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1: Welcome to Orientation.

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“So, here is what this place is.”

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(Sun’s POV)
“I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.” The man says. “You are to listen to her. She’s the boss right now. I don’t care that she looks 18, you will listen to her instructions if you wanna stay here.” I smile at the red head, tugging at the bandanna tied around my wrist. I smile down at the ground, and look up after a few silent moments.

“Thank you for that Party Poison, what a lovely introduction.” I say, and the group of about thirty teenagers chortles quietly. I look back down as they laugh. They stop and I snap my head up and look at them, hoping my eyes scare the fuck out of them

“HOLY SHIT!” One with black hair yells. “She’s got weird ass eyes!” He says, and I grab his arm.

“Scary aren’t they? Watch this!” I say, and close my eyes for a second, imagining the worst pain I can ever imagine. I open my eyes after a brief pause, and the boy flips his shit again. “Freaky right?’

“Did your eyes just turn orange? They were friggin purple a minute ago!” he says. I nod at him silently, pushing him back into the group.

“You all are now new recruits. Yes, this works like boot camp. Except here, we pass you when we feel you’re ready. One ‘no’ vote on whether or not to pass you and you stay at your current position.” I say, surveying them all, letting my eyes flick to green. I enjoyed giving this speech. “I’m probably younger than some of you, but you will respect me. Or I will make your life hell.” I bark at them, and they all shrink back. I soften my demeanor and feel my eyes change color, probably to a sea green. “You all are brave, and I know how hard it is to find us, let alone make it here.” I try not to sound to mean, and let my voice soften a bit more. “So, here is what this place is.” I look around, surveying the group. I have their attention I decide, and continue with my well practiced speech. I’d had to say this dialogue more times than I could count on both hands.

“This place is the only one of its kind. It’s a school. We all love school don’t we?” I say with a wink, and I can tell my eyes have flicked to amber. They all groan upon hearing the word school and I laugh a bit, as does party Poison, who stands next to me on my right, with Fun Ghoul picking his nails on my left. I nudge him with my foot, and he snaps to attention, leaving behind his spaced out look. “You will train here. Physically, I will work you. Mentally, we will work you. Emotionally, you will work yourselves. We will teach you what it means to be a KillJoy and you will learn how to survive out here. It will not be easy, and it may not always be fun. But you will survive better than somebody who hasn’t received the training we are going to give you than somebody going at it fresh.” Party speaks up for his part of the speech.

“Yes, before you ask, we do have rules! They are here to protect you, and the rest of us. We are a family, not a herd of animals. You will listen to these rules, and if you don’t, will be put before the Killjoy court for punishment. Those can mean a slap on the wrist, cooking duty, or even expulsion from the school. I’m sure most of you aren’t new to expulsion and punishment.” He says, and I hear Fun ghoul laugh. It’s his turn.

“These are your basics.” He says, and points to his right, the heads of the herd of newbie’s all turning towards where he points. “Those are your living quarters. The makeshift houses are for upperclassjoys and them only. Get in there by invitation only. Gotta work for it!” He says brightly. He drops his hand, and they all drop their heads. A voice crackles on the PA system and I smile.

“Party Poison and Fun Ghoul, you’re needed to teach in Block Bravo.” The voice says, and I smile.

I turn towards the source of the noise. “They’re on their way there!” I scream, and a chuckle comes over the PA again. Party goes to leave, and I give him a kiss on the cheek, as I do with Ghoul.

“Here are your major landmarks and buildings, etcetera etcetera.” I say. I point to the Southwest. “Those are the Blocks. Alpha is for weapons training. Bravo for your talents, once you get them. Charlie for storage. Delta is for physical training in case of rain. Echo and the rest are labeled with their names. Those are for storage, overflow housing, and me and the rest of your teachers personal quarters, and a few other classes you will take.” I say and they all nod their understanding. I sit on the ground, motioning for them to do so as well. They scramble to sit. “Now that the boys are gone, I don’t have to act as mean.” I say, and the whole group releases a tense sigh. I laugh a bit, and splay m legs out infront of me. “Speaking of the personal quarters, this brings me to an important rule. No sleeping with any of us. Sorry kiddies, but it’s unfair to grow a personal attachment to any of us. They are pretty tempting, I know. Another rule, use killjoy names only. Any questions so far?” I ask and a boy pipes up in the back.

