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Before I pull this trigger

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Its the end. Will the gang make it out alive? Does Lynz love Gerard? Find out! Thanks for reading!

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Sorry I didn't update as soon as possible. Eh, I could give you some random excuse but sadly I don't have one. By the way in case you have forgotten this story was written as a flashlight. So We're going to be switching to the present in this one a couple times. Final chapter! Reviews make me happy please! oh and Review! Thanks so much!

I sipped my coffee, wiping the tears that had formed in my eyes. The horrors of that final night in the farm house haunted me. I had watched the zombies break in through the windows and grab Cletus, Ray, and Bob as I screamed for Gerard to climb up. The zombies had overpowered them in numbers. No way in Hell could all of us get out alive. I remember screaming and firing at abominations that tried to eat my friends. Gerard had kicked the chair away when he reached the second floor with only Frank and Mikey in front of him. But still he hadn’t avoided the jaws of an undead little boy, who was about seven. His abnormal wound on his leg had been bleeding. I wiped my tears, my eyeliner running down my cheeks, as I stared out the window in the coffee shop in New York, still lost in my memories. The two other guys had kept away from us, clearing taking note of Gee’s bite and shooting the zombies.

“Lynz,” He grabbed onto my shoulders, planting a sweet kiss to my lips. “I’ve loved you since that first day I saw you in class. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same and our friendship would fade. It’s too late now.” He sobbed before continuing, “I don’t know how long I have but,” he handed me his gun, “You’re going to have to shot me.”

“What? No! Please no! Stay with me! I can’t. I can’t.” I stuttered, trying to get the words out before our time was up. “I won’t.”

“Please Lynz! Don’t let me become one of those,” he gestured down to where they struggled to reach us. Annabel was hiding in the bedroom. I could hear her sobs. He kissed me again. “I want to die by your hand. Please? As my dying wish?” He pronounced each word slowly, building emphasis.

I sobbed into my hands. “And in saying you loved me, Made things harder at best” I quoted his song.

He lifted my face to look at him, “You remember that song? Early Sunsets over Monroeville? Well, that’s our song now.” He pulled my hand with the gun and aimed it at his jaw, pointed it up to his skull, whispering,” Pull the trigger, Lynz.”

I tried to pull my hand away but he restrained me. “Promise me something?”
“Anything.” I said desperately, trying to soothe him.

“You’re going to get out of this. You’re going to live on. You’re going to keep Annabel Lee safe. You’ll keep on going, for me. You’re not afraid to keep on living, Lynz. I love you, forever.” He placed his wallet and keys in my hand, before closing his eyes. I hugged him around the neck and planted a kiss to his lips, savoring his taste. “Goodbye Lynz Ballato. My first and only love. My way home is through you. ”

“Goodbye Gerard Arthur Way. I love you, always.” I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. His blood sprayed everywhere, leaving a slovenly mess. “I’ll blow your brains against the ceiling, love.”

I laid his body out and kissed his dead lips once more before focusing on my hatred. I was going to murder them each. Loading the gun and I aimed at their heads, killing them one by one alongside Frank and Mikey. That night I spent about an hour with non-stop headshots. I watched their heads explode onto the walls and their dead bodies drop to the floor, piling on top of each other. Cletus and Victor had left a very plentiful amount of ammo upstairs. When dawn finally came, I lowered Annabel Lee down before dropping down with her, landing on my good leg. Limping, the four of us had gone into the Jeep and drove for miles until leaving the state, filling up with gas before continuing to drive. We drove for days, stopping to stock up and relieve ourselves. We meet other survivors that took us under their wing. Years would pass before the zombie invasion was over. The guys never brought that night up. Frank had lost his best guy friend, Mikey, his brother and I lost the one guy who showed me love.

I took the last sip of my coffee before dumping it in a nearby trash can and walking out into the big city. I sighed, If only Gerard could see this. The world was completely bland without his easy-going smile and carefree laughter. I sighed before stepping into the gentle rain, going to the nearby school to pick up Annabel Lee. I had adopted her after the invasion. She was now in the seventh grade. Through the years I’ve tried to find something to satisfy me, but nothing captured my interest anymore. I was stuck in a world of lifeless nothing, living only for Annabel Lee and Gerard. However I had returned to the childhood place where I had meet him; I felt like I was a kid and would see his innocent eyes peak through the window. He had told me, he loved me in California but I knew it started much before that. It had started in Belleview, New Jersey. The day we meet in the elementary school, drawing scary pictures that freaked out the teachers, becoming close through our love for art and later music. I looked up at the dark sky, a ray of sunshine peaking through. I smiled thinking of my Gee. I ran down the streets of New York and shouted, “I love you, Gerard!”

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