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6 months later, Wednesday

I had been babysitting Frank every weekend since that night, the summer break had ended and I no longer had to work with snotty little brats that insisted on being their loudest whenever I was there...
Mikey had gotten used to the idea of me babysitting Frank after about two months; this could have been down to the fact that Frank had puked on me when I was spinning him around and Mikey just so happened to see, bursting into hysterical laughter when he saw most of it had gone onto my face

The familiar sound of screeching brakes brought me back from that embarrassing memory, Frank’s father must be here... huh, that's strange
“Gerard! Why’s Franks dad here?!” I heard Mikey yell down the stairs
“I don’t know!” I yelled back, Putting on a shirt, as I was only in boxers. I fast walked into the hallway and opened the door, revealing Franks father carrying Frank down the driveway, a tired look on his face
“Err, Mr Iero, it’s only Wednesday, I’m not suppose to look after Frank till the weekends” I explained, my right hand rubbing my neck awkwardly, Mr. Iero sighed before talking
“I know that Gerard, I just need you to take care of him for the rest of the week, I have... work to do” My eyebrows rose at that, I knew what he meant by work, but he didn’t know I knew. I guess I should take care of Frank, I mean, if I didn’t, he would probably just leave Frank all alone in the house, with no one to look after him
“Err, sure, am I err, starting today or?” I gestured with my hands as Mr. Iero nodded and handed Frank to me
“Make sure he gets a nap in the afternoon and that you bathe him every other day” He rambled, I guess he was late for work
“Sure, I’ll call you if anything happens” With that, Mr. Iero darted off and got in his car, almost certainly breaking the speed limit.
I sighed and carried Frank inside, placing him on the sofa and turning on his favourite show. The strangest thing about what just happened was that Frank was silent, usually he would be really excited about being at my place but he just seemed bored. Slowly kneeling next to him I felt his temperature, realising it was a tad hotter than usual
“Hey Frankie?” I questioned, he turned to face me with a dull expression on his face, I noticed he was a little paler as usual, his usually rosy cheeks taking on a chalkier complexion “You feeling okay?” He shook his head, curling into a ball and holding his stomach with both hands
“Tummy hurts” He whimpered, his eyes glazing with tears. I didn’t know what exactly to do but I decided that maybe water would help and got him a glass, he took little sips before lying back down again, his eyes gently fluttering closed
It was then that Mikey decided to make an appearance, bags under his eyes and his hair sticking up in all directions, a loud yawn escaping his lips
“Morning” He sighed, immediately going into the kitchen to assumedly get a cup of coffee
“Hey Mikey, you feeling any better? I mean, you had enough energy to shout down the stairs” You see, Mikey had been ill for two days now, claiming he couldn’t possibly make it to school without puking, so, being the soft older brother I am, let him have a few days off, it took about three hours for me to realise he was faking but even then he got to stay home

As I thought, Mikey emerged from the kitchen, cradling a hot coffee in his hands
“Wait, I thought you were only supposed to take care of Frank on weekends?” He spoke, sipping at his coffee and the end of his sentence
“I am, but his dads... working” I hadn’t told Mikey about Frank’s dad, I mean, who would tell a fourteen year old that? Well, I suppose some people would but I guess I see Mikey as more innocent than most people
“He better be paying you for this” He warned, taking a seat next to Franks sleeping form on the sofa “Wait, is he feeling okay?” He questioned, looking over Frank with concern, most likely noticing that he wasn’t darting madly through the house as he tried to get someone to catch him
“Not really, but I gave him some water and he just fell asleep” I shrugged, checking Frankie's temperature again, hoping in vain that it would miraculously go back to normal, unfortunately it hadn’t, in fact I could swear it was warmer than before
“Just, err, make sure he has something to puke in because I am not cleaning up puke” With that Mikey gulped down the rest off his coffee, leaving the empty cup on the table and made his way back upstairs, probably to not catch whatever Frank has.
I looked at his small sleeping form with pity, I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s not nice to have a dad that just dumps you on people when he has to work, even when you’re ill, Frank stirred in his sleep as his eyes opened, immediately looking round and spotting me, a forced smile making its way across his face, then frowning as he leaned over the side of the sofa and emptied the contents of his stomach onto my floor, my eyes widened as I saw just how much he had puked, I’m pretty sure it was as big as him. Frank quickly looked up to face me, looking both worried and scared
“S-Sorry, I d-didn’t mean t-to” He stuttered, tears running freely down his dull looking cheeks
“Shh, it’s okay Frankie, it wasn’t your fault” I soothed, rubbing small circles onto his back as he leaned into my touch, slowly sinking back into a lying position “I’ll clean this up, then I’m gonna take you upstairs, Okay?” He nodded before looking confused and saying
“Why do I need to go upstairs?” I smiled at how cute he looked and stroked his hair
“I’m going to give you a bath, it’ll make you feel better” I kissed his sweaty forehead before setting to work on the stinking puddle of half digested food
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