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Lunch time

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"Apart from his father, you’re the first person he’s spoken to in weeks, congratulations, Mr. Way”

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The kids soon got into a neat line in front of the door and were ready to go to lunch; I picked up my bag before resuming my place at the front with Frankie

“Why isn’t Frank in the line?” Asked one of the kids, Frankie snuggled up to me and buried his face in my neck

“Because Frankie is with me” The kid looked confused

“But, why?”

“Cause I said so” The kid pulled an angry face at me, well as angry as a four year old can look and stomped back into the line, muttering something about it not being fair. I moved to the front of the line and opened the door for the kids; I led them through the corridor and into the cafeteria, luckily, I had Frankie to tell me where to go, seeing as I never work past eleven, he seemed to enjoy bossing me around and I just found it adorable.

“Aaand, we’re here!” He beamed

“Thanks Frankie” I kissed his cheek and led the kids to what I assumed was their table, a few meters away from the ‘Staff table’ where they were all waiting with their meals, bored expressions on their faces. I told the children to find their seats and sure enough, they all squabbled around, trying to sit next to their friends. Frankie pointed to an isolated table with two chairs.

“That’s my seat”

“Why do you sit there?”

“Cause the teachers said I was being a big word”

“Don’t you know what the big word is?” Frankie shook his head “Any idea whatsoever?” Again he shook his head “Okay Frankie you sit here” I gently placed him in his seat “and I’ll go talk with the teachers for a bit, I’ll be back soon, don’t worry” I set my bag down next to him before stepping away

I chuckled and kissed his forehead

Heading for the ‘Staff table’ I began to look for the nicest member of staff, I settled for Mrs. Glass, from what I’ve heard, she’s the person you go to if you don’t want your head eaten off

“Excuse me, Mrs Glass?”


“What’s the reason for Frankie sitting on his own?” Her brow wrinkled as she set her sights on Frankie, most likely forgetting who he was

“Ah, yes, Frank Iero, he sits on his own because he is anti-social towards the other children, if any of them try to speak to him, he just ignores them, obviously it was getting on the children’s’ nerves, so we moved him”

“But he’s not anti-social to me”

“Well then, apart from his father, you’re the first person he’s spoken to in weeks, congratulations, Mr. Way”

I smiled politely at her before returning to Frankie, who was playing with his food, not looking at all tempted to eat it, I sat down next to him and took the fork from his grasp, he looked confused before I loaded the fork with spaghetti and shoved it in his mouth, then he just looked absolutely revolted. He swallowed the food before pulling a face at me

“Why’d you do that?”

“You weren’t eating” I shrugged

“Yeah, cause it’s horrible”

“Would you prefer a fruit salad?”

“Yes, actually “I chuckled before reaching into my bag and producing a container full of fruit with its own plastic fork

“Want it?” Frankie smiled before nodding his head vigorously and reaching out for the food, I opened the lid and got a grape on the fork before gently feeding it to Frankie, he hummed in appreciation as he chewed, contently smiling before swallowing

“That was yummy”
I chuckled at the way he stared hungrily at the rest of the fruit

“You want the rest?” He was taken out of his fruity daydream and looked at me

“Please” Aww, him being polite just makes me want to cuddle him until he can’t breathe! Okay maybe that was a little over the top. I continued to feed him all the fruit from the container as he kept making appreciative hums of satisfaction. When the fruit was finished and he had swallowed all of it he smiled at me cutely before saying ‘thank you’.

“Okay children, time to go back to the playroom” Called Mrs Glass, standing up from her seat and telling the dinner ladies to clear all the plates, all the children ran back to the classrooms as the dinner ladies picked up all their plates and dessert cups, that's strange, Frankie didn’t get any dessert...

When we got back to the room all the children resumed playing as I just sat in my chair on my computer, Frank resting contently on my lap as he watched what I was doing. I heard a ping as I got a message; I went onto it and saw it was my brother

Hey Gee :D How’s it going with the brats?

Its okay I suppose, they’re just a little loud

Louder than me? Seems like I gotta take it up a notch :P

You dare do that and I’ll take away every comic book you own

Ahh, wise older brother, it seems your plans have already been foiled as my comic books are located in a very secret area that you will never find

You mean under the loose floor board in your room?


“Who’s Gee?” I looked to Frankie who was looking back at me with curiosity laced into his features

“It’s just my nickname, like Frankie is your nickname” I replied, leaning back as I noticed I was slightly crushing Frank whilst leaning over to the computer like I was. Frankie readjusted himself on my lap before looking thoughtfully into space for a few seconds; I found it quite cute to be honest but lately I’ve been finding everything Frank does cute, is that strange? Nah, it can’t be, I mean Frank’s just a little kid, and everyone finds them cute

“Gee... Gee-gee!” He squealed, causing some of the children to look up but as they discovered it was Frank making the offending noise, they decided it was uninteresting and went back to playing their little game of leap frog. I laughed at his enthusiasm and squeezed him tighter for a few seconds in a sort of hug

“Is that what you’re going to call me now then Frankie?” He grinned at me and shook his head no, snuggling into my chest, I responded by running his chocolate brown hair through my fingers and pulling a lever on my swivelling chair so I was in between sitting up and lying down, making it so Frank was lying down on me. I thought he should get more sleep since he had a nightmare last time and relaxed as I watched the show of annoying children jumping on each other and playing tag.

Yay for major lateness and not having even a remotely good excuse :D
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