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Eventually I had Frank out of the bath, after him refusing to get off my chest for a full five minutes, his only reasoning being that I was comfy and warm. He was finally wrapped in a towel ten minutes after that, asleep on my bed. The one battle I didn’t win was him getting changed, he claimed that he felt ‘free’ with a towel on, only causing me to roll my eyes and ask if he needed a nap, which obviously he said yes to, which leads to now. I decided whilst Frank was in bed I’d get everything sorted food wise, making sure we had enough stuff to last until Sunday, when hopefully, Franks dad will pick him up. I was just about to check the biscuit cupboard when a bleary eyed Mikey came into the kitchen, , immediately reaching over my shoulder and grabbing the coffee from the top shelf, I turned around to tell him about manners when I realised he was wearing nothing but boxers, eugh
“Mikey! Put some clothes on!” He raised a questioning eyebrow and looked down at himself, obviously not having a problem with the fact he was practically naked
“What? I’m wearing boxers” He rolled his eyes before deciding to leave the coffee on the side and go back upstairs, most likely to sleep in even more. I tutted before cleaning up the kitchen, I was really turning into my mom, I chuckled at the thought before carrying on the cleaning, making sure every dangerous and deadly thing was away and out of the reach of a certain little troublemaker
3 hours later
I had realised we had pretty much ran out of food, so now, me Mikey and Frank were at the local store. I rolled my eyes as Mikey rushed off to the sweets aisle, at least Frankie stayed with me, clinging to my sleeve as if it was his life support, nervously looking at the busy shoppers rushing by.
“No need to be scared Frankie, I’m right here” I ruffled his hair to prove my point further, but he just clung to me tighter, looking at me with worry clearly etched onto his adorable features , as if he would burst into tears any second “Hey” I cooed “No need to so sad, come here” I stepped away from the trolley I was previously pushing and picked up the adorable little child, gently resting him on my bony hip, almost immediately he buried his face into my neck, mumbling something I couldn’t quite make out “what did you say Frankie?” I asked, ever so carefully moving his head from my neck so I could actually hear him
“I said I don’t feel well” He mumbled, dropping his head back onto my shoulder with a huff. Aww he must still be feeling bad from before, well I guess after puking your guts out, you wouldn’t feel like a bed of roses either.
I sighed and gently stroked his scruffy chestnut hair, he hummed contently and breathed in deeply, did he just sniff me
“Frankie, did you just sniff me?” I asked, both confused and amused by little Frankie. Nodding into my neck he explained by saying
“You smell fruity” He smiled a little before a frown replaced it and his eyebrows creased in discomfort
“What’s wrong Frankie, does your tummy hurt?” He whined a little before nodding
“Come on Gerard, you’ve been in that exact spot for like, five minutes, that's a long while in Mikey time” my ever so patient brother complained , pouting like a four year old before he saw the worry on my face, coming over immediately and asking Frankie what was wrong. I explained that he wasn’t feeling well and that we should probably do the shopping quickly, unless we wanted some poor employee cleaning up Frankie puke, Mikey chuckled at that before becoming more serious , well, as serious as a fourteen year old can get.
Within ten minutes we had everything we needed food wise for a week, and some medicine for Frankie, after some whining on Frankies part, we agreed to get the strawberry flavoured one, to ‘make up’ for when he thought the shampoo would taste like strawberries. I chuckled at the memory but Frankie just pouted from his new spot in the trolley seat.
The shortest queue we could find to check out was at least ten people long, apparently a lot of people do their shopping on a Wednesday, I sighed at how long this would take, worrying that Frankies stomach might decide to empty itself all over the food we were about to buy. Apparently my worry was obvious as I heard a husky, flirty voice behind me
“Hmm, you look stressed, what's up sugar?” My eyes widened when I turned around and realised, possibly one of the most attractive men I’d ever seen was talking to me. Not only talking to me but talking to me with that voice. He looked to be in his twenties but at that point I didn’t care, he had to have had super model parents or something... or he was a super model, or both, ugh, I swear if I couldn’t compose myself I would drool all over his too tight shirt and circulation murdering black skinny jeans. His greeny-blue eyes twinkled brightly even in the shop lighting as he smirked seductively at me, making my knees go weak and my brain think of other scenarios where he would be smirking. Wait, he asked a question didn’t he?
“N-nothing really, just, err, got a lot to do” I explained, staring intently at his lips as his pink tongue ran across the plump flesh, the saliva shining in the light as another smirk took over his features, I saw it falter slightly as he looked past me to where Mikey was standing with Frankie in the trolley, I looked around to see the small bundle of adorableness having a grumpy pout on his little pink lips, I smiled at how cute he was before turning back to the mystery man, as he had started talking again
“So, who’s the kid?” He asked, a dull tone in his voice and a disgusted look unhidden on his face. My eyebrows rose as he spoke about Frankie in such disgust, he didn’t even know Frankie, why on earth did he find him so repulsive?
“That kid as you so kindly said, is none of your business” I turned around with a huff, almost immediately wondering if I’d been a little too diva-ish about the situation, as I looked at little Frankie smiling up at me, his chubby cheeks lifting and his little white teeth showing fully, I decided that, no, I did not act too diva-ish, no one insults my Frankie. I nodded to myself and smiled back at the cute little child, ruffling his light brown hair, he hummed in satisfaction and leaned into my touch, contently closing his eyes, looking as if he could fall asleep any moment. I chuckled and thought about how he was becoming cuter every day.
“Hey sugar, I’m sorry, how about you give me your number and I make it up to you?” He purred, even going as far as stroking my arm gently, trying to be a seductive as possible. I shook off his hand and took a step forward, making a little more distance between us. That's when I realised the line was gone and the employee at the cash register was gesturing for me to come forwards, rolling his eyes and sighing as I finally started moving forwards with the trolley.

Eventually we had gotten out of the shop and the admittedly hot, but seriously annoying and persistent guy
“So what was with the creepy guy asking for your number?” Asked Mikey, obviously struggling with the shopping bags I had given him to carry, I rolled my eyes and took two off him making it so I was carrying six and he was carrying two. Even cute little Frankie was carrying a shopping bag, though I had given him the lightest one I could find.
“I have no idea, maybe he was on drugs or something” I shrugged, finally making it to my car and opening the boot, me and Mikey dumping all the shopping bags in there, I gently pried the last shopping bag from Franks little chubby hands, him protesting he could carry it on the way home because he was a ‘big boy now’ I chuckled and explained to him that if he pukes on it he won’t get the sweets inside. I swear he let go in less than a second, his eyes widening and a pout making its way onto his lips, I closed the boot with a loud click and chuckled at how worried he looked about a deprivation of sweets. “Come on, in the car” I smiled, opening the door for him and doing up his seat belt when he was comfortable. “There’s a bag next to you if you start to feel bad, remember?” I reminded his, seeing as on the way here, he started to panic when he felt bad and puked out of the window, causing the car behind us to honk madly as Mikey burst into hysterical laughter when he saw that most of the puke had landed on their window. I saw a little blush on Frankie's face as he remembered what happened “It wasn’t your fault Frankie, don’t worry” I kissed his forehead before closing the passenger door and making my way to the driver’s door, opening it and getting inside, Mikey already in his seat, drumming his fingers on the dashboard. I closed the door and put my seatbelt on quickly, hoping to get home soon so Frankie could get his medicine

Hellooooo people I'm back with a new chapter... Yay? I think this one took a little too long to be updated but thats because I wanted to do my awesome homework, yes I said awesome, I get to draw My Chemical Romance!! And it's to prepare for my final project so Imma have a giant drawing of one of them drools
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