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Early sunsets over monroeville-backstories.

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Okay these are the backstories for the characters in my new story early sunsets over monroeville.

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Early sunsets over monroeville-Back story

Name:Gerard Arthur Way


Occupation:Ring leader of a very dark and mysterious theatre troop.

Skills:Painting,singing and dancing.

In a relationship with:Lindsey Ballato (AKA Lynz)

Siblings:Micheal James Way (AKA Mikey)

Children:Bandit Lee Way (AKA Bumble B or B)

Born:April 9th 1812

Gerards story:

Gerard was always a lonely kid,he would lock himself away in his parents mansion and refused to make friends with other children other then his brother Mikey.
He always loved to sing ,dance and draw but was shy and refused to perform infront of people or show them his marvelous yet,dark and morbid paintings.He's outlook on life was bitter and cynical from a young age and that view hasent changed since.

At the age of 23 Gerard got a terriable diesease,all his organs were failing and they said he would eventually die in about 10 years,it seems like a long time,but when you have a limit on your life time flies by and before gerard knew it he was 27 and was growing ever weaker and had to move back in with his parents.
Donna Way his beloved mother was distraught and slipped in and out of depression as the thought of losing her son was to much as she cherished him dearly.Donald way was a scientist and a Doctor and decided he would find a way to save his frail sons life.
He worked long and hard and often dident return home for days at a time but finally he finished what he was working on.
One night Donald snuck his son out of his room and took him to his lab to hopefully save his life,and so he did,he injected gerard with a toxin that stopped ageing and strengthened your immune system ,but that wasent enough.A few weeks later only three days after gerards 28th birthday he took him to the lab again and injected all his major organs with a special metal so they would never fail,in doing this he had made gerard immortal.

Everything seemed fine after that Donna was thrilled by the fact her son would live and they lived peacefully for a few months,until a doctor called corey came along and exposed Donald as a grave snatcher as he had been stealing freshly buried bodies to test it on.Donald was sentanced to death.

Donna was heartbroken and disowned her son saying she hated him and not to come back.Gerard disappeared for two years before returning when he heard about his mothers death.He went to the funeral to pay his final respects.
He knew Mikey was on his own and set about with his plan.That night he snuck into mikeys room before he got home and packed all of mikeys things.He knocked mikey unconcious before doing the surgery on mikey so mikey was just like him now.

It was in the year 1867 when they came across a young woman about to jump off a bridge because she was fed up with life they manged to convince her not to jump and go with them.The woman was shocked by their kindness and agreed and joined their little family.Her name was Annabella.
Gerard ,Mikey and Annabella (OR belle as they liked to call her) travelled all over america and Europe and slowly added to their family,they started a circus with gerard as the ringleader.The circus was called Venin circus (the venom circus)it was a joke as they were immortal like 'vampires'their tagline being "Merci Pour Le Venin" (thank you for the venom)
Gerard who had been condemned to die young had his stars changed and was now immortal and everyone who joined the circus was given the same process so they were immortal as well.

It was the year 1915 he met Lynz ,they got married in the year 1918 and had Bandit in the year 1978 ( i know big age gap XD) Gerard now has a family and is very happy.
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