“What if we don’t have one yet?” he asks me. “And what’s yours?”

“You don’t have a name yet?” I say, shocked. “How many of you don’t have names?” I ask, and about ten hands go up. “You ten come see me later, I’ll help you with names. Mine..well, mine changes to protect myself. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty noticeable.” I say, pointing to my eyes. I blink and they rapidly change color, to a vibrant red.“Another question?” I ask, seeing a hand go up. The girl who raised it coughs, and then speaks.

Her voice is high pitched and nasally, and I can tell she’s purposely doing it. “Why do your eyes do that?” she asks and I roll my neck a bit.

“That’s a story for after orientation.” Another male voice says, and the body it came from fops down next to me. “How you doing Neon?” he asks me, and I smile.

“This is Kobra Kid. Say hi Koba.” I say, and he gives them a short jerk of the head. They all smile like three year olds getting a piece of candy. “Rule number 3…” I say, making sure I have their attention. “Always be ready for training. Rule four, keep this sheet of paper with you at all times.” I say, and withdraw papers from the inside pocket of my jacket. I hand them to one boy in front, and he passes them along. The paper reads as follows.

KillJoy Academy : The top 10 rules (other than what I just told you) to remember and follow at all times:
1) You’ve got contraband (will be explained later)? Hide it well.
2) Masks absolutely must/] be with you at all times.
3) Don’t get caught skipping class
4) You can have relationships, but please, keep it safe kiddies.
5) You will be issued a ray gun at my and the other administrators discretion.
6) In the event of a raid, or a fight, etcetera, you will be expected to defend yourself and your family
7) Once again, no sleeping with your instructors.
8) Try not to complain to much
9) Seriously, we will test you here. Your limits will be pushed. Get over it now children.
10) Love the cause. Be the cause. Fight for it.

They all scan the page, reading quickly. Then they all tuck the pages into pockets, shirts, anywhere they can get them. I smile at a short blonde in the front. “what’s your name darling?” I ask her. Her eyes, grey like steel, glint. “You don’t seem to be scared of my little trick. I like that.”

“I don’t have a name.” She says. “Not yet.” I smile at her, and then realize she’s younger than the rest.

“You’re not very old are you?” I say, and she nods. “What? 14?” I say, and she nods again.

“Your name is going to need to be original then. See me later, I’ll work on you first.” I say, and the others all smile at her. She relaxes a bit, loosening her tense shoulders. I continue my orientation, pulling myself to my feet with Kobra Kid’s help. He starts walking, as do I . The group scrambles to get to their feet, and catch up with us. I walk in the middle of the herd, which has formed a circle around me and Kobra.

“You all have a talent, be it artistic or otherwise. I’m musical.” I say. “We can asses you after dinner. We eat in our camps, around fires. You forage if we run out of food, or hunt. We’ve only had that happen once, and we don’t think it’ll happen again.” I say, and they all breathe sighs of relief.

“So, if you don’t have a mask, you’ll have to make one, or use one of our spares and find a way it personalize it. Maybe, just maybe, one of you is a future protégé.” I say, and they all start to act nervous. “Ready to get started?” I ask, praying they’ll forget my promise.

The boy from before, the one I pulled from the crowd remembers. “You said you’d tell us about your eyes.” I breathe a sigh.

“Damn you. I hoped you’d forget.” I say. “What’s your talent? Super memory?”

He shrugs. “I’m superobservant. Now tell us.” They all repeat his clamor for information and I whistle sharply. It pierces the air, and many cover their ears.

