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What if you knew?

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Angel wakes up but doesn't remember anything. However the man with the red hair knows more about her. Will she ever remember again?

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Hee :) So I rewrited my first chapter cuz I wasn't satisfied with it. Hope you'll like because I'm happier about it now :P

I try to open my eyes but I can’t see anything. I’m surrounded by darkness.

I don’t know where I am or even who I am. I can’t move and panick is starting to get the best of me.
What happened? Where am I, who am I? Why can’t I remember anything?

Suddenly I hear a voice calling for someone. Angel? It’s a man’s voice and he sounds worried.

‘Angel wake up, please.’ The worried man pleads.

I want to help him finding the person he is looking for but I can’t. How am I supposed to know who Angel is? I don’t know anything.

‘Why doesn’t she wake up?’ The man asks. ‘She will, soon.’ A different voice answers.

The worried man sighed. Who is he talking to?

Slowly I’m getting some feeling back in my body. I can move again. I open my eyes and gasp.
The man who was calling for Angel is bend over me with a worried expression. So, does that mean I’m Angel?

A smile forms on his lips when he notices I’m awake.

He has hazel eyes, a gorgeous smile, and red hair. He’s beautiful. Wait, what am I thinking? I don’t even know him. I think.
I can't remember.

‘I’m so glad you’re awake. How are you feeling?’ He asks.

‘I’m feeling fine thank you. But where am I? and who are you?’ I ask confused.

His smile has completely disappeared from his face. ‘Angel, it’s me, Gerard. Don’t you remember?’ He asks, worried again.
He looks at the other man with pleading eyes. ‘Why doesn’t she remember? What’s wrong?’

‘She lost her memory, that happeneds alot. But don’t worry it’s temporary. It just takes time until she remembers again.’ The man says.

I look at him and my mouth fals open. Literally. I'm probably being rude right now but I can’t help it. The man has wings. He doesn’t look dangerous at all though but it’s not like you see an angel every day. Not that I'm the one to say since I can’t remember anything but still. That’s a thing I know for sure.

His expression was one of a serious man but I thought I saw a little care in his eyes which I didn’t understand. Just then I realised how crazy this al was. I don’t remember anything, I’m in a room with to men I don’t know, or atleast I think I don’t, but I’m not scared. Should I be scared? I honestly don’t know.

Before I could ask the man’s name he was gone. ‘Where did he go?’ I ask Gerard.

‘I don’t know.’ He responded.

‘Will he come back?’ I ask again.

‘I’m sorry, I really don’t know but I think he will some time.’ I heard the regret in his voice.

‘It’s okay.’ I said hoping he wouldn’t feel guilty. He was really nice. Though I just met him, kind of, I could tell.

Suddenly Gerard looked uneasy and I wondered what was wrong.

‘Is something wrong?’ I ask for him to explain.

‘uhm, no but..’ He stuttered. ‘It’s.. I don’t want this to be awkward for you, or for us. But since you lived with me before… you know.. because we.. we are kind of..’ I understood what he was trying to say but it was al so unreal to me. Apperantly I was dating with Gerard. Not that I mind because obviously I was attracted to him but the fact we were already together and I don’t remember made me feel dizzy.

‘So you’re trying to say we’re together and I live with you. And now you’re wondering if I’ll will come with you?’ I ask him.

‘Well, yeah kind of.’ He said. He was so unsure. I thought it was cute.

‘Well Gerard…’ I realised I didn’t knew his last name. Shit.

‘Way. Gerard Way.’ He said with a cute smile.

‘Okay then, Gerard way.’ I say while shaking his hand playfully. ‘let’s go.’ His smile growing big. We didn’t let go of our hands and left the room. Going to his apartment. Our apartment.
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