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Sugar, I missed you.

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We deepened our kiss and that's when I remembered everything.

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hee guys :D so... here's the second chapter. I'm sorry it took so long, I've been busy with exams.. boring stuff XD I hope you'll like it :P

We arrived at the apartment.

‘I’m sorry it’s not that big.’ Gerard apologised.

‘Was I that demanding before?’ I ask jokingly but secretly wanting to know the truth.

He started laughing. ‘No you weren’t. You weren’t at all.’ I saw he was thinking of the past. Our past.

‘I’m glad about that.’ I said with a smile. ‘I can’t imagine I wouldn’t be happy living here. It looks really comfy. Like a real home.

‘I guess it does look like a real home, doesn’t it. That’s part because of you.’ He said while looking me in the eyes. A familiar feeling I couldn’t bring at home washed over me. Not a bad feeling though. It still was kind of frightning. This man knew more about me than I did myself.

‘uhm… it’s late and you haven’t eat yet. Shall we order some chinese?’ Gerard asked.

I hadn’t noticed until then I was hungry. ‘That’s fine with me.’ I said. Not knowing if I even liked chinese. I guess he saw my expression en knew what I was thinking. ‘Don’t worry, you like chinese food.’ He reassured me. I smiled in return.

As we ate our food and chatted about some random things I asked him if it was alright if I asked him some quistions. He said it was fine with him. Though I could tell deep in his eyes he was having a hard time with it. I was suprised we talked about it so easily. About some some memories we even laughed. It was nice.

‘So tell me a little about you, please.’ I ask him with cute puppy eyes. He laughed.

‘uhm, what shall I say?’

‘tell me something about your family.’

A shocked expression came over his face.

‘They don’t now it yet, do they?’ I ask worried. He sighed and shook his head no. ‘Maybe we should leave it like that for a while. maybe it won’t take long before I get my memory back again. They don’t have to know, right? They’re only get worried over nothing.’ I rambled on. I didn’t want to hurt the family I once loved and now couldnt remember again. I felt terrible.

God, you haven’t changed. Always worrying about other people.’ He sad with a sad smile.

I suprised myself by taking his hand comfortedly. It just felt the right thing to do. He looked at me and finally said. ‘Maybe we should go to sleep.’ I nodded but wasn’t tired at all. I wanted to know everything about him, about us.

He showed me the bathroom where I could change. As I walked inside I sighed.

‘What’s wrong?’ Gerard asked.

‘I… No, it’s silly.’ I responded.

‘Ah come on. I won’t laugh.’ He looked at me with pleading eyes. God, now I have to tell him. He looked so cute.

‘I just feel stupid for not knowing my own home.’ I said trying to make a joke of it. He put his arms around me and I felt a little better.

‘Don’t. Everything’s going to be right again. You’ll remember everything, we just need to have a little patient.’ He said his eyes full of hope again. I knew I loved this man with whole my heart. I needed to believe. Not only for myself but most for Gerard.

‘Everything’s going to be right again.’

When I was ready to go to bed Gerard told I could sleep in the bed while he slept on the couch. I knew it was for the best but I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

He kissed my forehead and wished me goodnight. But before he closed the door I thought I heard him say. ‘Goodnight my angel, I love you.’ And I knew immediately it was impossible to fall in sleep from then. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I was falling in love with him. Again.

I stepped out of bed into the livingroom. He sat there watching tv but wasn’t concentrating on the screen. His mind was somewhere else.

‘Gerard?’ I asked soft. Not wanting tos care him.
He snapped back to reality. ‘Ow hey, didn’t hear you. Do you need something? He asked. He was so caring.

‘No, I just can’t sleep and I thougt… If you don’t mind.’ I asked unsure.

‘Ofcourse not.’ He said sitting up straight and motioning to join him. I smiled and sat beside him.

We watched the television together for a while until I almost fell asleep. I lay against him and he put his arm around me. It felt safe.

‘This feels nice.’ I told him.

‘Yeah, I know.’ He laid his head on top of mine.

‘Gerard?’ I wanted to see those beautiful hazel eyes.


‘We were really happy were we?’ I asked him with a sad voice.

‘Yes, sugar. we were, if you only knew.’ He answered.

A hopeless feeling washed over me. He was hurt. Hurt because of me. I wanted to kiss him, take away his pain.he felt. I needed to remember again.

‘Gerard, kiss me?’ He looked shocked at first. Suprised I asked him to kiss him. But as I leaned into him he did the same. Our lips met and it was like everything was perfect again. At least for now.

We deepened our kiss and that’s when I remembered everything.

Images were flooding my mind. I remembered who I was again. Memories about us together, our family, the man with the wings. Everything. I slowly pulled back and took his face between my hands.

‘Gerard… I love you to.’ He just looked at me not ably to say a word. His beautiful hazel eyes sparkled again. God I’ve missed those beautifull eyes. It felt like a long time but it was only on day. A long day.

‘sugar, I missed you so much.’ And we continued our kiss.

the next chapter will be about before she lost her memorie :) please tell me what you think about it (A) I'm really unsure about it because it's my first story, so I'll hope you understand :) please R&R
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