“Look, BLI, those bastards, they captured me in a raid. I got knocked out, with sleep gas. They took me to some laboratory. I became their lab rat. They rewired me. I got a new heart, and new set of organs. My lungs were enhanced to make them more efficient. I was an athlete before I became a killjoy, and they wanted to see how far a human body could be pushed. I was gonna become the first of a new generation of Dracs. My DNA, my test results, could’ve destroyed the entire KillJoy race. They put me through hell. Intense workouts. Horrible stuff happened if I didn’t comply. They tried to break me, spiritually and emotionally and physically. I learned to fight. I trained with Dracs. I ate in the lab, slept there, lived there. I didn’t see the sun for three years. I was only fourteen when they got me. They strapped me down to a table one day, like an operating table. A needle got shoved in my arm, pumping a clear liquid into me. It burned, worse than fire ever could. It was a cold burn. I wanted to die. They sat there. They laughed as I screamed in pure agony. I sat there, begging for them to kill me for hours. About a day later, I was thirsty, hungry, and they wouldn’t let me close my eyes to sleep for more than an hour. I was barely alive after three days of different liquids being pumped into me. I only got a reprieve to go to the bathroom.” I shudder, remembering the torture I endured. “They wanted information, and I refused to give it. That’s why they tortured me and tested on me. They made me watch as they killed some of my loved ones. People I’d lived with in my old group. Eventually, they took me into a room. Everything in it was white, and the white hospital gown I wore made me look my head was floating. They put me on a bed, and forced me to keep my eyes open. Somebody in the room, a doctor, he sliced my arm open. From elbow to just before my wrist. They added some chemicals that were so cold, I thought it was ice at first. And then, they put these droplets in my eyes, and before I knew what happened, I passed out.” I say, recounting the story, trying to not choke up at the memory. Kobra hugs me to him, and I shove him off. They can’t see any affection between the teachers. “And when I woke up, I could do this…” I say, and I blink my eyes, letting them change. I scroll through random colors, flashing my eyes as I blink rapidly. Some of the students gasp in shock, others in awe. I snap my fingers, and they return to their usual blue. “Party Poison broke me and one of your other teachers out. She was in the asylum unit, but all I know is me and her became good friends, and I’m thankful Party rescued me . And that’s the story. Time for dinner kiddies. Group that needed names, come with me. Others, go with Kobra.” The herd thins, and I’m left with ten people. We walk in silence to a small building labeled “Zulu.” I walk inside, and sit them down at the big round table, surrounded by an assortment of chairs.

“You, blondie, you’re first.” I say, and she props her head up on her hand. “Any ideas for a name? Anything specific you like?”

“I have a birthmark?” She says, and moves her sleeve up to reveal a tear drop shaped spot on her wrist. I take her arm in my hand, studying her. “And I ran here after BLI destroyed my family. I came alone.”

“I’ll come back to you. These aren’t to be taken lightly. These are what you’re stuck with, so be happy with them.” I turn to a boy with hair that’s black on the sides, and close cropped. It’s gotta straight piece of hair in the middle that’s neon green –freshly dyed if you ask me- and longer. It hangs over one eye, coming to a sharp point at the end. “You’re name? Any ideas?”

He touches the tip of his hair. “I was thinking toxic something or acid something.” He crosses his arms ,leaning back in the chair with an ‘I’m over this’ smile. I grin at him. I have a name.

“Toxic Revolver.” I say. “How’s that sounding?” he grins a me.

“Sick as hell!” he says. I wave him out of the room, telling him to go to dinner. I turn to the next girl, this one with bright orange hair, with blue tips. “Same questions hun.” I say, and she smiles.

“Loaded Dice.” She says. I give her a curious glance. She takes off the sunglasses she was wearing, and I look at her. “One eye is green, the other golden. Only one in four million people get that split.” I nod in approval and she leaves. This leaves me with eight. I turn to a girl with purple hair and an orange underside to her hair. She’s got a pair of blue sunglasses on, which she removes to look at me.

