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Second chapter... err, enjoy?

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Frankie started to wriggle around with his eyebrows creased, letting out small whimpers and clinging onto my shirt. Aww he was having a nightmare, wait, what do I do? He began to get louder, terror covering his delicate features.

“Frankie, it’s me Gerard, it’s okay, shh” I began to stroke his hair and amazingly he calmed down, his whimpers turned to gentle breathing as he slowly awoke, fluttering his densely lashed eyes open and looking straight at me

“Gerard, I had a bad dream” He looked so scared, like the nightmare he had would suddenly appear and catch him

“I know Frankie, it wasn’t real though so don’t worry ‘bout it, ‘Kay?” I don’t really know how to deal with a four year old having nightmares but I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far

“B-but it felt real, Gerard I’m scared” Tears began to form in his eyes as he looked at me, like a puppy begging you to bring it home and cuddle it.

“Wanna talk about it?” He nodded his head and I made sure all the other kids were asleep before turning back to Frankie

“Okay then, what was your dream about Frankie?” He repositioned himself so he was sitting up and rested his head on my chest

“Uncle Lucas came to get m-me” Confusion covered my face, what made his uncle so scary

“Who’s Uncle Lucas?”

“He’s mean to me and my Daddy” He snuggled his head into my chest as I began to stroke his hair again, it was like a trigger for him to be calm

“How is he mean?” Frankie began to sniffle as tears fell from his eyes “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to” I gently turned him to face me and wiped the tears away

“H-he said he would hurt my Daddy and take me w-with him and then he called my Daddy a bad name”

“What did he call your Daddy?”

“Daddy said I’m not allowed to say it”

“You can say it just this once, ‘Kay? He nodded his head and bit his lip; I could tell he didn’t want to say whatever his uncle called his Dad

“He called my Daddy a” His voice reduced to a barely audible whisper “A faggot” My jaw clenched when I heard the word that torments me every day at school , Frankie looked worriedly into my eyes, he must have noticed me tensing up.

“Well your Uncle won’t get you; I’ll make sure of that, okay Frankie?” A smile broke out on his face as he snuggled close to me again

“Thank you Gerard, you’re the bestest” I smiled at his cuteness and kissed his forehead, he giggled and looked up at me before saying

“What was that for, Gerard?

“Cause you’re so darn cute” He giggled again and reached up to place a sloppy kiss on my cheek

“Wuv you Gerard” I chuckled at how cute he was being

“Love you too Frankie” I looked up at the clock to see it was twelve O’clock, ugh, naptime was over

“What’s up Gerard?” He tilted his head in confusion, making him seem even cuter

“Naptimes over little dude” Frankie frowned and looked at all the other kids, snoring and wriggling around. I stood up, carrying Frankie and gently sat him down on my chair

“Stay here, I’m gonna wake the brats up” He giggled and nodded his head

“Alright kiddies, get up or no chocolate” They all lazily got up and began to put their sleeping things back into the cupboard , thing is I don’t even know if they get chocolate with their lunch, I only usually work until eleven, better go into the kitchen and Find out

“Hey Frankie, wanna go to the kitchen?”
He nodded enthusiastically and put his arms up, waiting for me to carry him, I scooped him up in my arms and carried him bridal style into the kitchen area where about three middle-aged women were huffing and puffing around trying to find ingredients for the food, they noticed me after about a minute

“No kids in the kitchen get him out of here” Ordered the plump brunette lady, dude, does she have a beard?! “I said no kids in the kitchen”

“I’m only here to ask what the kids are having for lunch and if they get a dessert”

“Meatballs and spaghetti and yes they do, now shoo”

“For lunch?”

“Yes, no scram before you’re on the menu and that little mute too”

“I’m not mute” Frankie pouted and crossed his arms, trying to look pissed off but only succeeding in looking adorable

“Just go away you little pests”
I got the message and began to carry Frankie back to the play room/ Nap room, I opened the door to reveal the brats going through a bag, Frankie’s eyes widened as he struggled to get out of my arms, I let him go and he rushed over snatching the bag from the brats

“Give me my stuff back!”

“No, we wanna see what other secrets you have” They laughed, throwing around all of Frankie's stuff

“Hey! You leave his stuff alone or I will lock you in this room till you starve to death” Okay maybe that was a little over-dramatic but it worked cause all the kids were scrambling around, putting Frankie's things back into his bag, Frankie put his bag back on the pegs and ran up to me
“Thank you Gerard” He said looking up at me with those puppy-dog eyes that I adored so much

“No problem Frankie” I smiled making him giggle and put his arms up, indicating for me to pick him up, I bent down and picked him up around his ribcage, keeping him above my shoulder and putting one arm under his thighs whilst the other was behind his head, playing with his dark brown locks.
There was a knock on the door before the dinner lady from the kitchen came barging in

“It’s the children’s lunch time; take them down to the cafeteria and don’t be late” She huffed and left
“Okay kids, you heard the lady, get in a line and we’ll go eat, okay?”
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