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Mikeys backstory,i intend to put up Annabella's tonight or tommorow.

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Name:Micheal James Way (AKA mikey)


Occupation:Career for animals at his brothers Circus.

Skills:Talking to animals,His amazing poker face,can play bass guitar.

In a relationship with:Alicia Simmons

Siblings:Gerard Arthur Way

Children:Dakota jane (step daughter) and Harmony rose

Born:September 10th 1816

Mikey's story

Mikey way was born september 10th 1816 into a rich ,well respected family.He's brother is four years older then him.
Mikey was always popular in school unlike his brother and had many friends,but his favorite person to hang out with is his brother.

When mikey was only 19 his brother grew very ill and all of gerards internal organs were failing and all the doctors said he had ten years to live,it seemed like a long time but it really wasent.Gerard moved back into his parents house,Mikey was living on his own in a nice little house not far away from his parents so he always visted and spent the night there alot.
When his brother turned 27 he was getting worse and mikey could tell and feared for his brothers life but he stuck with him praying that by some mircale gerard would survive.
When his brother turned 28 ,Mikeys father saved gerards life with a toxin he had created and with a special metal he injected into all gerards vital organs.Everyone was happy espcially mikeys mother Donna Way.
But only a few months later mikeys father Donald was arrested for grave robbing and sentanced to death.Donald was killed 13th june 1840.
Mikeys mother was distraught and kicked his brother out leaving only Donna and Mikey.

After gerard left,mikey became distant from everyone,he shunned his friends and mother.Donna tried desperatly to get mikey to open up but he never did.As for mikeys friends they stopped talking to him not caring if he wanted to talk to them or not.
Mikey slipped into depression and became a mute which was different from his usual bubbly self.
Two years after gerard left Donna way died from a heart attack,at the funeral,mikey saw gerard but he dident have a chance to speak to him.When mikey returned to the large and lonely way manor he was knocked out but when he came round he was like his brother ,immortal thanks to his dads invention.

Him and his brother started a circus and started to travel round together happily.Then in 1867 they came across a young woman about to commit suicide by jumping of a bridge.Mikey and gerard managed to convince the woman to join them on the road and she quickly agreed.
They learned the womans name was Annabella and she was alot of fun to be around.Mikey soon found that he liked the young woman as more then a friend but in time soon came to realise that it was just a crush he would grow out of.

It was in 1912 that mikey found the love of his life.Her name was Alicia she had recently been dumped by the guy she was dating as he had been cheating on her,he left her with a two year old daughter called Dakota jane.In 1914 Alicia and mikey got married to each other.And in 1916 when Dakota was six years old they had their first child together called harmony rose.
They are happily married still.
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