“Cold Flame.” She says, and I raise a questioning eyebrow. She shrugs it off. “Sounds cool.” I wave her out, and she leaves. A boy with big brown eyes and black hair pipes up. “Can I be Dark Shadow?” He asks, and I nod. He leaves, as do a girl with brown hair and green eyes, who picks Acid Scratch as her name. I turn to a pair of twins. One has red hair, the other has natural black. The one with black hair pipes up first.

“Neon Tiger.” She says, and I see the star shaped scar on her neck. I nod, and her sister speaks. “Ghosted Rage.” She says, and I nod.

“I like those. You may leave.” I say, and they run out of the room. Three people stare back at me. Two boys and the blonde. A redhead, natural from what I can see, speaks next.

“Radioactive Flame.” He says. “I don’t burn when I touch fire. It’s a mutation. My dad worked around reactors, and so did my mom when she first got pregnant with me. The radioactivity did something to me.” He says, and I smile. Another person with weird abilities, like me. I let him go eat. The last two stare at me.

“I’m gonna pick Dancing Spark.” The blonde says, and I smile at her. She moves to leave, but I stop her.

“Stay please.” I instruct, and she sits. The boy mumbles something and then clears his throat.

“I’m gonna choose…. Star Struck. Cause holy crap, I get to be around the face of this freakin revolution.” He says, and I laugh, letting him leave. The blonde and I sit in silence. Eventually, I speak up.

“You are so young.” I say. “I was your age, maybe a year younger, when I started fighting. I’ve seen and done horrible things. Things you shouldn’t have to do at your age. You can still leave. I’m giving you the option.” I say, and she shakes her head quickly.

“Look, I made it here on my own. No help. I ran and didn’t stop.” She says. “I can run, I can fight, and I’m a fair shot.” She says, looking slightly smug. I can see underneath the false bravery though. She’s just a kid, quaking in her combat boots. I look her dead in the eye, letting mine change to green and gold.

“Look, darling, I respect that. But when we have hand to hand training, your gonna get beaten pretty bad. You sure you’re okay with that?” She shrugs. I laugh and smile. “Then you can stay. I’ll help you with the next part of orientation…” I say and she gives me a confused look.

“It’s time for you to go eat. Tell the newbie group to meet me at Block Uniform.” I say and she gives me a worried look as she pushes herself from the table, walking for the door. “Just do it please. Do me two favors?” I ask her and she turns as she strides for the door. “One, find a girl named Crashing Star, she’s your age. Hard to miss. She’ll befriend you. Stay with her, she’ll keep you from getting into too much trouble” I smile slyly. “Two, find Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. Tell Ghoul that he’s to make the upperclassjoys meet us in the same Block. But only the top 5. He’ll know who to get where. Also, eat, and get the newbies to the block. It’s change time.” I say with a sly grin. This was my second favorite part of orientation. The favorite part would come late tonight.

(Party Poison’s POV)
A small blonde girl came running up to me. “Uh. Mr.Party Poision. Sir. Uh. The blonde girl from orientation. With the changing eyes? She said to meet you in block Uniform, and uh.. um.” She stutters, staring at me. I laugh a bit, and in the fire light, I can see her blush. Her jaw drops suddenly, and I turn to see what she’s drooling at. Oh, I think when I see it. That makes sense.

“Oh don’t call him sir; he’ll get a bigger head than he’s already got.” I hear Fun Ghoul say. I look him dead in the eye, and he smirks a bit. “Any instructions for me from her?” He asks the blonde, who hems and haws for a moment, before regaining her composure and speaking quietly.

“Uh, get the top 5 KillJoys, and make them meet us at Block Uniform. I’m not sure what’s happening, but she kept smiling about it. Like something funny was going to happen. So yeah. I’m gonna go eat now.” She says, and I laugh as she scurries off to eat with a circle of newbies.

