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6 - The Very Hurt You Sold

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6 - The Very Hurt You Sold

The younger Way sat on his bed, his knees brought up tighly to his chest and his arms wrapped protectively around his legs. He blinked furiously, typing to keep the tears at bay as he sniffed quietly and tried to hold all the pain from flooding his chest. He could hear hushed voices spilling up the stairs and an occasional shout but he didn't listen. He didn't have to think hard about what they would be arguing about it, and if he was right, then he really didn't want to hear the argument.
He slowly lifted his hands from around his legs and placed them over his ears, blocking out the voices that spilled though his mind.

Down the stairs, the older Way stood with his face titled toward the ground, blocking the light from spilling across his face.
The thoughts that raced through his mind threatened to drag him back to the depths of his fury but he fought them. They were so strong, presented a great argument, an argument that threatened him with harsh words that felt like knives. And then, suddenly, a picture of his younger brother burst into his mind.
His eyes were pained as tears sparkled in his eyes. The hurt that lurked behind his pupils hurt Gerard to the core and he used it.
He used the pain that he felt for Mikey, the sadness that spilled into his chest from seeing how much he had hurt his brother, to push back the ugly thoughts. He pushed them away and immediately it felt as if a weight had been pulled from his chest.
He could breath again, he could feel all the angry thoughts drain from his mind; all that remained was the sadness and hurt that he felt for the loss of his Grandmother, and the pain he had caused his brother.

Bob shook his head slightly, still trying to process what had just happened. They never fought like that.
The Way brothers were as close as family could be and they just, they never had fought like that before. Sure, occasionaly there would be a little disagreement but, never something as drastic as what had just taken place in the front room.
To see the absolute anger that had flooded Gerard's face as he spat the words. Then the hurt that spilled into Mikey's eyes. The way he had moved away, as if Gerard were pushing him.
And as the three men in the kitchen though it over, the more it seemed that Gerard was pushing Mikey away. If not physically, them emotionally. It appeared that ever since Gerard had collapsed in the room when he first learned of the ill fate that had come to his Grandmother Elena, he had been building walls around himself. He didn't want anyone to push through and see how vulnerable he was now that his world was thrust into turmoil. At first he had slowly been pushing away Frank, Ray, and Bob, but now...Now he was pushing away his own flesh and blood. He was pushing away his own brother.
"I have to go talk to him," Ray decided, breaking the silence as he pushed away from the counter and started toward the door.
"I'm coming with you," Frank and Bob said in unision as they followed him into the front room.

Gerard turned as the kitchen door opened and the three men spilled out of it. He stared at them with flat eyes, to preoccupied with the thoughts that spilled though his mind to try and put an emotion to how he was feeling.
"Gerard," Ray began as he entered the room. "We really need to talk."
He just shook his head and lowered his eyes, trying to hide the pain that immediately flooded his eyes.
"I can't Ray," he whispered and turned his face away from him. "I just...I can't."
"NO!" Frank practically shouted and surged forward. "Gerard! Mikey is right! You are just mourning, but you can't keep shutting us out!"
"Frank, please," Gerard whispered, his voice getting thicker as more tears gathered and attempted to brim over.
"You can't keep pulling away from us. We are trying to help you cope with this, but we can't when you push us away," Frank murmered softly, carefully beginning to move closer to Gerard.
"Frank, I just. I can't do it anymore," Gerard whimpered, still not turning to face him as Frank came to stand beside him. "I can't be the one who's always there anymore."
"You don't have to be," Frank said as he gently laid his hand in the older man's shoulder and pulled him around. "We're all here for you, okay. And Mikey," he paused for a brief moment when Gerard's eyes flickered down. "Mikey loves you no matter what happens. And he doesn't need you to be the one who hold him while he mourns. He needs you to mourn with him. He just needs his brother."
Gerard, searched his eyes for any hint of a lie and sighed with relief when he found only truth lying in his eyes.
"I just, I have to go talk to him."
And with that Gerard turned away from the younger man and gave a grateful glance toward Ray and Bob who simply nodded, before rushing up the stairs.

Mikey shut his eyes tightly and stared at the blackness that unfolded behind them.
His eyes shot open and immediately went to the door where a fragment of light was flooding the room. His brother stood, with tears slowly falling from eyes. They stained his cheeks in shining streaks of light. He slowly stepped closer to the bed that Mikey sat on before sitting down.
Mikey sat, his eyes looking anywhere but at his brother until he felt two arms wrap around him.
"I'm sorry."
The two words were a hushed whisper but behind them he heard so much pain, and so much sorrow. His arms lifted from his sides as he pulled his brother closer to him.
"It's okay, Gerard." He murmured.
And then, there was silence.
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