped it around his arm. I limped the rest of the way to the cottage while he wrapped his arm around my waist to help me stand up.
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