“So innocent. So young. Too young for this.” Ghoul says, having stopped beside me. I whistle sharply, and Jet Star and Kobra Kid’s head perk up. I’d purposely ignored Ghoul, because he knew how I felt about under 16 Killjoy’s.

“ Block Uniform! NOW!” I call, and Jet along with Kid scamper off in it’s general direction. Fun Ghoul gives a pericing three note whistle, and five more heads perk up, hands flying to their holstered rayguns. I laugh at their reflex, and keep laughing as Ghoul talks.

“You five! Get going to Block U!” He screams, and they take off in a dead sprint for the block, easily out running the two teachers who’d started ahead of them by thirty seconds and a hundred feet. He gives a small chuckle and I look at him. “Time to get the newbie’s all joy’d up.” He says, and runs off to them, slowing to a casual stroll as he got closer. I started walking towards the destination, when suddenly, one of our teachers came up next to me.

“Hello Party.” She whispers in my ear, and I smile. “Miss me?”

“The recruits are behind us. No contact right now.” Her hands withdraw from her jacket pockets, toying with her sunglasses. “Though I’d love to, we can’t risk it.” She sighs heavily. “Sun, you know I want to, but we can’t.”

“Fine.” She huffs at me, throwing her blonde hair over a shoulder. “Oh, Ghoul’s room flooded, so he has to sleep in my block tonight.”

“Remind me again why I gave you the block labeled Juliet?” I ask her wryly. She giggles again, running a hand through her hair as we walked. “Actually, don’t.”

“Shut up. Ready to go dye and cut and otherwise change the newbie’s appearances? God knows this is one of my favorite parts.” She says, and I can hear it in her voice how excited she is. How she was always excited, I never could figure out. You’d figure, with as much pain as she’d seen, as much as she’d gone through… she’d never laugh again. But somehow, she found a way. I wondered sometimes if she actually felt any real emotion anymore. When the BLI scientists were rewiring her, maybe they hit something that controls a person’s ability to feel. She seemed so happy, but there were times I would catch her staring out into space, like she was thinking about leaving.

I smile at her, and she beams. I know just how to set her on edge, just how to make her laugh…“I know you love this part. Wanna eat in my room tonight? Ghoul brought us vodka on his last food run.”

“Can’t, I’ve got the last part of orientation tonight. Maybe after.” She says. I smile sadly.

“You know where I’m at.” She laughs at me.

“Of course I do. It’s been what, 6 months now?” She says, and I smile at her eagerness.

“Six months, two weeks, and 3 hours.” I say. I’d memorized it. It made her happy, and she beams at me. Her eyes changed to a teal color, glowing bright, even though it was dark out. “What other abilities that you have that you haven’t shown me yet?” I ask, genuinely interested. She’d shown me that she was super athletic, and the eye thing.

“I can change my appearance. At will.” She says. “it’s some chemical they put me near, and when you mix the fact they exposed me to massive amounts of radiation…”

“No WAY!” I scream at her, and she jumps a bit. “Show me!” I beg excitedly.

“Maybe a little later Poison.” She says to me. We’ve arrived at our destination, and I see Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, and Kobra Kid all leaning against the wall of the Block. “It’s quite exhausting, it’ll drain me of every last tiny piece of energy I have.”

“You ready?” Sun says to the newbie’s with an evil grin. The five other Killjoys, the best five we had right now, adopted the same grins. The new students held back whimpers. I step forward, standing next to Sun. She puts an arm around my shoulders, and I put mine around her waist.

“Welcome to one of the best parts of school.” I say. “Everybody wants to look nice on the first day right? Your first day is tomorrow. So, let’s make you all pretty.” I chuckle. I liked this speech.

