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I never thought they'd get me here

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The zombies have fully on attacked the Iero home. Can the gang stand their ground? Or become one the undead??

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Sorry its been a while since I updated! My cousin flew in from 3000 miles away so I've been busy. But here's the next chapter. RATE and REVIEW!!! Sorry for my typos its midnight so I'll fix it soon. I have the following chapter almost written so expect another update soon! Without further a do I present you the next chapter!

I stared at him blankly. Was I dreaming? Did my best friend really just confess his love for me?

“I think… I don’t know.” I pushed him away from me. “I need to be alone. I need to think.” I covered my eyes with my hand and allowed my body to drop back to the pillows, avoiding Gerard’s eyes.

“Lynz.” He slowly touched my cheek, sending shivers through my body. I slapped his hand away.
“Please Gee! I need to think. Please just leave. I’ll talk to you in the morning.” I turned my back to him. I felt his weight come off the bed as he stood.

When I heard the door click close I looked back to it. A tear slipped from eyes. Love made us all victims. In loving me, he’d try to protect me before himself. I couldn’t be the reason he died. Yet I loved him with all my heart. Why had I pushed him away? I closed my eyes and drifted into a sleepless slumber.

It was about ten past four when the living dead came crashing into the walls of our safety house. My eyes shot open just as my feet reached the floor. I grabbed my leather jacket and quickly threw on my boots. Ouch! I had completely forgotten my sprained ankle! Shit! “Ahhh!” I screamed at the pain that shot throw my leg. Falling back onto the bed as I held my injured ankle. The door opened to reveal Mikey staring at me in panic.

“Are you alright?” He came to wear I was lying in pain. “Here’s some medicine, take it quickly and stay here. You have your gun ready? We’re bringing Annabel Lee up here with you while we fight-“ He handed me the pills but was cut off at the sounds of gunshots.

“What’s going on!” I reached into the dresser and pulled out my hand gun.

“That little thing isn’t going to protect you.” He pulled off his rifle from his back. “Here take this” He said just as Victor came and brought Annabel Lee, who was sobbing uncontrollably.

“What’s going on!” My heart was beating so fast it made me tremble with the sudden fear. Annabel Lee sat next to me clutching my arms. Both men ignored me and started for the door. “They’ve come, haven’t they?” Mikey turned but said nothing just nodded. “Where’s Gerard!” The thought of him shooting brains off while risking his life made me shudder in fear.

“He’s downstairs. Lynz, we’re going to destroy the stairs so none of those things can get up here.” Mikey was completely calm as if he were telling me the weather.

“No! What about you guys! How will you get back up here!” I shrieked.

“It’s too late to get you two away. We don’t have time, they’re already here.” Before I had time to protest the door closed and locked.

Annabel Lee and I sat upstairs while the others began smashing the stairs, to keep from the zombies from hurting Ashley and me. In less than five minutes the stairs were completely destroyed since the sound dulled down. I crawled to the door and opened it, telling Annabel to stay put while switching on a movie to distract her. I crawled to where the stairs had been, staring, helplessly at Gerard. He urged me to stay away from the edge, as not to fall. I slid a little bit back but continued to stare at him. The interlopers broke in just the next moment, the men hid behind furniture and shot, aiming for their heads. I still had my revolver with me at hand. As one drew too near Jinx, I fired, watching the fragments of its skull splatter onto the wall, a sadistic smile covering my face. I felt proud that I could protect him from up here. I picked up the rifle Mikey had given me and aimed at the zombies that got too close to Gee. A murderous aura seemed to take over the entire house, each of us except Annabel, firing at the undeads’ skulls. The killing spree was bloody but brief. Blood splashed on to every part of the wall.

Gerard peered up at me where I was seated on the second floor, his crooked smile taking over his face. “I told you, you’d be fine.” He reached up for me but I crawled away. Something like hurt flashed into his eyes but it was evanescent the moment it appeared.

“If this happens anytime soon I’d rather be up here so you have time to defend yourself.” I winked at him.

Before Gerard had the chance to try and argue, Cletus interrupted. “I wouldn’t be cheering so soon, looks like there’s many more where those came from.” His tone of voice suggested he loathed these zombies. Who could blame him?

“How many are there?” Victor looked at room his daughter was hidden in, terror taking over his features.

“Over a hundred maybe more,” he replied, his voice impassive, suggesting more danger than spoken.

“This is it then?” Gerard seemed to be immobile. He glared out of the window, cursing. “Lynz Ballato! Come down. We have to get out of here now.” He lifted his hands toward me. I stared at him bewildered.

Cletus spoke for me, “are you out of your mind? It’s too dangerous to go out there when it’s dark out. One of those soulless creatures could come out and attack you. Besides it’s too late. We should climb up and try and fight them off from the top. Come on.” He pushed the nearest chair towards where I watched from above.

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