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Finding out

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Gerard finds out something about Frankies father

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I had only just realized I had fallen asleep when I heard a knock on the door, I looked through the little glass window and saw it was Frankie's father, I didn’t sleep that long did I? I looked at the clock and sure enough it was three o’clock, home time for the little brats, well Frankie wasn’t a little brat, he was more like cuteness in human form, you could say I was getting rather attached to him and you’d probably be right, but it’s okay I guess, I mean it’s not like I wanted to fuck him. Oh god that's a disgusting thought, I guess I just want to be like a father figure to him or like an older brother. Speaking of Frankie, he’s still asleep on my chest looking as peaceful as ever, I can’t wake him, he looks too relaxed. I carefully got up; keeping Frankie in my arms as I clumsily opened the door, thanks to some form of miracle. Frankie's father looked confused at me carrying his son in my arms but promptly turned that into a formal smile before speaking

“I believe it’s time for Frank to go home now Mr. Way, are all of his things ready?” He raised his eyebrows at me in a questioning manner as I looked behind me to where all the bags where kept, just to check Frankie's bag was still there, sure enough it was so I quickly handed Frankie’s sleeping form to his father and retrieved the bag.
Franks father thanked me and turned to leave when a mumble could be heard leaving his sons lips

“Don’t wanna leave... Like it here” His face scrunched up as he slowly opened his eyes and looked up to his father “Daaaaadddyyy, can I stay here with Gerard pwease?” He pouted his lower lip and stared intently into his fathers eyes. A sigh left his fathers lips as he turned to look at me

“He likes you then?” He chuckled, changing the grip on his son so Frankie was on his hip

“Err yeah, I just talked to him and I guess he took a liking to me” I shrugged

“Well seeing as he likes you, can you do me a favour?” He asked, hoisting Frankie higher on his hip

“Yeah, of course, what do I need to do?”

“Well, seeing as little Frank here trusts you, would you mind babysitting him tomorrow? I need to work and no one I know is free” I saw Frankie’s face light up when he heard what his father had said

“Please please please say yes Gewawd” He pouted, looking at me with puppy dog eyes that even the cruellest person couldn’t resist.
So I agreed, I gave Mr Iero my address, so he could pick little Frankie up the next day and he gave me his number, in case anything went wrong and I needed his help. He only said to ring him if there is an emergency though because and I quote ‘With my work you can’t be interrupted’. I had asked what his work was but he just said I was being a little too nosy and walked away with Frankie waving at me like a mad-man. I shook my head at how hyper he was with me and how quiet and reserved he was with other children and adults, I guess I am good with kids... as long as they are as socially awkward as me

Soon enough all the parents came to pick up their kids and after cleaning up what mess the kids had made and helping other staff clean up the kitchen, It was already 9 o’clock, luckily my house wasn’t too far away from the nursery, so I didn’t have to walk too far.
I was just about to turn the last corner when I noticed someone on the other side of the road, at first I assumed it was another hooker , waiting to start their job, but on closer inspection I realised it was Mr Iero... In very tight skinny jeans and a tight top... Oh god. He’s a whore? Oh god, that’s why he didn’t want me to know what his job was and that, was most likely why he wanted me to take care of Frankie tomorrow. Wait a second, who was taking care of Frankie now? I couldn’t just go up to Mr Iero and ask him, he would most likely not let me babysit Frankie tomorrow if he knew I knew what he works as. So I just walked quickly by and into my house.
I heard loud footsteps rushing down the stairs made by what could only be my little brother Mikey

“Gerard Way, why the fuck are you like six hours late?!” He screeched as soon as he made it all the way down the stairs, he breath was erratic and he had a worried look on his face, damn, I forgot to tell him I was cleaning up

“Sorry Mikey, I was just helping out a little more at the nursery, you weren’t scared, were you?” I teased, ruffling his hair as I went past him to the kitchen

“No I wasn’t scared you retard, I was worried that you had been murdered on your way home” He pouted as he followed me into the kitchen and leaned his weight onto the counter, I turned round and looked at him like he was completely retarded before I remembered just how dangerous the area we live in was and shrugged, going back to making me and Mikey a coffee
After making my way to the living room and receiving multiple glares from my younger sibling was I able to relax into the cushiony softness of the couch, Sipping at the hot coffee and just daydreaming about the day I had. Only then did I remember I was babysitting Frankie tomorrow and was yet to tell Mikey, who unfortunately hates kids, no matter how they behave.

“Err, Mikey? Can I hypothetically explain a situation to you?”

“Judging by the way you just asked that, I’m guessing the situation is not hypothetical, so no you may not explain that particular situation, you can however explain what the actual situation is” Damn, either he suddenly got smarter or I suddenly got dumb

“Well, I kind of agreed to babysit a kid from the nursery tomorrow” I put my coffee down and sat up, facing Mikey so I knew what his reaction would be, he seemed to be pretty calm though, did I say the right thing? Or did I say some random gibberish that has nothing to do with what I wanted to say? (A:N I’ve done that before)

“Okay then, how long will you be gone?” He asked, looking at me with eyebrows raised, looking calmer than ever, I felt pretty bad because I knew that would change with my next sentence

“That’s the thing; I’m kind of babysitting him here” I felt like I could see Mikey’s brain slowly processing the information I had just given him and when he was finished processing, I could see his face contort from calm to furious

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