“Single file!” Kobra Kid screams at them, and they jump into line. The rest of the teachers and the five older students -Moon Dust, Red Snow, Calm Storm, Fear Shot, and her sister, Adrenaline Shot- went inside. When the recruits were in a single file line, I separated boys from girls. Looked like we had about 22 boys, and 18 girls. I lead the boys inside after Sun leads the girls in. She sits them down in rows of chairs, as I do with mine.

“Important part of being a killjoy, other than the name, is how you look. Sounds superficial, because it is.” She trills at them, and they all chuckle. “So, you’re all getting makeovers. Hair, makeup, clothes, the whole nine yards.”

“Do we get any say in what we look like?” A girl pipes up, the blonde from earlier.

“Of course you do. But we’re gonna help. We [/do
have experience with this thing after all.” Sun says, and they all let out sighs of relief. I grab a handful of boys, and Sun gets the same amount of girls. She turns to the blonde one, the young girl. “You’re gonna be my personal assignment, so you may have to wait a bit. I see you with bright colors.” She says and the girl nods eagerly. I pipe up.

“What’s your name?” I ask her. It’s a test.

“As-.” She stops herself, correcting her sentence. “Dancing Spark.” She says confidently. I smile, glad that she’s learning so fast. She was gonna be good at this, I could tell. Sun turns to a black haired girl. “Neon Tiger, you’re gonna get tons of color. To match the name. Red Snow?” She says, motioning to a upperclassjoy with bright red hair. He trots over, holding a bag of dyes. “What do you think, for her? I’m seeing blue underside…green streaks … some choppy layers… a few pink pieces, and rainbow in the bangs.”

“I’ll get to work on her. Anybody else?” He asks, grabbing Neon Tiger by the hand. “Do you like the idea?” He asks her and she nods vigorously, and Red Snow laughs. Sun grabs a girl with orange hair.

“This is Loaded Dice. Her eyes are really cool. One green, one gold. It’s really rare apparently, so give her something to play up the look. She just needs a touch up on the blue. How would you feel about darkening the orange?” She asks the girl. Loaded Dice looks back at her.

“Whatever you think will be best…” She says with a sigh and a smile. She won’t stop staring at Red Snow. Uh oh…. Looks like somebodies found eye candy. He leads them off to where he’s dyeing people hair. I turn to a boy with half green, half black hair.

“You need new clothes, those are just horrible smelling.” I say, grimacing as he sniffs himself. He cringes, and apologizes. I trudge over to a closet, pulling open a drawer. I extract a pair of bright green skinny jeans. I open another drawer, grabbing a black shirt for him. He digs through a box, finding a dark blue leather vest. I hand him the clothes, and send him back into a room to change. He exits a few minutes later, and I survey him. He kept his boots, and found a bandanna to tie around his wrist. I nod, and he goes and sits back down. I move onto the next boy, who’s got the biggest pair of brown eyes I’ve ever seen. He looks at me.

“My name is Dark Shadow.” He says, and I walk around him in a circle. “What do I need?”

“Sunglasses. I have a pair you can have. A pair of jeans. Black, a pair of converse or Doc Martens. Long sleeved shirt…. Probably blue. A jacket. I have a red one that’d look good. And a major hair cut. None of that long swishy crap. Reminds me of some guy from the past..” I give him the clothes I mentioned, and when he’s changed, send him to Fun Ghoul. I nod at Ghoul, and shot a question to Dark Shadow. “How do you feel about tattoos?” I ask, and he nods eagerly.

“What color we doing to him? And what do you want tattooed and where?” He asks him, picking up a box of dye, and undoing it. “How about red streaks?” The boy nods, and Ghoul sets to work on him, asking him “What’s with this long swishy crap?”. I quickly distribute more jeans, ranging from grey like mine to bright orange. Jackets and vests go out, as do bandanas, a few pairs of boots, a few new pairs of underwear, and several other items. I feel a voice slide into my ear. “I’m done with the girls, setting to work on their makeup now. You still want me to come over later?” The voice purrs to me, and I shiver. The entire group of boys that stand in front of me are practically drooling.

