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Bath time

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Gerard gives Frank a bath to help him feel better

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After ten minutes of wiping spraying and gagging, I had cleaned every little speck of vomit from my laminate floor, nodding proudly to myself I went into the kitchen, dumping all the tissue into the bin and spaying it with some form of odour eliminating spray. I made my way into the living room, hoping he was awake, sure enough he was sitting up and a small smile graced his young features, he was a little less pale now but he still looked ill

“Am I still getting a bath?” He questioned, looking at me with those cute innocent hazel eyes of his, I smiled and picked him up, resting him on my hip as I carried him up the stairs
“Of course you are Frankie” I cooed, going into my bedroom and placing him gently on the puffy quilt “I just need to fill the bath and then we can get you all cleaned up, that sound good?” I chuckled at his enthusiasm as he nodded his head vigorously, stopping suddenly as he had a dull look on his face, my eyes widened as I realised what was going to happen ,I quickly lifted Frank from my bed and practically ran into the bathroom, kneeling down with Frankie on my Lap, in front of the toilet. I heard a whining sound coming from Frank’s throat as he yet again puked out the contents of his stomach, I could have sworn he wouldn’t have anything in him. I flushed the toilet and carried Frank back to my room, he immediately lied down and closed his eyes, I let him sleep as I filled the bath, checking every five minutes to make sure the temperature was perfect

Eventually the bath was a perfect temperature, I made sure it wasn’t too deep and that I had a small bin prepared for if Frank puked again. He was fast asleep when I got into my room, small whines and snuffles emitting from his mouth, as he wrapped his arms around his small frame, snuggling his head into the pillow as a small line of drool made its way onto the fabric, I smiled at how cute and innocent he looked when he was asleep and felt bad for having to wake him up but he needed a bath to help him feel better...
“Frankie? You gotta wake up now, come on” I gently shook his shoulder, causing him to stir and crack his eyes open, a yawn escaping from his rosy lips. He looked at me and smiled before lifting his arms up and making grabbing motions, indicating for me to pick him up, I chuckled before lifting him into my arms and kissing his forehead, muttering ‘so cute’ into his chestnut coloured hair
I carried Frank into the bathroom and set him down onto his feet, kneeling in front of him and gently removing his light blue shirt, placing it on the radiator. I undid his dark brown belt and brought down his navy blue jeans, putting them alongside the shirt, I stood up and told Frank to remove his boxers; he looked confused for a second before doing as he was told and taking them off, looking up at me as if to say ‘what now?’ I smiled and picked him up, gently placing him into the bath tub and checking with him that the temperature was fine, he nodded but then frowned, looking at me
“What's wrong?” I asked, feeling his temperature, he giggled at me and swatted my hand away before speaking
“I thought you were gonna come in with me” He said looking up at me with those innocent sparkling hazel eyes, his lower lip sticking out just the tiniest bit, Succeeding in looking the cutest he ever has
“I can’t Frankie, I’ve got to wash you” I smiled, grabbing the sponge and putting a generous amount of shower gel on it
“You can still wash me” He whined doing puppy dog eyes at me
“Wouldn’t it be... weird?” I reasoned, hoping that frank would realise that a sixteen year old sharing a bath with a six year old would be quite strange

“Daddy does” He whined grabbing my hand and slightly pulling me towards the bath

“Yeah but he’s your dad, I’m not related to you” I explained, gently pulling my hand away from Franks grip and kissing his forehead in some form of apology, He frowned at me before his eyes glazed over with tears “Frankie, don’t be sad, please” I moved the hair from his eyes as he carried on looking at me, pleading that I join him, maybe it was a comfort of some sort for him? I mean, maybe when he was ill his father would share a bath with him so he felt safe or something. I decided I’d take a chance and within five minutes I was in just my boxers and an old shirt, no matter how much Frank whined, I was not getting naked, because I’m pretty sure that's illegal
Frank’s features filled with glee when he saw that I was getting in the bath, he moved to the end, so I could get in then decided he would be more comfy resting in my lap, I rolled my eyes playfully before grabbing the shampoo and gently lathering it into his chestnut hair, that will soon smell of strawberries. He wrinkled up his nose before sniffing the air like a puppy, looking at me with confusion etched into his cute features

“It’s strawberry shampoo Frankie” I explained, the confusion was replaced with glee as he stuck his tongue out, trying to catch the foam that was slowly sliding down the side of his face, he lapped it up before spitting it out in disgust, automatically turning to me with an accusing expression

“Ewwwww” He whined, wiping at his tongue with his hands rapidly, trying and most likely failing to get rid of the chemically taste “That does not taste of strawberries” He complained, pouting and crossing his arms over his chest as he sat on my lap
“It’s not suppose to Frankie” I sighed, grabbing a jug and gently rinsing the shampoo out of his hair with the bath water, he hummed with satisfaction at the warm water running down his scalp and back, I smiled at how relaxed he looked and suddenly realised he was looking a little more rosy then when he was on the sofa “Hey Frankie? You feeling any better?” He turned to me and thought for a second before replying
“A little bit...” He smiled evilly at me before cupping his hands in the water and splashing it right in my face, Giggling madly at my shocked expression before hugging himself to my chest and saying “Thank you Gee” and kissed my cheek
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