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Part 2:Red Riding Hood

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This is based off the movie Red Riding Hood but its going to be a tad bit different. When you read this imagine Destery as- Max Irons and Henry as- shiloh fernandez Basically all the characters a...

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We walked over to Henry's cottage trying not to make a scene. We didn't want people to think Henry had the curse. The curse was what you got if you were bitten by the wolf. Though it was a scratch mark it was very convincing to someone that was a distance away to be a bite mark. If you get bit you would turn into a wolf. We walked up the steps and closed the door behind us. Henry had his own house. He never had a big relationship with his parents. I limped over to the bed and laid down. “You need to get that out.” Henry warned. I looked at my ankle and saw that blood was everywhere. I tried touching it but even patting it hurt. “Henry come here. Let me see your arm.” I told him. Henry walked over to me and took off the cloth from my dress. I gasped. The scratch was at least an inch deep and blood was every where. I could see Henry's face was turning pale. “Lay down.” I said pushing on his shoulders toward the bed. I tried to get up but then Henry grabbed my arm. “Your ankle. You can't do anything.” He said concerned. “Henry its alright. I'll be fine. You are in worse condition.” I assured him. I got up and caught myself from falling. The pain was unbearable. I could feel the spike digging deeper and deeper. I finally got over to the table where a bucket of water and cloths were and took it over to Henry. I soaked the cloth in the water then rung it out and dabbed around the edge of the wound. I could hear Henry holding back words of pain. I took the other cloth and tied it tightly like before around his arm. “Henry does it hurt?” I asked. “No. Not anymore.” He told me in a tired voice. I put my hand on the side of his face “You've lost a lot of blood Henry.” I said. I could feel tears fill my eyes. He grabbed my hand and took it off his face. “I'll be fine. It's you I'm worried about. How's your ankle?” He asked. “It really hurts.” I told him. “Let me get the spike out.” He said sitting up. “No, I will hurt to much.”I told him. “Its going to hurt worse if you don't get it out.” He said leaning in towards me. Henry tied a piece of cloth around my ankle to make the bleeding stop then told me he was going to start to take the spike out. I turned my head and grabbed the blanket to squeeze. I could feel he was pulling it out. Tears ran down my cheek and it felt so bad. “Stop. Henry please.” I said pulling his shirt. He stopped and I looked back down at my ankle. The spike was half way out. I nodded at him and he continued. “ahhhhh.” I yelled in agony. It felt like a thousand nails were being stabbed into my body. “Its done.” Henry said. I looked at my ankle and saw a hole. The spike was long and covered in my red. I wanted to get up and go see my parents but I was too weak. I could Henry laid down and so I laid next to him. I felt his arm go around me. I looked up at him and saw his eyes were closing. I wanted to tell him about the wolf and how he talked to me. “H....H..” I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Finally they just just and I drifted to sleep.
I woke up to a handsome man next to me. This is how I wanted it to be, how it should be. Henry was still sleeping and I didn't bother waking him. I sat up and quickly a head ache came over me. It took me a minute to get the dizzy feeling to go away. I looked at my ankle and saw that it had healed a little over night. My ankle gained its olive skin tone back instead of being blue and purple like last night. I grabbed a rag off the cold wooden floor and wrapped it around my ankle and foot. I got up and before leaving the cottage I hoped to soon call my own with Henry I looked at him and smiled. The walk to my family's cottage wasn't hard but it took quit a long time. Every now and then I would have to stop in fear my ankle was going to give out. I could tell people were looking at me but I didn't care enough to look back or tell them to look away. I could see my cottage ahead and I quickly moved faster but I still looked at the ground. When I opened the door I could see that My mother, father, and grandmother were sitting at the table. To the left I saw Destery, his father, and his mother. “Where have you been!” I heard my mother say. Her face was full of anger but it soon rubbed off as I saw her come near me to see how I was. I told her “ I was in the woods and when I heard the bell I decided to hide in one of the Oak trees. I wouldn't I have made it here in time if the wolf really was out there.” I made sure I didn't mention Henry for if I did I knew my mother would hate him even more then she already did. I could tell by the way she took off my jacket and brushed my hair out of my face she believed it. I saw Destery get up and he came over towards me. “Are you ok?” He asked concerned. “I'm just a bit dizzy.” I could feel myself falling and before I knew it I was in Destery's arms. “You are not ok.” He said. “ I am.” I replied. I heard a gasp come from my grandmother. “Maybre what did you do to your foot my dear?” She said panicked. “Oh my god.” Destery said. I could feel Destery pick me up and put me on my mother and father's bed. If it weren't for me being so out of it I'm pretty sure I would have already hissed at Destery to stop. “Where...where is your sister Maybre?” My mother asked surprised. I sat up in the bed and this time I could see clearly. “She didn't come home?” I asked panicked “No, we thought she was with you.” My father said. Suddenly we could hear the church bells but it wasn't a normal bell it was five bells. We all looked at each other for a minute then I ran out the door. Though my ankle was killing me I was scared for the worst and I knew my ankle wasn't that important at the moment. I could see people crowded all around. I saw my friends Alice and Luna. “Who is it?” I asked them. “I'm sorry Maybre.” Luna said to me. I pushed throw the crowd and saw the worst site I could possibly see. I knelt down to my sister's body. She wasn't moving or breathing. I could see a bite mark on her neck, It looked like a wolf bite. I started screaming and crying. I shouted her name “Colette.” and shook her body. “Please....please wake up.” I looked all around at the people in the crowd. I could see Henry in the crowd. I shook my head at him then went back to looking at my sister. I put my head on her arm and cried and didn't stop. I could hear my mother and father crying behind me. I could hear Destery's mother say “Its such a shame.” and I heard his father reply “It truly is.” I could feel someone put their hand on my shoulder. From what I could see out the corner of my eye it was Destery. I asked him to “please leave me alone.” The crowd grew smaller and smaller has people began to leave. After a while I got up as four boys my father asked to take Colette back to the cottage did. Henry made his way towards me. “I'm sorry for your sister Maybre.” He told me. I smiled and nodded. I didn't know what to say because everything was hitting me so fast. My mother quickly walked over to us and pulled up Henry's sleeve. I guess she could see the bulging of the cloth and how it was filled with blood. She took off the cloth and said “Is this who you were with!? Is this why you weren't home.” She angrily asked. “Please mother not here.” I said in a pleading voice. My mother slapped me. I felt Henry jump forward but I pushed him back. “Don't you ever lie to me again.” She threatened. I could see Destery feel weird about Henry being there. Oddly enough Destery did pick up on the fact yet that me and Henry were together. His parents did seem to notice either. My mother grabbed my arm and pulled me to the house. “Mrs. Sarets can I speak to Maybre for a minute?” He asked hesitantly. My mother nodded and let me go. “Maybre I am truly sorr-” “You know what Destery just stay away from me a favor and leave me alone.” Destery seemed to be a taken back by my response. “What's wrong?” He asked confused. “Why would you ask me to marry you when you obviously knew that Colette loved you!?” I yelled. “The feelings Colette had for me was just a crush.” He replied. I could tell he was getting angry. “A crush. Are you seriously going with that answer? Because of you and these stupid engagement rules the last words my sister said to me were I hate you! And the last words I said to her was that she was a child. If you weren't around this would have never happened. You just don't get it.” “I'm sorry.” He said lowering his head. “Save it.” I said walking off. I felt bad about what I said to him but It was the truth and I could keep it in any longer.
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