“Yes boys. We’re together.” I say to them, before any of them make any smart aleck comments.

“Lucky.” One voice says from across the room. I catch a glare from Ghoul, who’s just finished his tattoo duties.

“I am. Keep your thoughts to yourself.” I say, and Sun gives me a peck on the cheek. “You guys wanna know her name?” I shout to the room. They all nod and cheer.

“It’s Neon Sun.” She says simply. “Girls, I’ll do your make up in a moment.” She motions to Adrenaline Shot, who runs to us, pink hair bouncing. Her sister’s dark blue hair comes bouncing after her. “Go get the suitcase.” They run off into a backroom, both returning wheeling two suitcases each. Sun walks over to the girls, and I stare at her as she walks away.

“Damn…” One of the boys says, letting out a low whistle. The other boys chuckle and nudge him.

“Back off. She’s mine.” I try to keep the growl out of my voice. I fail.

“Easy man. Just sayin…” the boy says, putting his hands up. I glare at him, and he shrinks back into the crowd.

“Go get dyed. Calm Storm will do you.” I point to a girl, dressed in a pin up style outfit, who winks at them.

“I hope so.” He says with a wink to me. He sits in front of her, and she rolls her eyes at me.

“Really Party Poison?!?!?” She asks me with a glower on her made up face. Her dark red lips pucker a bit as he attempts to touch her arm. She holds up her scissors threateningly. He stops moving, facing forward. I laugh when she nearly nicks him. Storm gives him a really choppy, messy look.

Sun is sitting in front of a girl, this one with dark green hair with pink bangs. “And you just smudge the eyeliner as much as you want. You have lots of color goin on, but you can do a tiny bit if you want.” She’d already sped through three girls, all of whom now sat in front of Moon Dust, who’s off white hair had some recently added blue undertones to it.

“So… I’m piercing what?” She asks, and the girl laughs. “Just kidding, just kidding! I can do your cartilage, your nose, belly button… I did Neon Sun’s belly button for her! She did have a fun side at one point ya know. Kidding, she’s still got it. ” She says, and the girl looks at her nervously. Moon pick up the girl’s blue hair, and looks at her ears. “No piercings at all? This will be fun!” She says, and she quickly double pierces the girl’s ears. Several girls get nose piercings. One gets an eyebrow, another gets a cartilage on both ears. She finishes the girls as fast as Sun can get their makeup done, and gives them the stuff they need to do it. I’ve sent all the boys to their camps, letting Kobra lead them there. I turn to Jet Star, motioning for him to leave. The girl’s that remain, I hand out clothes to.

Neon Tiger approaches me after I send out all the girls except her and the blonde Sun was keeping behind. “Can I get clothes?” She asks, and I nod. Ghoul apologizes for missing her, and then smiles as she picks out a pair of neon pink shorts. She grabs a pair of green converse with black tiger stripes, and a yellow tank top from the drawers. After adding a blue bandanna, she changes and leaves quickly.

“That leaves you Sparky.” I say, and she laughs nervously. Ghoul walks up to Sun, giving her a look.

“What are we doing to this one?” he asks, walking over to all his dyes.

“How do you feel about neon turquoise hair streaks with a pink underside? And a cartilidge pericing?” Sun asks the girl, who nods her approval. I walk to the closet, selecting clothing for her. Sun walks up to me while Ghoul and the other five people in the room set to work on her hair and makeup.

“Party, she’s gonna be my personal responsibility.” Sun whispers to me while we dig through pants. I pull out a pair of dark shorts and hold them up for Sun. “Why not just put ‘jail bait’ on her and let her loose among the bar rats down south?” she asks me, and I put the shorts back, withdrawing a pair of longer ones, these with studs on the sides, and a side button. Sun nods her approval, and I put it on the counter next to us. Sun has come up with a dark purple top, with slashes up and down it in random places. The slashes vary in length and direction, and all have a different colored piece of fabric underneath them. I nod, and she puts it with the shorts. Moon Dust picks out a bandanna, this one neon green with a pattern of hearts and stars on it, and lays it over the other items. Adrenaline shot grabs a pair of converse, these black with yellow and blue laces. I nod, and Sun throws in a few other items, and several hours later, we have a pierced, painted, dressed, and dyed killjoy. She was cute, like a little sister is. She stared up at all of us –except Sun and Ghoul, both of whom were almost her height, only a few inches taller.- and smiled.

“Thanks guys. Can I go now?” She asks, and Sun sends her scurrying off to her camp. Hopefully, she’d made friends. With the kids that wouldn’t take advantage of her preferably. She was so innocent. So young.

“Um. I’m gonna leave you three alone. Sun has to ask you something.” Moon Dust says. “And we’ll be up to help with the last part.”

“I only need you and Snow.” Sun says, the rest of them giving whoops of victory. They all ran back to camp, muttering something about drinks. “That better not be vodka!” Sun screams after them and they just laugh and keep running. Ghoul looks at me, and I instinctively put an arm about Sun.

“Get it out of your systems. I won’t watch.” He sighs the words, and Sun giggles like a teenager. Which she was.

“We know you like to watch.” she teases Ghoul. “C’mon Frankie, I know you do. We caught you.”

“It was once! And I needed to ask you a question!” he says, sounding exasperated. I pull Sun closer. “Just do it already.” He says, and hides his eyes with his hands. Sun gives me a quick peck on the lips, but I pull her back to me.

“Oh no you don’t” I playfully growl. I kiss her, and instead of keeping it short and sweet, she shoves her tongue into my mouth. I chuckle into her mouth, and she groans a bit. I let my hands move to her waist, staying there. Her’s mess around with my hair, wrapping small strands around her fingers. She yanks gently, making me groan into her mouth. My tongue dances with hers, and I nip at her lip.

“I’m coming over tonight. I’m gonna be all sweaty and icky probably.” She says after we break away. “Ghoul, it’s safe to look.” He peeks through his fingers, and sighs when he sees me and her are just hugging. I smile smugly at him. He didn’t much like what’d happened with Sun and I. Not my fault he fucked up and drove her away.

“You gonna go eat now?” I ask Sun, and she smiles at me, eyes going to their normal color. I enjoyed looking at the weird blue color. It had a purple tinge to it, and the little flecks of gold in them flickered in the wavering light coming from the room’s few light bulbs.

“No. Not hungry.” She says.

I frown at her. “You need to eat.” I say.

She sighs at me. I pull back from our hug, holding her at arm’s length by the shoulders. “You will eat.” I refuse to give into her on this one. “I’ll tell Death Defying you aren’t eating again….” I threaten.

“I’m not gonna. I’m not hungry.” She says to me, pouting a bit. “I have to go get ready for the last part now. See you later?” She asks me, and I nod. “Love you.”

“Love you to Sunnie.” I say to her, and she grins at me. Ghoul gags a bit, and we both glare at him. “Make sure she eats something Ghoul.” I instruct and he nods.

“Let’s go Fun!” She says, and they run off. I’m left standing in the room alone, and I sigh. Seeing that there’ wrappers and boxes all over the floor, I bend down, picking up an empty box of dye, and a pair of gloves. Throwing them into a trash sack hanging off the counter, I start cleaning up all the trash from today’s orientation. I heave a sigh; wishing somebody else would do this. I’m Party Poison! I think to myself. I shouldn’t be cleaning. I should be kicking butt, letting pretty little Sun hang all over me! I should be drinking massive amounts of alcohol! I should be lounging, enjoying my night with Sun. Instead, I’m cleaning while she and Ghoul run off together to go do something.

Who knew you could be jealous of a girl’s ex?
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